10 Best WiFi Booster Apps to Boost WiFi Speed 2020

Just tell me, does your Wifi speed irritates you so often or Do you find your WiFi weak and unreliable? If yes, I am going to be your angle once again. Wondering how?? Let me tell you here I am drafting a list of the top 10 WiFi booster apps with help of which you can make the most out of your current router, greatly improving its range, strength, and reliability. Also, you don’t worry about spending a good chunk of your weekly paycheck on a new router or internet plans.

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Top 10 Wifi Booster Apps in 2020

So friends here goes our list of top 10 Wifi booster apps. Have a look and go through them in detail, you can also run a wifi speed test

  1. NetSpot
  2. Wifi Signal Booster
  3.  Wifi Booster & Easy Analyzer
  4. Open Signal 3G/ 4G Wi-Fi Maps and speed Test
  5. Wifi Analyzer
  6. WiFi Manager
  7. WiFi Master–Speed Test&Booster
  8. WiFi Booster Easy Connect
  9. Wifi Signal Strength
  10. WiFi | Mobile Network Speed

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Best Wifi booster apps for Android apk


wifi booster apps

NetSpot is placed on the top position in our top 10 WiFi booster apps list. The reason behind this is it’s simplicity and usability alog with the essence of professional requirements. If you’re a casual computer user who just wants to optimize the performance of a single WiFi network, NetSpot has you covered with not one but two WiFi analysis modes: one for quick scans and the other one for in-depth surveys.

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful features
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Great customer support

Download here: NetSpot

Wifi Signal Booster

 Wifi booster apps


Wifi Signal Booster is a Wifi extender app to boost your internet connection.To use Wifi booster signal, you will firstly check your internet connection speed before trying to boost it, in order to see the difference, you click the button “check”, and you will get the result in seconds, then click boost connection, and you will be amazed how the app will boost your Wifi booster signal speed.

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Check your current internet speed.
  • Wifi extender feature.
  • Boost internet connection with one simple click.
  • Track your internet speed.

Download here: Wifi Signal Booster

 Wifi Booster & Easy Analyzer

wifi booster apps

This Android app named Wifi Booster & East Analyzer is a multi-purpose app which can be used as an analyzer, manager, optimizer and booster. Through this app, you can find search for all nearby active hotspots and estimate their signal strength.

The network analyzer feature helps you gain a better Wifi signal by finding the best position. Devices with Android 2.2 or later versions could install and run this app.

Download here: Wifi Booster and easy Analyzer

Open Signal 3G/ 4G Wi-Fi Maps and speed Test

wifi booster apps

This app has launched recently for increasing hotspot signals on android mobiles. It’s getting better response on day by day. It has designed very well futures and advanced technologies. It’s available on google play store and is absolutely free of cost. It is one of the easiest way to get fastest speed over Wifi.

Download here: Open Signal 3G/ 4G Wi-Fi Maps and speed Test


Wifi Analyzer

wifi booster apps

The application allows you to evaluate the quality of the Wifi signal and all the changes that have occurred in recent time. It displays information in the form of graphics, which is easy to read on a mobile gadget.

The application also makes the rating of available connections, taking into account the quality of their work. The tool is useful in identifying places in the house where the wireless internet works best. It is concise and very easy to use interface, intuitive to any user.

Download here: Wifi Analyzer

WiFi Manager

wifi booster apps

WiFi Manager is a popular Android Wifi booster apps that you can use to discover WiFi networks in your area to pick the least cluttered channel for your own network. The app is compatible with Android 6 and newer, and it can be downloaded from Play Store for free. This application is mentioned in our top 10 Wifi booster apps list due to the reason that it is a solid booster app that is so convenient to use on android mobiles.

With this application installed on your smartphone, you can walk from room to room to discover where your Wifi signal is the strongest and where it is the weakest.

Download here: Wifi Manager

WiFi Master–Speed Test&Booster

 Wifi booster apps

WiFi Master is a signal booster and WiFi speed test app that can make your network speed faster, secure and more stable. You can conduct speed test to boost WiFi signal, detect WiFi security to avoid phishing hotspots, use WiFi monitor to check who’s stealing your WiFi and search for more high-quality free WiFi to save data usage.

WiFi Signal Booster can maximize your network speed and WiFi signal strength to help you to get a more stable and faster WiFi connection. This app has a rating of 4.5

Download here: WiFi Master–Speed Test & Booster

WiFi Booster Easy Connect

wifi booster apps

Yet another name on the list Wifi booster apps is Wifi Booster Easy Connect This application lets you connect to the available Wifi with a single click while telling you the best WiFi network available around! The easiest, most effective way to find open Wifi networks in malls, Starbucks TM, cafe, etc. Apart from this it also indicate the speed of respective available Wifi.

Download Easy Connect App

Wifi Signal Strength

wifi booster apps

Wifi Signal Strength is yet another powerful Wifi app for Android that lets you optimize your Wifi signal strength in smartphone or tablets easily and quickly. Unlike other Android Wifi booster apps that boost your Wifi network signal on Android devices up to a certain limit, it lets you choose the best Wifi network with highest signal strength. Wifi Signal Strength is a simple Wifi tool for Android that allows you to view your current Wifi signal strength and keeps updating you with the Wifi signal strength of latest Wifi network.

Download here: Wifi signal strength

WiFi | Mobile Network Speed

wifi booster apps

Most booster apps on the market are either for Wifi or mobile data connection. This app which is offered by Veloxity is one of few ones which could help you in both realms. It has many great features and tools including: consume internet bandwidth according to your data quota, real clean WiFi channel, time speed measurement, WiFi vs Cellular speed comparison, etc. Also, the app doesn’t just measure the internet speed but shows it in real time as you access the internet.

Download here

Well this was the list of top 10 Wifi booster app by us. Hope we didn’t missed any potential apps. But in case you have got some other popular Wifi booster app in use then do share with us and let us know through the comment section. If this content was helpful to you please share it among others 🙂

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