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AndroRat: Hack & Spy Android Devices Remotely

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Android users are increasing with each passing time, but no matter how many features and flexibility this operating system provides, Android is still falling short on its security. Its ease of use, customization options, and affordability makes it popular among users of every class. But you cannot count on the security with Android. And so here we are discussing one application that helps you enter another phone and get access to the complete contacts and data. AndroRat is one such application developed for Android platforms which are becoming the hot search of today. It is a relevant Android hacking application that you can try. Today hacking of Android phones is not a difficult task and the task further simplifies with AndroRat hacking app.

So know a little more about AndroRat, and how you can use the app to hack any Android device in your network.

Note: This post is purely for information Purposes. We do not recommend anyone to get involved in hacking or using this tool. 

What is AndroRat?

Android Remote Access Tool, or popularly known as AndroRat is a significant hacking application that 4 students developed under their University Project.

Using this app you can remotely control the other Android phone and access its data, call logs, contacts, files, and messages stored on it. It also allows you to get the IEMI number on the phone that you want to hack and its location. It was initially released as a client/ server application that runs after booting the device as a service. You can use a call or SMS to trigger the server connection that is interaction with the service is not required.

If you are finding it impressive, then prepare yourself for a little more. Check out some more features of AndroRat for Android.

  • The remote attacker can control the victim.
  • The control panel of this Remote Access Tool is user-friendly that makes the control over the victims easy.
  • Of the infected devices, AndroRat gives you the power of making phone calls and sending messages.
  • Also, the files that are stored on the victim’s handset can be accessed and the camera and microphone can be activated and used.
  • You can even open a URL in the web browser.
  • Another fascinating power that AndroRat gives you is that you can monitor live received messages and live phone state, whether the call is sent or the victim is on the receiving end.
  • Lastly, if you are thinking of vibrating the phone, then AndroRat can help you do it as well.

AndroRat Download

To properly hack the Android phone remotely, you should first check this list of materials that you will require. After you are sure of all the materials, you can move on to the tutorials of using the AndroRat hacking app.

  • A working desktop or laptop.
  • An Android device to deploy the package.
  • A wireless router
  • Turn off the Anti-virus or firewall installed on your device.
  • Your computer must have Java installed on it. you can install it from here.
  • The Internet connection should be fast.
  • Router Port Forwarder. Click here.
  • You will have to download the DUC Client, for this you will require a No IP account. Create it from here.
  • Lastly, you should download AndroRat setup on your device. To download it, click here. (Password is EHT)

How to Install AndroRat Apk on Android?

After you download the above-given requirements you can start with this process of installing AndroRat on your Android device.

Step 1: Open port 6667 and then port your router forward.

Step 2: On No IP, make an account and then download from the No-IP website, DUC.

Step 3: Open DUC. And then log in and click on the Refresh now button.

Step 4: Extract AndroRat Binder after downloading the AndroRat app from the above link.

Step 5: Click on the No IP tab in AndroRat Binder. Enter your No IP credentials.

Step 6: Next hit the update option. If an error occurs, try pressing the update button once again.

Step 7: Then click on the Build tab. Here under the IP option, you will have to enter your hostname. Next, under the port option, enter the forwarded port.

Note- if you do not want the icon of the app in the app drawer, try checking hidden.

Step 8: In the next step, install Java even though you installed it before. And then press Go.

Step 9: In the AndroRat folder, you will observe an apk file called “framework.apk.”

Step 10: From the AndroRat folder, open the AndroRat.jar. Then click on Server, followed by Select Port. Here input the same port that you forwarded in the previous step. Next, you just have to restart the jar file.

That’s it, guys. Now you just want your friend or the person whose phone you want to hack to download this apk file on their devices. You can either mail this malware or upload it on any of the free sharing sites like ZippyShare.

How to Control Target Android Device using Androrat

As your malware file is installed on the victim’s phone generated by the AndroRat hacking app, with the help of well- designed GUI you can control the phone of the victim.

Step 1: Open the AndroRat folder.

Step 2: Locate AndroRat in this folder, a java application.

Step 3: When you open this file for the first time, you will have to give permission. And so enable the application’s firewall exception.

Step 4: At the top position, click on Server. Then enter the same port that you opened before.

Step 5: Next restart the application. The applications will start listening to this new port.

Step 6: A list of devices will be displayed on the App Dashboard that is connected to the Internet.

Step 7: Now double click on the name of the device that you want to access. A window will open with built-in controls.

Best AndroRat Alternatives for Android

Let me also share some of the other top alternatives to Androrat!! You can try them all for free on your Android smartphone.


Another worth mentioning, top hacking Android app 2018 is Hackode. It is a complete collection of all the tools that are useful to the IT specialists, ethical hackers, and even the penetration testers. Reconnaissance, Scanning, and Security Feed are the three modules that are available in the application. Also, you get functionalities like SQL Injection, Google Hacking, Whois, MX Records, DNS lookups Scanning, IP, MySQL Server, Security RSS Feeds etc.

Here is the download link to the Hackode app.


If you are looking for a complete IT security and most advanced toolkit for Android, then you can check out the features of cSploit. This app is best for the Android operating system which enumerates the local hosts, find susceptibilities and their exploits. It also works towards installing backdoors and cracking Wi-Fi passwords.

You can download the cSploit apk file from here.


The next alternative to the AndroRat app comes from a reputed hacking suite for Android called Zimperium. Though this software mainly concentrates on the penetration testing purposes, it also has multiple tools available along with it. With the help of its testing kit, you can easily scan a network.

Also, it enables the IT administrators to mimic an advanced hacking environment in order to detect the various malicious techniques. With zANTI you get the power of Backtrack back, as it maps your entire network as soon as you log in. Also, it sniffs all the websites visited through the various modules that it includes like port discovery, network mapping, packet manipulation, sniffing, MITM and DoS.

Get the zANTI app for your Android device by clicking on the following link.


The next best Android hacking app is FaceNiff that allows you to capture and sniff the network traffic of your Wi-Fi. With this tool, you can easily snoop into the Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms of other people by using just your Android device.

The tool actually steals the Wi-Fi network’s cookies and the attacker gets unauthorized access to the account of the victim.

If you want to try FaceNiff then click on the given link and download it easily.


You might have heard about this last app. DroidBox offers you to perform dynamic analysis of the Android applications. You can obtain a wide range of results by using the app like SMS and phone calls, network traffic, and information leaks through different channels. With the help of this Android hacking application, you can also visualize the android app package behavior.

Download link for DroidBox for your Android phone.

So here we would like to end this article cum guide on AndroRat best hacking app for Android and how you can use it to get access to the device of other Android users. But we hope that you use it from the educational point of view and do not misuse it in any way. So take full advantage of these apps but be safe as well.

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