15 Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube [Latest]

Find out the Top 10 Chrome Extensions for YouTube that you must start using right away. We all know that YouTube is huge and immensely popular video streaming platform all over the world. YouTube has become part and parcel of our lives. While it comes with amazing features, what if you could get more out of it?

Most of us watch Youtube on chrome browser, which has a plethora of extensions available for easy use and better experience.

So if you want to make your YouTube a little bit better, then below are the 10 best YouTube Chrome Extensions that you should try.

Some chrome extensions for YouTube will help you download videos while some will help you block ads or even videos. Anyways, let’s get started. 

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10 Best Chrome Extensions For Youtube

Before beginning the list, I want to clear one thing out that these Youtube extensions are safe to use and install on your Chrome browser.

However, we recommend downloading extensions directly from the chrome store or from the official site of the extension.

Now let’s begin our list best Chromes Extensions for Youtube.

1. Magic Actions

chrome extension

Magic Action is an amazing all in one chrome extension that provides dozens of useful features in Youtube. Most prominent features includes- take video screenshots, preview video & its ratings, day/night mode, cinema mode with different themes, control buffer the ability to control volume with mouse wheel or right-click, bypass country restrictions and many more.

Magic Actions allows you to adjust the volume with scroll wheel and set it to launch videos in wide mode all the time. Videos can be replayed automatically. You can even block out annotations on videos, and there’s an on-screen display to change all these settings. It also offers cinema mode feature while rest of the page is placed out.

Magic Actions is a total overhaul to YouTube and you need it right away even if you don’t install any of the others on the list.

Download here

 2. Turn Off the Lights

chrome extension

Turn Off the Lights is another simplest chrome extension for Youtube with amazing features. Some of its features include- night mode for easy browsing in the dark, screensaver, password protection, camera motion detection, voice commands and much more.

Cinema mode feature provided by Magic Actions is fairly limited as the background is dimmed and video is put in focus. Turn Off the Lights extension offers us theater mode feature that allows its users to have full control over the opacity of the faded background and you can also automate the process.

It’s simple and gets the job done with just one button. It’s really easy on the eyes and can work even with normal sized videos.

Download here:

3. Video Blocker

chrome extension

Video Blocker, the name itself suggests that if you are really tired of seeing videos from a channel you really hate or find inappropriate, you should use this chrome extension.

This extension allows you to block all the videos from a specific channel, and the videos will never be shown you again. Videos will be removed from your search, recommendations and any other part of YouTube and make it like they were never even there.

Now the question comes how to block the videos? To block videos, you just have to simply right-click on any video from the channel you want to block and select “Block videos from this channel”. Additionally, keywords, wildcards, and channel names can also be used to block videos.

Download here

 4. SmartVideo

chrome extension

Smart Video is again another cool chrome extension for the ones who have slow internet connection to avoid buffering. Buffer control extension of Smart Video gives you full control over how the buffering of a video works.

Instead of waiting for the video to start, you can configure the extensions to make sure YouTube videos start buffering as soon as the page loads. It can also automatically play the video when buffering is complete, or play it when it knows that the video will play smoothly afterward.

Some other features includes are- loop all videos played, hide annotations, configure video quality and hide player settings.

Download here

5. BriefTube

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BriefTube is another best chrome extension specially for educational videos featuring chapters.

This extension creates a summary of what a video offers ie. outline of topics in the video along with the time stamps, so that you can click on the topics to directly move to it in the video and it lets you directly jump to the video part that is relevant to you. It only works on videos, which have English subtitles, are HTML5 and longer than 5 minutes.

So this Chrome extension makes sure you don’t waste your time on videos that only look good from outside.

Download here

6. GIFit

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GIFit is pretty cool chrome extension for GIFs lovers as it easily allows you to make GIFs out of YouTube videos and share them with anyone you like.

You just simply have to click on the “GIFit” button in the bottom bar to get started.  You can set the start and end time of a GIF and also adjust height, width, frame rate, and quality.

YouTube natively lets you create GIFs out of videos, but its a bit complicated and lacks customization options. Anyways you should give GIFit a try and enjoy.

Download here

7. Smart Pause

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Smart Pause is again another amazing chrome extension that ensures that you never miss a video while also continuing to work on other things.

It automatically pauses a YouTube video when you leave the tab and resumes the video again when you come back to the tab.

So, if you always tend to miss out on videos because you have to open a different tab, Smart Pause is perfect tool that saves your time.

Download here

8. YouTubePlus

chrome extension

YouTube Plus is another very amazing Chrome extension for YouTube, that offers multiple features similar to Magic Actions along with its own unique offerings.

Some of its features include- infinite scroll in feeds, different video layouts, static audio volume, ability to select video quality, change volume with mouse wheel, prioritize HTML5 player and much more.

It even lets you automatically create a playlist of the top 20 videos from your subscriptions list and can block videos if necessary using built-in block button.

Download here

9. Audio Only Youtube

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Audio Only YouTube, again another amazing chrome extension is a decent alternative to an extension named “YouTube into a jukebox”.

Audio Only YouTube allows you to play the blank video, which should reduce the bandwidth used and thus you can set up YouTube to work as only audio in the background.

You just have to create a YouTube playlist as you don’t have the same kind of tools for playlists and adding songs so launch that, and then start this chrome extension.

Download here

 10. Ratings Preview

chrome extension

Ratings Preview, as the name suggests shows you the ratings of all the YouTube videos available under the video thumbnail as a bar.

Apart from showing likes and dislikes it also offers customization options and many additional features. You can change the bar’s thickness, color and opacity to suit your taste. It has built-in RP score system that uses different algorithms to determine how good a video is and gives them 0-10 rating.

This extension can save you a lot of time that would have been otherwise wasted when you click on a video only to find that it’s not worth watching.

Download here

15+ YouTube Chrome Extensions List

So that was our list of Best Extensions. Let me list the names again along with some bonus extensions that can let you download songs, music or videos from YouTube.

  • Magic Actions
  • Turn Off the Lights
  • Video Blocker
  • Smart Video
  • Brief Tube
  • GIFit
  • Smart Pause
  • YouTube Plus
  • Audio Only YouTube
  • Rating Preview
  • HoverCards – Check out
  • AdBlock for YouTube – Check Out
  • vidIQ – Must Have YouTube chrome Extension – Check Out
  • VideoBlocker – Check Out
  • SidePlayer – Check out
  • Hide YouTube Comments – Check Out

 Above were the 15 best cool Google Chrome extensions that you will find amazingly useful. These chrome extensions will truly enhance your functionality on YouTube and are really productive. So try them out and share this article with your closed ones. If you have any additional picks that you think others will want it right now then Let us and our readers – know via the comments. We love hearing from you!

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