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Best Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows, MAC & Android

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Google Chrome, the freeware web browser is an essential part of our computers, smartphones, and laptops. Most of us have set it as the default browser, but there are times when Google Chrome faces a problem. And the doctor who can fix the issue related to it is called the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

It is a utility tool by Google which helps to resolve the malware attacks and other related issues. The Chrome Cleanup Tools for Windows, Android, and Mac are different. So if you are hunting for the best Chrome Cleanup Tools for Windows, Mac, and Android, the three exponentially developed platforms, your search ends here. This article is a complete guide to the best Chrome Cleanup Tools and how to download and Install the Cleanup Tools to get rid of the malware.

What is exactly the Chrome Cleanup Tools?

The Chrome Cleanup tools scan your computer and identify the problems creating problems in the working of Google Chrome. The Chrome cleanup tool is a program which is written by Google looking out for certain applications. These targeted applications include the potentially unwanted programs, badware, malware and adware extensions that lead to the advertisements and the other required actions to appear in Google Chrome. Using the Google Chrome cleanup tool is basic. You simply have to download it and then run it.

The cleanup tool will automatically scan your device for the unwanted malware programs, and if it detects some malicious programs, then it will alert you. Finally, it will wait for you until you remove it. And as the programs get removed, your system will be set to the default settings by Google.

A key point to remember while using Chrome cleanup tool is that it is a one-time thing. Yes after you install and run the Google Chrome cleanup tool, and it detects and removes the unwanted applications, it will delete itself automatically. So after running the program and closing it, you would not be able to find the program again, and so you will be unable to use it later.


Best Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows

Using this method you can use the Google Chrome cleanup tool and clean up all the malware inhabiting your computer. Google Chrome shows up a prompt whenever it notices some unusual behavior like crashes or unexpected ads or new toolbars. It then asks you to download the cleanup tool Google Chrome and get rid of the software that you do not want.

Download Chrome Cleanup Tool

Step 1: Open the official website of Chrome Cleanup Tool on your Windows device or Click here to download it.

Step 2: Now click on the Download now option.

Step 3: the Terms of Service will be displayed, read it and then click on Accept and Download.

Step 4: You will observe the file name chrome_cleanup_tool.exe at the bottom of your screen when the file gets downloaded.

Step 5: Windows will be asking you if you want to run the file. Now hit the Run or Yes option.

Step 6: The scanning process will begin by the Chrome Cleanup tool, and a list of the malicious program found on your Windows computer will be displayed.

Step 7: Now click on the Remove suspicious program.

Step 8: Then in the next step, a new tab will get opened by Chrome to reset your settings. Click on Reset.


Best Chrome Cleanup Tool for Mac

Not only the Windows operating system get affected by the Adware, but the latter also make their way into the Mac OS, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. The Adware on Mac OS displays in-line texts, pop-up advertisements, and audio ads. Thus it is important to use the cleanup tools to stop it from spreading through your Mac network. So stop wondering how Chrome cleanup tools to clean your Mac and just go through the two best chrome cleanup tools for Mac.

Combo Cleaner Chrome Cleanup Tool for Mac

The utility toolkit of Combo Cleaner is the best Google Chrome cleanup tool for Mac that optimizes and protects our Mac against the viruses, malware, adware and the unwanted malicious programs. It is a professional Mac Google Chrome cleanup tool that gives you hourly updates of adware, virus, and malware. Following are some of the features of Combo Cleaner which is said to be the best Chrome cleanup tool for Mac in 2018.

  • Removes the big and duplicate files
  • Saves the valuable disk space of your device up to gigabytes
  • It eliminated the information that gets stored while your browse Internet.
  • It cleans the disk and is an all in one security solution for Mac

How to Download Combo Cleaner Chrome Cleanup Tool for Mac

Step 1: Download Combo cleaner from the Apple App Store and install it on your Mac.

Step 2: Now open your Applications folder.


Step 3: Now double-click on the Combo Cleaner application and confirm the Home and Applications Directory.


Step 4: In the next step you need to select the Home Directory and click on Allow access.


Step 5: Repeat the same with Applications Directory and then click on Allow access.


Step 6: Now you can begin the Combo scan as the combo cleaner is ready to clean up the unwanted programs on your Mac. Hit the Start Combo Scan option.

Step 7: Now just wait for a few minutes, as scanning process initiates and to protect the device from the latest threads latest virus definitions that download on your device.


Step 8: Now if it detects malware then you can choose to optimize your device either by upgrading to the Premium or by selecting the Disk Cleaner feature of Combo Cleaner which is free. The latter will clear the Trashcan, Application Cache and logs.



MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Cleanup Tool for Mac

Step 1: Download MalwareBytes and Install it on your Mac by dragging it into the Applications folder

Step 2: Now open the application from the Applications folder.

Step 3: Now you need to install a Helper tool that will scan and detect the directory files and detect the malware. Enter your Username and Password and click on Install Helper.

Step 4: Next accept the EULA by clicking on Accept.


Step 5: The MalwareBytes Anti-Malware will automatically update the malware definitions. Hit the Scan option.


Step 6: If some virus infects your system, there will be a display of list. Select all the items and the click on Remove Selected Items.


Step 7: Next complete the process by rebooting your Mac. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware works after rebooting. Click on Yes.


Chrome Cleanup Tool for Android

Android has become a growing platform and is an outstanding platform, but it do needs cleaning. Our smartphones become bogged with pictures and files that sometimes we have to reformat the complete system. But you can keep your phone’s speed in check by regular system cleaning instead of a full system restore. Check out the following best chrome cleanup tools for Android.

Remo MORE Chrome Cache Cleanup Tool for Android

Stop searching the Internet for the best Chrome cleanup app for Android as the software experts highly recommend the Remo MORE  app.  Its quality features, elegant and user-friendly interface makes it undoubtedly makes it stand out from its contemporaries. So download this application and start to clean up your Android device.

How to perform Cleanup of Android Smartphone using Remo MORE App

Step 1: Install the Remo MORE app by downloading it on your smartphone. You can download it from Here.

Step 2: Launch the Cleanup tool and then select the Optimize option from the main screen, followed by Privacy Cleaner option displayed in the next window.


Step 3: Now in the next step, select Clean Cache. The scanning process will start, and a list of the cache and its size will display on the screen.


Step 4: Now click on the OK option, and then a prompt will open, again asking you to confirm your action. Press OK and clear all your Google Chrome cache.

Chrome Cleanup using Startup Manager

Another option that you can choose if you are looking for Top Free Chrome cleanup app for Android is Startup Manager. It monitors and analyzes our Android system and helps in disabling the undesirable resources and applications. It also gives a list of the processes and applications that configure to run during the login.

The cleanup process is quite simple with Startup Manager; you can disable the unwanted application by just checking it. Click here to download.

All the three platforms are strong and it is important that regular cleanup takes place. And so if you are using Windows or Mac iOS or Android, we recommend you to use the above listed Best Chrome Cleanup tools. Hmm, So optimize your device’s performance and save it from running low on resources.

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