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CompTIA Network+ is a certification that works on the skills like troubleshooting, maintaining, managing, configuration, and installing of the network of computers. The certificate is a professional entry card for the individuals who are willing to have a career in telecommunications and network.

This course sponsored by CompTIA works with professionalism on elements that include a document imaging and a hardware certification that are found to be the basics of the course and other credentials like MCSE, Novell CNE, etc.

The Network+ certification is an entry-level credential for the professionals in the IT sphere. The certificate holds a vital role in your certification list if you are willing to begin a career in IT. The course covers all the basic points that are required to be understood and known related to networking for initiating with your career. It prepares you well in management, installation, maintenance, configuration, and troubleshooting with the network infrastructures that come with basic levels. Along with this, the CompTIA certification also prepares you for the practical experience by providing academic training along with the course.

Why should IT professionals get this Certificate

Here are some reasons why the IT professionals should seek this certification:

  1. For getting an access to the knowledge and skills of the candidate.
  2. For saving resources and time for evaluation of the candidate.
  3. For standing out and supporting the development of the profession.
  4. For getting worldwide recognition as this certificate is recognized globally.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is among the leading certification courses that provide a boost to your IT career. Here are some steps that will help you in becoming a certified specialist:

  • Select your course wisely.

CompTIA provides a number of certification courses for the IT professionals. Hence, one must know the course he/she wants to go with. The selection of the certification also depends on the skills you are having, as the course will advance your expertise to a professional level. So, if you are interested in both entry and advanced levels of networking in hardware and software, the Network+ certification is the best choice for you.

  • Begin with the training and learning.

Once decided with the course you are willing to go with, it’s high time to begin with the learning portion. There is a number of options for those people who are seeking for the certificate, so, choose the best one that suits your interest and start with the learning. Also, the candidate needs to work on the practical training that is tailored by CompTIA for obtaining efficiency.

  • Know all the details of the examination.

Yes, before sitting for the exam, it is important to know its basics. For this, know the exam objectives and the kind of questions this test comes with. It might happen that similar questions may not appear in the paper, but it will surely prepare you for the exam properly.

  • Register and begin with the examination.

If your preparation process is successful, you can register for the exam. This step comes after the student is completely prepared with the exam objectives, respective knowledge and skills that are necessary for the Network+ examination. For registering, get the exam voucher and enter the nearby testing center.

Tips for passing CompTIA Network+ certification examinations

Here are some key tips that will help you in cracking the CompTIA Network+ exams (N10-006 or N10-007):

  • Read the questions provided in the paper carefully, looking after the crucial words that twist the meaning of the question tactfully.
  • While reading the questions, make sure you understand properly the CIDR that helps in determining the requirement of the performance in the question.
  • Be familiar with the process of troubleshooting based on forensic conditions.
  • Work well on the security methods that include two-factor authentication, mantraps, biometrics, and proximity readers.
  • Take relevant training courses:
  • The complete course of CompTIA Network+ Certification N10-006 from Udemy
  • IT Networking Fundamentals – CompTIA Network+ for 2016
  • Intro to Network+ Certification by Boot Camp
  • IPtables Firewall Fundamentals
  • Free CompTIA Network Plus Test Preparation Course

Top resources for CompTIA Network+ certification examinations

  • Professor Messer Videos for learning Network+ on YouTube

This is a quick and detailed way to learn about networking. The videos provided by Professor Messer cover all required details, chapters, and learning tactics that will help in clearing the examinations while you learn with live streaming.

  • Certforums – Network+ Sub-Forum

This is another online platform that helps in learning the skills of networking. The knowledge is provided in forums if you go with this option. No doubt this option is little risky, there are the students who have cleared the exam by learning from this.

  • MC MCSE Resources Networks Certification

This is one of the resources that come with maximum information gathered in it. It has helped many people in remembering concepts like ICMP, TKIP, ARP, and many more with ease. If you are feeling shortage of Net+ with acronyms, this is the right option for you.


Also known as CramSession, this is one of the definitive sites to learn networking with updated information.

  • IT pro

Windows IT Pro provides detailed information online to get the skills and expertise of Network+.


This is a site from where you can avail the original articles for the CompTIA certification with updated coverage, video tutorials and exam questions.

  • Guide to Networks (Network+) by Tamara Dean

This book helps with every required concept for learning and clearing the Network+ examinations.

Michael Meyers has included all the basic to advanced level concepts regarding the Network+ exams that make the process of achieving the certificate simple.

  • Deluxe Study Guide for CompTIA Network+ by Todd Lammle

The book comes with a complete guide and explanation of networking along with a CD disk and exercises for practical training.

The CompTIA examinations, as well as the Network+ certificate, are a tough task to beat, but with online courses, live videos, paper sets, and exam guides, it can be possible to crack even such solid nuts.

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