10 Sites Like Craigslist: Best Alternatives

So are you tired with Craigslist? looking for more Sites like Craigslist? Or you’re just looking out into the big wide world of selling platforms to see what sites let you in. Buying or selling pre-owned stuff should be considered as a security. Which means, you just look into the classifieds segment of a daily paper. Else look for stuff at schools, holy places, and other all around places.

In recent years, this classifieds business has moved to the internet. Now people buy and sell old stuff, search for housing, for odd occupations, report another item and do different things on the web to get a mark.

Why People Advertise Online

Basically, people promote online to contact a number of onlookers. In today’s world, daily papers and magazines have limited ads posted on classifieds sites stay online for a long period of time as compared to print papers.

Stuff Available At Classified Websites

  • Used things
  • Dating & Matrimonial
  • Platonic relationships
  • Lost & Found
  • Minor legal announcements
  • Greetings
  • Admissions to courses
  • Notices about community issues
  • Automobiles


Craigslist is the ruler of ‘buying and selling old stuff on the web’ sites. Pretty much every city in the US and Canada has a range on the site, and nations around the globe have connections. In any case, Craigslist isn’t the main site out there, and in some cases, it won’t be the best decision for buying or selling things. There are a lot of different alternatives out there, and a large number of them have focus points over Craigslist for specific ranges or things. Craigslist with no doubt holds the best of this exchange. It was developed in 1995 by Craig Newmark.Today, it is the biggest site of its kind, having areas in Europe, Asia and South America, other than its hometown, USA.

10 Best Sites like Craigslist

Here we take a look at the best sites like Craigslist that offer a variety of ads for different things.

OLX  – Best Craigslist Alternative

With a vast growth in over 100 countries, OLX is a great and best marketplace to check out whenever and whatever you’re looking for in areas of your interest. Musical instruments, books, cars, hobby materials, real estate, jobs.

Almost everything is showcased on OLX (including protected animal products, according to recent letters by PETA and WCCB in India—just make sure before you buy any of the stuff). A huge number of products available make this a great and best choice in India. For the nations where it is dynamic, OLX isn’t only a site like craigslist, it is path better with the user base and authority to purchase and offer in a hurry.


One of the best sites like Craigslist is eBay and infact it is even better than craigslist for many users.

While most of eBay sell-offs and deals are conveyed by means of email, there are local pickup alternatives too for things that are too expensive or massive to transport at a minimum cost. You should seriously think about this choice when searching for or offer collectibles, level screen tv’s, and autos (eBay engines).

eBay can be a decent alternative if your items don’t offer locally on Craigslist or one of these different sites. While it is easy to offer nearly anything on a local arranged site, there may be huge request in your market stuff. For instance, a winter parka or snowshoes will offer at a higher cost in Gold country than the Louisana march where it gets sufficiently cool to snow a low amount.


A great many people use Facebook for staying in contact with companions and posting pictures, videos, etc, yet you can really do some truly helpful things on the interpersonal stage—including offering things.

There are a lot of meet up on Facebook where people from a similar side post things that are available to be purchased or exchange. To find someone close you simply look for “[your city name] garage sale” and get a couple of results. Facebook could soon turn into a far and best place to buy and sell things; they’re trying another feature on their amazing app called ” Local Market”. This will enable people to purchase and offer things locally by expanding their share to invest on Facebook.


Oodle is one of the best and different sites. It helps you buy or sell things locally. As with other sites, you only see a list of things that sellers post on that particular marketplace. With the help of Oodle, some listings can be posted directly to Oodle, but, as a result, they also combine other Craigslist alternatives to expand their wide variety of list.

For example, you might have seen vehicles listed from along with the vehicles being sold by actual Oodle members. This is a good way to buy or sell antiques as which will result that Oodle will also list products from eBay for local pickup.

Oodle even allows sellers to advertise listings through Facebook as well.


Another amazing site like Craigslist. Backpage includes local pages form almost every major city in the world along with a very basic and unique site layout. You can list your items for free and easily buy or sell anything. All you need to do is to browse the list or create your own lists as per your choice and city.

If you are selling your item on Backpage, you can easily add photos or video in addition to the product description and go for more in demand sale.


Locanto offers online classifieds approx over 60 countries. Some of the large U.S. cities have a Locanto board. As this site does accept any paid ads from any of the national retailers so as a result, not every listing will be a local one. You are listed with the best opportunities with Locanto if you live in Los Angeles, Miami, or New York as those are their featured boards and yes, of course, you will be in a great network to grow up your business.

Some of the best features are that you are free to post your ad to a city board, but, you need to pay some extra to extend your ad to more cities, remove third-party ads from your listing, or send your ad to the top of a buyer’s search results. So, move on !!

Buy and Sell Local

Buying and selling your things locally is great—it basically helps out the people around you, makes and saves you money, and reduces waste of time for searching item here and there.

Whenever or wherever you think about buying something, do check out this sites first!


In reality, Close5 is one of top sites like craigslist. The site is being claimed by the web-based e-commerce, bigwig eBay. This Craigslist is accessible for US clients just, because of fare directions. This is an incredible site on the off chance that you are taking some of a selling or buying of pre-possessed stuff of any kind. Close5 is fairly remarkable app. You can use this app to advertise your products, mastermind meet-ups and communicate messages inside a gathering or group.


Looking for more sites like Craigslist?? Varagesale is another good option.

VarageSale on the web is a disconnected social group with buying and selling products. Clients join services with others from their neighborhood. At that point all work together inside the gathering—this guarantee you’re managing people who are near you and makes it simple to build up longer-term buying/ selling or exchanging items with people. There are meetings, where people offer particular things. VarageSale likewise has Android and iOS applications.

The Online Yard Sale

Much like VarageSale, The Online Yard Deal tries to make yard deal in your neighborhood. However, gives you a chance to link up with people from everywhere. From riding lawnmowers to books, people will post everything that they’d more often used. If you work with a vendor, you could most likely inspire them to deliver an item to you. There aren’t the same number of posting on this site as others, however, you can hope that it will grow rapidly. Download

List of Top 10 Craigslist Alternatives

So here are the 10 Best sites like Craigslist that we mentioned above. Explore all these sites and start buying and selling stuff online.

  • OLX
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Oodle
  • Backpage
  • Locanto
  • Buy and Sell Locals
  • Close5
  • Varage Sale
  • The Online Yard Sale

Which Craigslist alternatives do you use to buy and sell utilized things? Offer your top picks beneath! You most likely didn’t know there was a wide range of sites like Craigslist. Whenever you are prepared to buy or sell sites on the web, try one of these out. You may be amazed!! 🙂

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