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You wouldn’t agree less with me when I say that Case Clicker came out of the blue and became a bit hit. This iOS and Android compatible game is now back with the Case Clicker 2. And so are we with the Case clicker 2 mod hack Android and the Case Clicker 2 cheats. Just like the Case Clicker, its second installment Case Clicker 2 offers various new cases. You get to open the case or earn money by tapping as the Case Clicker 2 is a combination of clicker and counter strike case game. And so to help you go further in the game, we bring you the Case Clicker 2 mod download, how to install Case Clicker 2 apk and the Case Clicker 2 hacks and cheats.


 About Case Clicker 2

Case Clicker as the name suggests open up cases as you click and then you get to earn guns. And as you move ahead in the game, bigger cases open and you are awarded better guns. The game is designed especially for those who like to play and rule the World-famous Counter- Strike Go. Here you will open different cases with the help of various weapons that are rare but come with visual improvements. You can interact with the fellow Case Clicker 2 players and make an exchange with them. You can earn a lot of virtual money and have several possessions. And so that you can possess the vast collection of firearms and rare stickers, we bring to you Case Clicker 2 cheats and Case Clicker 2 hack.


Case Clicker 2 Cheat Codes

You can get ahead of others in the game when you know the Case Clicker 2 cheats. These cheats are the best Case Clicker 2 hacks that you should know before you start playing the game. And so here we are discussing the top Case Clicker 2 cheats that will help you in the game.

#Cheat 1- Tapping is the Key

Most of the Clicker games can work with passive incomes especially the one you earn in the upgrades. The updates of these clicker games also run when the app is not in use and so at that time also you are making money. But in the case of Case Clicker 2, if you want to earn fast then that can happen only when you tap. And so you cannot depend much on passive income that you receive when the app is not in use. And so the first Case Clicker 2 cheats that you can consider is using your three fingers or more to tap and earn money. You can also use your fingers and tap in a combination. With each tap combo, you can multiply your money. Also the longer you tap your finger the higher will be the multiplication of the money.

It is this Case Clicker 2 hack that will help you earn money at a rapid rate. Try to tap as long as you can and so much so that you reach the 10X multiplier.

#Cheat 2- Cases

Another Case Clicker 2 mod apk hack Android is to omit the cases and missions. You need to possess a key to open a case and so this process is quite risky. To open a case, you need a key worth 2.5 dollars, and after you do that, most of the time you receive an item of cost lower than the expense of the key. And so according to our next Case Clicker 2 cheats, do not spend your money and time on opening cases. Instead, try to hit on the screen and multiply your account balance. So guys, remember this Case Clicker 2 hack and skip the cheap money value missions of opening cases.

#Cheat 3- Upgrades

The next Case Clicker 2 apk hack Android is opting for Upgrades. By upgrading you can earn money both in passive form and by tapping. Though for the upgrading of some upgrades, you have to open a certain number of cases, but for some upgrades, you only require to reach certain ranks. And so when you upgrade your rank, your money raise also increases per second. So try to upgrade your rank says this easy Case Clicker 2 mod apk hack Android.

#Cheat 4- Watch Ads

It is the last Case Clicker 2 cheat that you can try while playing Case Clicker 2. By looking at the ads that display during the Instant Case, you can get Instant Money Reward. And after you get a random item in the form of Instant Case Reward, you can sell it and earn money. Also, the condition enhances especially when you get a high valued item. By just watching the thirty-second Ad, your account gets credited with money which is one of the best rewards. You can think of this Case Clicker apk hack as a way to not only cool down yourself but also to earn money. So watch as many ads as you can.


Download and Install Case Clicker 2 Apk Mod

Now since you know all the Case Clicker 2 cheats, you might be wondering how to install Case Clicker 2 mod apk. The process to download and install Case Clicker 2 apk is easy. First of all, download the Case Clicker 2 apk latest version from here

  • Download Case Clicker 2 apk 2.0.3 Hack Android
  • Download Case Clicker 2 apk 2.0.5 Hack Android

After downloading the game, follow the general instructions to install the Case Clicker 2 file. Check out the following steps-

Step 1: In the first instance, enable the Unknown sources from the Settings of your Android device. To install the third party apps this step is essential.

Step 2: Now locate the downloaded Case Clicker 2 apk file in your File Manager. Click it to open.

Step 3: Now click on the Install option. The process of installation will begin.

Step 4: After the installation process completes, open the file and enjoy your game.


And so this was the full guide of how to install Case Clicker 2 apk and the various Case Clicker 2 hack. We hope that now you will be able to try your hand at this game. And with the help of the Case Clicker 2 cheats mentioned above, you will play the game like a pro. So start clicking and earning with Case Clicker 2.


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