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13 Best Texting Games to Play with Boyfriend

Texting in a relationship can get little boring if you stick to the same old conversations and turn off your mood as well. Texting is an integral part of the conversation, but when it involves sexy texting games, it is capable of spicing up the things. To connect with the boyfriend, it is time to ditch your daily texts and look for some fun, hot & best texting games to play with boyfriend or any guy.

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Playing text games with a boyfriend can be really fun but at the same time becomes stressful when it comes to answers so that you do not sound desperate. In the digital world, romance has got its new meaning where couples prefer games to play over text. Flirty texting games to play with boyfriend will turn on your partner proving to be an ice-breaking entertainment. So when you are separated by time and distance best texting games to play with boyfriend will help you know each other better.

Texting Games to Play with Boyfriend

There are many flirting games to play with your crush that will heat the things between you.  So let us begin the search for some 13 best texting games to play with boyfriend to gear up the relation and laugh a little.

Would You Rather- Best Texting Game

One of the 13 best texting games to play with boyfriend is Would You Rather. This naughty texting game to play with boyfriend involves exchanging of questions.

It is quite an old game and is played face to face but is preferred games to play over text. To premise with you have to give two horrible or absurd choices to your boyfriend to choose from. It becomes naughtier if you ask the question like “Would he prefer to have sex in bedroom or at random places” that will turn him on. Or it may become intense if it involves asking serious questions. It is followed by some hypothetical scenario and depicts some uncomfortable and terrible options. Such games to play over text make you learn about each other.

Fill In The Blanks- Sexy Texting Game

This can be the perfect sexy texting game to play if you share a very close relationship and haven’t seen each other in a while. It is one of the fun games that are simple to play. You have to send the incomplete sentence to your boyfriend, and he fills in the blanks. It can be one of the flirting games to play over text with fill in the blanks like “I look cute after…..” or you really love it when I…” If you want to keep it sexy, then make some rules for fun. It is one of the naughty texting games to play with boyfriend, and the great thing about this is that it gives your boyfriend the time to think about you sexily.

Truth and Dare

Another best texting games to play with boyfriend is truth and dare the rules you already know. It is no different from other games to play over text rather are more interesting. You can ask him to answer something honestly or challenge him doing a dare. You can ask for the picture or video to send so to know that he completed the dare or not. It is a great game to know truth about your partner and creates a fun conversation. It is one of the popular flirting games to play with your crush.

Song Lyrics or Movie Quotes- Flirty Texting Game

If you are a music lover, then it can prove to be the best flirting games to play over text with boyfriend. It is a fun game in which you get the award points for guessing the correct plot of the movie or completing the lyrics of the song. It becomes interesting when you choose some flirty or sexy classic lines from movies to turn him on. If he fails to answer the punishment can be given like to send sexy picture or sing a song.

20 Questions

Another onegood texting game to play with a guy is 20 questions the rules of which are very simple. One partner has to choose an object or person, and other have to answer it in 20 questions or less. Once the subject is decided the other partner will answer series of questions to narrow down the subject. The questions are answered in Yes or no. It can be hard to guess and may involve flirty texts if the subject choose is fun to play.

Story Builder

Want to have some flirting games to play with your crush, and then story building over text would be the fun games to play. One partner starts up the story, and other takes chances to add bits and parts to it. The story building takes a naughty turn and is sexy texting games to build up the heat between the two. With 20 turns each, the story has to end. You do not worry about the plot of the story but just have to enjoy with a text or a phrase.

Text Strip Poker

Text strip poker is another one of the flirting games to play with your crush. It is strip poker without poker and is played on texts. To start with it, you let each other know how many clothing items you both are wearing. You begin with series of questions and whoever gets the wrong guess has to remove one piece off and has to give evidence in the form of picture. Or if you like you can keep it simple and just tell what you are removing.

Celebrity friendship- Fun Texting Game

It is one of the fun games and quite entertaining games to play over text that is more like an on text version of role play. The game is followed as you both pretend to be the celebrities you like and have to create the situation to act on them. It is the perfect way to turn your guy into the fantasy you have always dreamed off. You can choose a movie character also to, and the one who loses focus will have to suffer punishment.

Emoji translation

Emoji related games are fun to play with and is great texting game to play with boyfriend. For this, you need an emoji keyboard so that you can use many emojis in a row and string them together to make sense out of it. To make it a fun game you can make it creative by just communicating with emojis. All you have to do is send each other flirty emojis, and your boyfriend will have to guess it. It sounds fun, right?

Where Am I?

If you want entertaining text game to play with boyfriend, then this game will give you joy. The idea of this game is followed as you have to describe a place to your boyfriend and he has to guess where it is based on. You can describe places special to you or may be some wild or fantasy place. The description of the landmark you choose needs to be specific. It is little vapid game that can be made flirty with the choice of the subject.

Never Have I Ever

Another one of the naughty text games to play with the boyfriend is never have I ever. It is usually a drinking game but can be played with a twist online. It is a great game to play over text to reveal out all his secrets. You can continue playing like never have I ever kissed someone and boyfriend has to answer in I have, or I have not. The one who loses will ask next question.


It is another one of the sexy texting games to play with bf and is quite an entertaining game. The abbreviations can be from anywhere to make it flirty game you can use any abrupt abbreviation. Your partner has to guess the shortened phrase like IIAB for I am in Bathroom. Or if he asks you what are you doing,  the reply can be walking the dog as WTD.

I Spy

Here is another classic and one of the best texting game to play on the phone with boyfriend. It is always a big hit to play online and is loved by all. This I spy is played by sending pictures. Here you send a text to the boy and have to give him a hint on what he has to find out. Look around your environment and ask your boyfriend to guess what you have spied on.

These were some of the 13 best flirty texting games to play with boyfriend that are a great way to connect with partner. So to add and heat up things in relationship try all of them you will love it.

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