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7 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Looking for a hidden camera detector App? You are at the right place, keep reading 🙂

There are cameras that are generally known as hidden security cameras or spy cameras that are being used by companies or other organizations for security reasons. As a result, these cameras record the activity of people without their knowledge.

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While some cameras are big enough to be noticed, some of them can easily go unnoticed. And so there are different hidden camera detector apps that will help you to detect these hidden cameras. Yes, you heard it right. With the help of some apps, you can get alerts when you are near to any hidden spy camera.

Security cameras are really important in some places. But they are also misused sometimes and so here we are discussing not only the importance of these cameras but also different hidden camera detector apps that will help you to dodge these cameras when required.

What Is The Need For Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Security is the prime reason of the installation of hidden cameras in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and offices. With the help of the CCTV or IP cameras, you can get hold of the anti-social elements and the thieves.

You might have noticed these cameras on traffic signals recently. But as on one hand when these cameras offer benefits to individuals, this invention is also being misused at the same time.

Sometimes the hidden cameras are installed in trial rooms or washrooms leading to problems. Cameras that cannot be seen through naked eye becomes risky when you pick a dress for trial in a shopping mall. And so the situation deepens when the victim is a woman. To avoid such fearful situations, there are hidden camera detector apps for Android and iOS operating systems that will alert you whenever you are near such hidden cameras.

Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Now you do not need to worry at all when you feel doubtful of spy cameras in your trial or hotel rooms. As soon as you get in the range of these hidden cameras your smartphone will start working. They will help you detect the hidden spy cameras.

There are various spy camera detectors available that you can install on your Android or iOS device to find those hidden cameras. Here we are sharing the 7 best Hidden camera detector apps for Android and iOS

Hidden Camera Detector

The best detector app of hidden cameras is the Hidden Camera Detector app. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store to detect the installed spy cameras. This simple detector app is available for free and is so easy to use that even the non-technical people can use it easily.

Electronic devices transmit work on radiation detection algorithm that detects the radiation transmitted by a hidden camera like electronic devices. They slow down the noise of other electronic devices like non-camera hardware or cell phone towers. The detector software of these apps starts to glow a red light on the screen of your device when the device having the app comes in the area of the hidden camera.

Hidden Camera Detector

Also since the app works on coming in contact with an electronic device, these apps will also show red glow light on coming near other types of hardware.

Therefore whenever you also see the number 100 on your phone’s screen along with the red light, then it actually detects a spy camera in the room.

And so after installing this app, you will have to keep an eye on your phone’s screen whenever you enter a place where a camera can be hidden. To download click here.

Wireless Camera Detector

The hidden camera emits signals which are detected by the Wireless Camera Detector. It scans the frequency of the emitted signals and detects the presence of such devices. You can definitely try this app to detect the wireless camera installed to protect you and your privacy from snoopers. It is not only the best app to detect the wireless camera but is a complete package. It is an informative app that gives total information about the wireless camera and the best possible knowledge about them.

You can download it from the following link.

Glint Finder- Best Detector App for Android

Another app that is worth trying is called the Glint Finder. It is available for free on Google Play Store. Unlike other apps that detect the radiation, this app works on the retro-reflection property of the flash of the camera. Thus a user can easily recognize the shiny objects in the field of view of the camera.

This app is best to detect the lens of the hidden camera. Glint Finder app works on the same principle as other professional detectors. Just like them who use the flash of the phone to look for the glint of the lens of the spy camera, they also detect the location of such cameras and show it on your Android device.

Glint Finder- Best Detector App for Android

Download Glint Finder from here.

Detectify hidden Device Detector

The next app that you will find easily on Google Play Store to detect the hidden cameras and suspected devices in your vicinity is Detectify. The app uses the Magnetometer sensor of your device and analyzes the magnetic activity going around your device. And so whenever you find any object in suspicion, just move the sensor of your phone around that object.

On detection of any suspected electronic device, the app will beep, so that you can further investigate the place and get hold of the camera.

Detectify hidden Device Detector

The main feature of Detectify is its Infrared Camera Detector. It can detect the Infrared Camera that you cannot see with naked eye. So when you switch off the lights, the app will give out a white light when comes in the vicinity of an Infrared camera. Download link.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector- Cam Finder App

One of the easiest solution to detect spy camera and protect your privacy is by using Cam Finder App. To protect yourself from being spied and watched by people in trial rooms or hotel rooms, you can use this camera detector app. The app is a combination of hidden device and camera detector.

As you move your hone in the suspected area, it will detect the magnetic field and alert you to the presence of hidden devices. It also has the feature of detecting infrared light coming out of devices. You just have to move your phone around and the display of white light will indicate the presence of an Infrared camera.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector- Cam Finder App

Before downloading the app from Google Play store, make sure your phone has magnetometer sensor. If not then this app will be of no use to you. So make yourself feel safe by downloading this Cam Finder app from here.

Detect+ Hidden Camera Detector

The next app to detect hidden cameras is Detect+. The app has a fast and user-friendly interface. With its help, you can easily detect the spy cameras and get rid of all the worries or awkward situations. The app uses the magnetic and infrared sensors of your Android device and reassures your privacy. With the help of this spy cam detector, you can get yourself out of any situations that can get you into a problem. The app is handy, super easy to install and one of the most efficient methods to detect cameras as well as the microphone.

Detect+ Hidden Camera Detector

You can get the app for free from Google Play Store. Click on the following link.

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Looking for Hidden Camera detector apps for iOS. Well, this is the one.

You can now protect yourself from the eyes of strangers. This tool helps you to recognize the hidden camera lenses. Just like the gadgets that detect hidden cameras, this app works on a tell-tale sign. Whenever it detects metallic surface it will try to put a marker- yellow or blue in color, depending upon the surface detected by it.

When it detects a metallic or glass surface having great reflectivity then you can observe an overlay of yellow color. On the other hand, this overlay turns into blue color when it observes general hue of camera lens along with a change in coloring.

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

While the automatic detection by the app is working, you can try the manual detection as well. By zooming in the area of suspicion you can position the marker manually. Know more about the app and its support from here.

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Where You Find Hidden Cameras?

Nowadays you can hide spy cameras in teddy bears, hotel rooms, trials rooms and even public washrooms. One can easily fit these cameras into everyday objects and thus are very difficult to spot with a naked eye. So we hope that with the help of these hidden camera detector apps you will be able to maintain your privacy. Download the apps easily from Google Play Store and walk fearlessly in public places. Do post your views in the comment section below and keep visiting the site for further updates.

General FAQs

What Is a Hidden Camera Detector App?

A hidden camera detector app allows you to detect hidden cameras within your immediate vicinity.

Why Use a Hidden Camera Detector App?

Hidden cameras can stop crimes, sure. However, they can also infringe upon your personal privacy, and ultimately affect your well-being. Using a hidden camera detector app will help you to get rid of those sneaky, privacy-invading cameras.

Where Can I Use a Hidden Camera Detector App?

You can use a hidden camera detector app anywhere there is an internet connection. In a bathroom stall, in a changing room, hotel room, teddy bear, in your apartment complex, as well as anywhere you feel your rights are being infringed upon!

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