10 Best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad

Undoubtedly, Android vs iPhone- which one is best, never-ending fights in the technology industry. But one has to agree upon the fact that iOS does have an upper hand in terms of security. Though this doesn’t make the iOS users completely safe from the malicious attacks on their iPhones. Thus, the importance of having an antivirus for iPhone in current era cannot be neglected. Hence, you gotta choose the best antivirus for iPhone which can protect your iPhone from Virus or other spammy attacks. To help you out from the dilemma of choosing one perfect antivirus, we have made a detailed research and shortlisted the most effective list of the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.

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Best Antivirus for iPhone

So the top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone are:

  1. McAfee Mobile Security
  2. Norton Mobile Security
  3. MobiShield
  4. Lookout Mobile Security
  5.  F-Security
  6. Avast Secure me
  7. Avira Mobile Security
  8. Intego
  9.  Protection for iPhone by Byte Labs
  10. Trend Micro Mobile Security

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Top 10 Free Antivirus for iPhone & iPad

Here’s a detailed look at all the iOS Antivirus apps that we mentioned in this list.

McAfee Mobile Security

best antivirus for iPhone

McAfee is well-known and many swear by it, as they have had their devices protected for years. It is reputed brand name in its arena. McAfee mobile Security notifies you about ongoing security bugs and protects your iPhone device. If you want to download this antivirus for iPhone & iPad for free, you can go to itunes.

But you want to enable some extra features can also opt out to pro version. One of the most useful and interesting feature of this app is in case the iPhone gets lost you can easily track its physical location and also, it will send you the photo of the person holding your device. Go for McAfee for a complete and full proof security.

Norton Mobile Security

best antivirus for iPhone

Norton sounds familiar to anyone who have looked at anti-virus programs or software before. It has produced enormous amounts of programs that work effectively and efficiently. And all are of good quality. With such increase in antivirus demands they also launched their anti-virus protection software to mobile. You can get it for free from the iTunes app store. An additional alarm feature that can be used when the device is lost, called “Scream”.


best antivirus for iPhone

Yet another name in this list is MobiShield. It is a good anti virus which can protect your data and apps by checking your iPhone’s threats and immediately repair or delete it. MobiShiled features Backup and Recover contacts optimize your iPhone’s battery and more. You can download this app from App Store for your iPhone or iPad for free.

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Lookout Mobile Security

best antivirus for iPhone

Lookout Mobile Security is a worth mentioning name of an antivirus for iPhone. It is available on Apple Play Store for free to everyone. It is manufactured by an American based mobile software company.

Lookout Mobile Security is always active in background. It keep on scanning for any suspicious programs that may enter your mobile. In case you lost your mobile, this app will help finding it through it’s anti-theft program that tracks your mobile.

 F-Secure Safe


best antivirus for iPhone

F-Security features safe browsing. You cant really deny the fact that you enjoy spending most of the time using the internet on our devices. And this is where this antivirus comes into actions. It allows you protect your iPhone while your web stream or online activities.

Thus keep your all personal data and information safe. Other useful features are blocked unwanted calls, detect and clean harmful apps, mobile recovery to find out and erase device data on your lost iPhone device.

Avast Secure me

best antivirus for iPhone

The Avast Secure-Me application is focused on keeping a track on your online presence. Avast Secure-Me keeps a watch on your activities like online messaging, shopping, banking, etc. During this Avast Secure-Me makes sure that your private information stays secured and prevents any kind of leaks. The main problems are faced when you’re connected to an open WiFi network. In this case, there is a high probability that your private information gets leaked. Avast Secure-Me notifies you against any such threats. It is a big brand name in the arena of antivirus.

Avira Mobile Security

best antivirus for iPhone

Avira offers a security package to iOS users. Not just scanning, it has an anti-theft feature along with a backup solution. It scans installed apps, malware coders with a positive and negative sign. Photos, videos, passwords, and the credit card details you forget about, will all be protected with Avira Vault. Like the others, this too has a map and location service that will assist with locating a stolen device.


best antivirus for iPhone

Intego offers real-time antivirus protection which means it scans whenever a file is accessed and automatically checks for the latest updates. An additional feature of Intego is that they protect you against the PC-based malware. So you are protected against sending any infected files to PC users. Their software is built from the ground up for macOS and Mac OS X since 1997. The interface is simple and effective.

 Protection for iPhone by Byte Labs

best antivirus for iPhone

Now stay safe & secure with Protection Mobile Security for iPhone. This app offers you everything that you need to stay protected. It shields your device from malicious websites and apps. Plus it also blocks malicious connections in all apps and browsers. Other features like checking your device health for any security issues and keeping your privacy by blocking malicious trackers are also provided.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro isn’t so good like all those above iOS security apps but it isn’t too bad. It provides handy features to protect your gadget from malware. Trend Micros’ Smart Protection Network and Mobile App Reputation are cloud-based solutions that stop threats before they even reach you. Guards against identity theft, phishing scams, fraudulent websites, and allows for private browsing. So you may not be disappointed with it. Thus try it and observe how it performs.

These were the top 10 best antivirus programs for iPhone to provide full protection from viruses and malware. Thank you for giving your time in my article. Hope you have found one suitable antivirus for your iPhone or iPad.

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