7 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Want to get rid of irritating ads? Check out the best Ad Blocker apps for Android and start using one of them avoid getting irritating ads and pop-ups while browsing the Internet.

Advertisements. You can’t escape them whether it’s on the little screen or your PC. A large portion of the ones you experience in your program exists to push an item. It’s something your most loved site may use to survive, yet a few locales run somewhat insane with their advertisements. Particularly when they are not enhanced for our mobiles.

7 Best Ad blocker apps

Before going into the detail and download links of ad blocker apps, do have a look at the list of all apps.

What are the best Ad Blocker apps?

  • Ad Block Plus
  •  Free Ad Blocker Browser
  • Ad block Browser
  • Ad Guard
  • App Brain Ad Detector
  • Ad Away Root Only
  •  Trust Go Detector

Using these ad blocker apps, you can adblock chrome android ads, safari ads, opera ads and ads on all other browsers.

Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Going through a free Advertisement blocking is add-on surefire approach to draw people in. As we as a whole know, downloading a terrible application can cause a new arrangement of issues as your next stop might scan for a Malware spam. We’ve jotted down a short rundown including a couple of extraordinary choices, yet in addition have a few hints to remember.

Continuously remember that some of your most loved sites require those advertisements to keep the lights on. That implies you might need to pick a promotion blocking program or program that gives you a chance to have exemptions. Some Ad blocker apps may likewise hamper usefulness on specific destinations.



Ad-block Plus – Best Android Adblocker

The best Adblocker for Android called ad-block plus cannot be found on Google Play store anymore as it has been removed. But luckily, the team at Ad-block Plus is still offering the Android version on their website.Adblock plus apk here). The above link will provide you with instructions for using Ad-block Plus on your Android device.

If you still face trouble with ad one after the another then, Ad block Plus for Android is one of the best and most trusted ad blocker apps available not only on Android but Chrome, Firefox.

Free Ad-blocker Browser

The Free Ad blocker App is the best choice to get rid of unwanted ads. Moreover, it is not just a blocker, but a complete browser itself. As the name recommends, it will remove any Advertisement coming your way on the web. It likewise ignores pop-ups as well as a large number of irritating “claim to fame” ads.

Regardless of a promotion set up on auto-play, the Free Ad blocker Program application can cover most people needs. The application (and its advertisement blocking highlight) are allowed to download and utilize despite the fact that there are in-application buys which take into consideration a couple of extra highlights and topics.

Download On Play store.

Ad-block Browser for Android

Like a list on our rundown, the Ad-block app for Android is accessible in web frame and on your cell phone or tablet. It isn’t different from its advertisement blocking as it destroys most promotions from sites including pop-ups.

The Ad-block Program spams every ad as a matter of course, however, allows clients few measure to control. You can pick to design a rundown of channels in view of the list of frames. No one wants to be a struct with useless content. There are a few different choices that can help with your security too by giving you a chance to spam following, against promotion blocking messages, malware areas, and web-based social networking.

Download on play store.


Another simple ad blocking app is Ad-guard. The well-known application guarantees to sift all the awfulness through the web to give you a clean and inconvenience free spam background.

Ad-guard can obstruct any promotion coming your way through a program. Different highlights include a firewall,  malware insurance, and low page speed. As it’s not available in the Play Store anymore, you will have to download the Ad-guard app through their website and follow a few simple installation instructions.

Download from

App-Brain Ad Detector

App-Brain Ad Detector lets you block pop-ups and ads but in a different way. It can actually “sniff” them out with no marks of ads anymore. App-Brain can close spam ads and detect notifications while detecting for harmful app networks.


Using the App Brain Ad Detector is simple. There is a tab for “Concerns” which quickly allows you to see if any harm is on your way. You can even keep an eye on networks that are connected along with social SDKs and Dev tool.

The app does not use social SDK’s. App-brain it’s free to download from Play Store.

Ad-away – Blocker for rooted Android phone

Ad-away is the best option if you need something stronger than an ad-blocking browser. It works well for users who rooted their smartphones. The app is perfect if you are concerned about your privacy and fed up of ads.


This application is set up along with host files which hit off any ads coming your way with redirection. The redirect effectively turns off pop-ups, banner ads, and any advertisements shown even in games as well.

Download From Play Store.

Trust-go Ad Detector

It is safe to say that you are careful about versatile advertisement systems gathering individual data through the applications that you utilize? Trust Go Ad Detector checks and shields your Android gadget from unwanted ads. Utilize your Android gadget with the clearness to realize that your own data is protected and secure. Trust Go Advertisement Detector is an ad promotion blocker, however one that will keep your own data protected and secure.

Download From Play Store.

So these were the best free ad blocker apps for Android. Start using any one of them to block annoying ads.

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