Top 10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives

We all know Teamviewer is one of most used and famous software to access a remote pc, however, there are certain other Teamviewer alternatives that came up in the past few years. And some of these alternatives to TeamViewer are rather better in many features. This post is all about the various TeamViewer alternatives that you can try out.

When you need to get to your work on PC from a different area, an ideal way is to use the Remote desktop software. A remote desktop software enables you to connects with a PC easily. You can actually design a PC design using the remote desktop.


Why use Teamviewer Alternatives?

At whatever point if we discuss Remote Desktop Access, the main thing that strikes our brain is TeamViewer. This application lets you easily control other PC simply like a TV remote. Users simply need to look for the User ID and Password of their companions, TeamViewer record, and after that, you can get to their PC easily. TeamViewer is without a doubt an awesome app for beginning on a remote desktop. Notwithstanding, users usually question TeamViewer with respect to security. Teamviewer, if not legitimately arranged, you can put your framework at Huge risk. Therefore, here in this article, I will share 10 best Alternatives of Teamviewer that you can settle on your remote desktop activities.

10 Best TeamViewer Alternatives

Here are the 10 best alternatives of TeamViewer that you can opt for your remote desktop activities.

Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Software is indeed an excellent way to keep in touch with our computer files. It’s a type of program that allows users to connect with any computer from a different location.
Remote Desktop Access is undoubtedly the best way to stay in contact with our PC files. It’s a kind of program that allows clients to connect with any PC from a different area. Here are the 10 best options of TeamViewer that you can select your remote desktop activities.

If we discuss file management, at that point nothing can beat Remote Desktop Access. Remote Desktop Access no doubt is an amazing way to stay in contact with our PC records. Remote Desktop Access gives users access and manages files from any possible area. In that way you need to specify remote desktop access in one line, at that point, would state that it’s a kind of program that enables users to interface with any PC from an alternate location.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

It is a free device inbuilt with the Windows operating system. Windows Remote Desktop Connection could be the best option of Teamviewer on the grounds that it gives the user a chance to connect with a PC running Windows from another PC. This is an awesome device for users starting out on Remote desktop customers. The best thing is, clients don’t have to introduce some other application as it comes inbuilt in Windows Operating System.



UltraVNC is a remote desktop software which contains lots of highlights. Some of the features are progressed and are not suggested for the people who are bigger for this field. It boosts the number of screen sharing devices, that implies you can connect with more than one PC using UltraVNC. UltraVNC is one of the trustable and mostly used applications in the remote desktop field.

Download – Famous Teamviewer Alternative is created by LogMeIn. It is a web-based conferencing stage that enables the numberer of users to link with each other. is a superior service and it offers boundless sounds that imply that anybody can join a call from any gadget.

If we discuss the paid version of It permits up to 250 members to join the internet meeting and can share their screen with the participants.

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WebEx Free

WebEx from Cisco comes in two version– Free and Premium. This device enables users to easily connect with different clients who are in search of another working operating system. WebEx is supported by Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS X and Versatile applications. Notwithstanding, the free form of the application has few limitations.

As per Webex, it now controls 20 million reliable gatherings for every month, more than every one of the knockoffs combination.


For a businessman, Splashtop offers free and premium remote desktop devices. Splashtop is supported by Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. This tool is easy to use but difficult to install. Yet users face some of the challenges while installing as the user needs to experience few difficult steps to finish the installation.

Splashtop offers least on Audio and video streaming, that implies you can appreciate watching media easily.
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This is another remote desktop device that enables users to see and connect with another PC. The best piece of RealVNC is, both of the PCs don’t need the same working operating system. That implies you can control a Linux or Mac PC from your Windows PC.



This is a little device which comes for free. This is quick and lightweight and offers services like TeamViewer. The Ammy Admin device goes under 1Mb. This enables the user to perform activities like document exchange, live visits and so forth.

Ammyy Admin is one of the most secure and least demanding approaches. You can rapidly get to a remote desktop inside a couple of moments.The instrument is currently used by more than 75,000,000 people and corporate users.
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Mikogo is the bit not same as all other listed here. This device offers an amazing feature which is known as “Join By means of Program”. Here users can connect without downloading and introducing programming. This device is free and is in premium form. Despite the fact that Mikogo valued a bit for business users, the free-form could likewise be of awesome use.
Mikogo offers a free screen sharing programming arrangement, which a large number of servers overall use to advance their online gatherings and web meetings.


TightVNC is another free device that let users control PCs easily. This offers a similar interface like TeamViewer. Tight VNC has a customer for Android and iOS that implies you can control PC from your cell phone as well!

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Chrome Remote Desktop – Teamviewer Alternative for Android

Chrome Remote Desktop enables users to easily get connected to another PC through Chrome program or a Chromebook. You need Google Chrome installed on your PC. Along with that, you have to introduce the remote desktop chrome expansion to use. Chrome Remote Desktop is completely cross-stage platform. Give easy help to Windows, Macintosh, and Linux clients, or access your Windows (XP or more) and Macintosh (OS X 10.6 or more) desktops whenever you are in need.

List of Top 10 TeamViewer Alternatives

So, this is the complete list of Teamviewer alternatives that we have covered in our article.

  • Window Remote Desktop Software
  • Ultra VNC
  • Splash Top
  • Real VNC
  • Ammyy
  • Web Ex Free
  • Mikogo
  • Tight VNC
  • Chrome Remote Desktop

Which is your most loved pick for remote desktop software? On the off chance that we have listed some of the great ones, kindly do share your remarks. Stay connected for more articles. 

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