10 Best Rainierland Alternatives 2019 [Similar Sites]

Movie lovers must be knowing about what is Rainierland. If not, then don’t worry because we have the answer to this question for you. This article will get you familiar with what exactly Rainierland is and what are its basis. Apart from knowing all about Rainierland, we are here with some of the Best Rainierland alternatives.

Starting with what exactly Rainierland is, so I must tell you that it is a free website which allows users to surf for free Movies and TV shows without any subscription charges. All you need to have is a good internet speed. It is a perfect stop for movie enthusiasts who can simply watch any movie here without spending a single penny.

Even if due to any reason this website goes down for few months or years or gets permanently shut down, then don’t worry we have some best Rainierland alternatives which will definitely help you.

Best Rainierland Alternatives

Without wasting much time, let us get started with our list of best Rainierland alternatives.

1. Hub movie

Hub movie is one of the quickest, easiest and the safest mode to watch movies and TV shows in high definition (HD) and is known to be one of the best Rainierland alternatives. Hub movie does not require you to create an account and does not pop-ups fake links.

Hub movie uses an Ad blocker for security reasons which is the best part of this Rainierland alternative.

Rainierland alternatives

A forum has also be created by the creators of Hub movie where you can get the answer to all the queries. The forum is not too active, but you can get your answers quickly. All of the features offered by Hub movie makes it the best Rainierland alternatives.

Apart from all the features, it has to offer, Hub movie has a huge collection of TV series. You can get your hands on thousands of TV series here.

If you are unable to find any episode of any TV series, just mail them and they will respond in a very short period of time. For TV series lovers it is the best place.

2. Solar Movie

The solar movie is very much similar to and works same as Hub movie. As Hub movie, it also does not require you to create an account or any sort of activation and registration. All the content provided by the Solar movie whether it be movies or TV shows, all the content is in High definition (HD) format.

Rainierland alternatives

The interface of the solar movie is quite cool. Here you will find around 200 movies in their search box, which is quite good. Apart from movies, the solar movie also provides its users with the TV shows which also includes movies and shows based on animals. So, animal lovers, you now know where to find the stuff you are looking for. As far as the interface is concerned, it is good.

The solar movie website is quite impressive and also gives a fast response. But there is one difference between the Hub movie and the Solarmovie that makes them different. The solar movie, unlike Hub movie, does not use an Ad blocker on its website.

3. 1Movies

It is nearly impossible to find the latest movie release. There are few websites which provide with the latest movie releases and 1Movies is just another Rainierland alternative which provide latest movie releases. You will find almost all the recent movie releases of 2018 and this will definitely fill you with joy and excitement. For movie lovers, this is the best place for you guys.

Rainierland alternatives

You may find the user interface of 1Movie website is a little bit confusing especially for the newcomers.

When you will click on ay movie or the movie you want to watch, you will be redirected to the page. But don’t worry, you just need to press the back button and your movie will start. You will also come across some other features too that this website has to offer.

The features include top watched movies, genres, etc. Just like the solar movie website, it too does not offer Ad blocker.

4. Putlocker Streaming

Putlocker streaming is one of the Rainierland alternatives website which is free of pop-ups, give fast response and is safe to use.

Rainierland alternatives

The design of Putlocker streaming website’s user interface is quite simple and sound, that even a kid can use it easily. Here, you can also find country specific movie, TV show and obviously the latest movie releases.

For this, you can choose the option by opening the menu bar and then clicking on the Genre option.

This website is one of the oldest websites for movies and TV shows whether it be the latest release or an oldest movie and TV show.

5. Fmovies

Fmovies again is a site like Rainierland for watching latest as well as oldest movies and TV shows.

I personally recommend Fmovies as I have been using this website since long now. The content provided on this website is all in high definition (HD) format. All you need to do is click on your favorite movie or a TV show you want to watch and sit back with popcorn in your hand and enjoy watching without any pop-ups and disturbance.

Rainierland alternatives

The user interface it uses is just the same as that of Putlocker Streaming, but still looks much dope than the Putlocker interface. The response time of Fmovies is much faster as far as I have experienced.

6. Bmovies

Bmovies is the perfect search if you are looking for all language movie. This is the best website. Bmovies consist of almost 300 plus movies in its list. If you love to watch movies in different languages then Bmovies website is just for you.

Rainierland alternatives

However, since the layout of Bmovies is black in color, it does seem very goofy and is highly customized. You can find movies from different countries, almost 40 countries. It does have A-Z collection, which is definitely incredible.

7. HDO Movie

HDO Movie is one of the cleanest and a straightforward website like Rainierland.

You won’t see this website creating any pop-ups but still, the website uses Ad blocker as it is said prevention is better than cure. However, the website is quite small due to which you may find only limited movies with not so much categories.

HDO has a very attractive interface as it uses Netflix interface. It is the perfect alternative for Rainierland which contains some of the most amazing content including movies and TV shows.

8. Vumoo

Vumoo does not require any signing up and is free to use. We can say that Vumoo is also one of the best alternatives to Rainierland. It does not generate any pop-ups and has a vast database which holds the maximum number of movies. All the content provided by the website is in high definition (HD) format.

9. Moviesco

With its best user interface, it is easy to navigate through the website. Moviesco has three menus which consist of movies which are trending, favorite movies and latest movie.

10. Geeker

Apart from all the alternative to Rainierland listed above, Geeker is much different from all. Apart from providing its users with the Movies and TV shows, you can also find Ebooks over here with much more content that you keep looking up on the internet.

10 Free Sites like Rainierland

So the final list of sites like Rainierland is;

  1. Hub Movie
  2. Solar Movies
  3. 1Movies
  4. Putlocker Streaming
  5. FMovies
  6. BMovies
  7. HDO Movie
  8. Vumoo
  9. Moviesco
  10. Geeker

The list is all yours. Visit all these Rainierland like websites and enjoy your favorite shows and series online.

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