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10 Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Experience

Hey folks! Are you looking for the best Discord Bots? The Discord application for personal computers are specifically designed for use while gaming as it includes features such as low-latency, free voice chat servers for users and a dedicated server infrastructure. It is a cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

Features of Discord Bots

  • 100% free communication with friends, teammates and fellow gamers.
  • Provides IP and DDoS protection.
  • Offers browser support.
  • Works on both desktop and Phone.
  • A dedicated Mobile application.
  • Friends list feature.
  • In-game overlay for better focus on the game.
  • Minimal CPU usage.
  • Create custom hot keys.
  • Direct messaging option.
  • Enable smart push notification.
  • Customize permission for members on your server.
  • Individual volume control option.
  • Gif’s supported for better chat experience.
  • Easiest and fastest setup.
  • Easy to use User interface.

Discord, as you may have understood is a very flexible and offers a lot of customization. But there is something more you must know about Discord.

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Best Discord Bots 2020

Discord servers also support bots, that can enhance the functionality of your server and help you manage it better.

Check out the list of Best Discord bots to improve your server experience.

  1. Discoid
  2. Dyno
  3. Septapus
  4. Hexacircle
  5. Aethex
  6. TypicalBot
  7. Discord Dungeons.
  8.  Rh1-No
  9. OverwatchBot
  10.  Serum

Now let us have a look at all these bots in detail.

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best Discord Bot

Discoid offers a plethora of features that you can use to increase the amount of flexibility your server offers for moderation, along with adding layers of new features to your Discord server. Using Discoid, you can mute users, get notifications, and receive information about users, and your server. It also has commands for jokes, and memes. This app also let you enjoy media from apps like Youtube and Soundcloud.

  • Create your own custom commands
  • Avoid and block cuss words with Keyword alerts
  • Send gifs or random pictures with various picture source
  • Efficient support system
  • Create customized captions on different memes
  • Currency conversion feature
  • Change Discord’s default role colors to Hex colors with discoid
  • Setup your customized notification channel

Visit: Discoid website

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best Discord bots

Dyno is very flexible discord bot and has been online for a long time. It has a wide variety of commands compared to many other bots. This bot provides tons of customization options for your Discord server. It comes with a simple web dashboard and brings some cool features such as moderation. Hence, it is well known all in one best Discord Bots.

  • Timed mutes and player bans
  • Moderation Logs
  • Advanced and Fully configurable Auto-Moderation
  • Inbuilt Anti-Spam feature
  • Fully configurable web dashboard
  • Create special announcements and special alerts
  • Listen to music with youtube
  • Custom commands
  • Auto Roles
  • Let members assign roles/ranks with joinable ranks
  • Post an AFK status
  • Google Search
  • Reminders
  • Free of cost


best Discord Bots

Septapus is fun to use discord bot and at the same time it is very useful. The bot makes comics and charts, which will definitely liven up your server.

  • Cool Discord bot for adding a fun element to your Discord Server
  • Create custom avatars and make it appear big or huge on the screen
  • Create custom comics and charts
  • Post emojis on your chat.
  • Play trivia
  • Set reminders
  • Get youtube stats and notifications
  • View a fellow youtuber’s details
  • Know the most played games by you or some other user.
  • List of top youtube gaming streamers.

Hexacircle – Top Discord Bot to Enhance Server Experience

best Discord Bots

Hexacircle provides almost all basic and advanced functionality. It comes with the integration of Giphy and Twitch. Apart from these some basic music functionality like play music from YouTube using URL is available. Which allows you to control songs and adjust volume and more.

  • Utility and fun both are combined in this Discord Bot
  • Giphy and Twitch Integration for expressive chats
  • Auto Moderation
  • Softban feature included
  • AFK status enabled
  • Playback music option
  • Customized volume settings
  • Create custom messages
  • View users list and individual user’s stats
  • Youtube search
  • Fun commands like shoot, kill, revive or stab
  • Strong online community of users


best Discord BotsAethex is one of the top class Discord bots which is very useful for users. You can get the wide range of commands and features with this Discord. If you are one of them who like to keep things straightforward and stick with a single bot for your server, then Aethex is always the best option for you, and it can perform everything you need for your server.

  • Advanced permissions system
  • Timed Moderation and Mod Logs
  • List user channel or server information
  • Set custom commands
  • Create announcements
  • Play songs from Soundcloud and youtube
  • Set up a custom music channel
  • Customize user’s’ queue limits
  • Customizable queue system
  • Fun commands like Google search, image search, coin flip, dice roll, etc
  • Game Integration with Steam and ROBLOX
  • Increase user engagement by creating a custom social system.
  • Create own levels and reputation system

TypicalBot – Fun Discord Bot

TypicalBot is another one of the best Discord bots servers which come with many customization and moderation.  It provides various of moderation tools like nickname logs, bans/unbans logs, queue and much more.

  • All rounder Discord Bot for Auto Moderation and fun
  • Easy to use bot
  • Speak/Say command
  • View settings and configuration
  • Role giving/taking
  • Message pruning
  • Kick/Ban or Softban users
  • Permission level viewer
  • Strawpoll Generator
  • Fun commands like image search, dice roll, 8Ball, Random jokes, and quotes, etc
  • Global Stats and Specific Stats
  • Server and user info
  • Moderation Logs

Discord Dungeons

best Discord Bots

Discord Dungeons is completely different from all other bots. It has such an amazing features.

  • Utility and fun combined in this Discord Bot
  • Giphy and Twitch Integration for expressive chats
  • Auto Moderation
  • Softban feature included
  • AFK status enabled
  • Playback music option
  • Customized volume settings
  • Create custom messages
  • Youtube search
  • Fun commands like shoot, kill, revive or stab
  • Strong online community of users

 Rh1-Nobest Discord Bots

If you want to make your server management easier in an effective manner, go for RH1-NO. This cool discord bot is one of the finest in the market till date.

  • Auto-moderation
  • Custom rules for multiple servers
  • Rate limiting
  • Anti-spam feature
  • Word filtering
  • Custom Chat commands
  • Lots of Customization options
  • Server log
  • Maintains a Mod log
  • Build on python
  • Free of cost


best Discord Bots

If you’re an Overwatch player, you’ll absolutely love this bot. You can add this bot to your server, and it will allow you to view your Overwatch statistics without having to leave the server. You can also check your competitive stats using the OverwatchBot.

  • Collects Overwatch player’s data for a given ta
  • Shows your Overall Statistics
  • Displays your Competitive stats
  • Shows top 5 heroes of the game
  • Displays your statistics per hero
  • Generate images of your stats for easy understandin
  • Compares given accounts
  • Links Battle.Net and Discord
  • Best discord for Overwatch Players


best Discord Bots

The serum is one of the best Discord bots which gives the user to access various commands through voice. Generally, with other bots, a player needs to minimize the game if he/she wants to enter some command in the chat box but in the case of Serum Discord bot, it will automatically listen to the user’s command when a user mentions Hey serum! This is always helpful as per the user’s point of view.

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Finally, here we end our list of best Discord Bots of 2018. There are a lot of other great bots available for Discord servers, so no matter what feature you want on your server, you’ll probably find a great bot for it. As always, if you know of any other great bots that you think deserve to be on this list, do let us know about them, in the comments section below.

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