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Comparing Satellite, Cable, and Streaming TV Services

Trying to compare satellite, cable and streaming options? Shopping around for TV service but not really sure which type of internet really fits your families needs? Well you’re in luck. We’ve researched and compared the big three options for you; satellite, cable and streaming TV services.

Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of each type of TV service and other considerations you’ll need to know to make an informed decision.

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Satellite TV Pros & Cons


  • Super affordable single basic plans
  • Popular original programming you can’t get anywhere else
  • Thousands of on-demand TV shows and movies available
  • Month to month service: no contracts or commitments!


  • You need to pay extra on some services to have no ads
  • Not every streaming platform has traditional live channels
  • Your viewing quality depends on the kind of internet service you have
  • Can’t share logins with friends like you used to

Cable TV Pros & Cons


  • Tons of live channels
  • Local and national channels included
  • Viewing quality can be higher than streaming because it’s using coaxial and not your internet connection
  • Reliable signal that’s less susceptible to weather related events


  • Cable isn’t available anywhere
  • Can have contracts. Not all do, but some providers require them
  • Channel blackouts happen during contract disputes
  • Additional fees for local TV channels and DVR equipment

Streaming Services Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable and fit into the most modest budgets
  • Super customizable by mixing and matching different services
  • More language options with content from around the world
  • Easy to use. Just sign in and start watching


  • Functionality and quality is completely dependent on your internet connection
  • Traditional live channels cost almost as much as cable and satellite
  • Can be too many on-demand options to choose from for some people
  • Almost always ways a season behind on your favorite shows

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Satellite & Cable TV Have On-Demand Content Too

If you’re looking for on-demand content, satellite and cable TV providers have it too! Many of them like DISH Network, Spectrum and Xfinity have thousands to choose from. Of course what’s offered varies from provider to provider. But when comparing satellite, cable and streaming options, you need to know what each provider allows.

Most Streaming Services Are Cheaper

It’s a fact that individual streaming services are cheaper than cable and satellite channel packages. However, depending on your needs, multiple streaming services can add up. For example: if your household subscribes to Netflix ($6.99/month), Hulu ($7.99/month) and Sling ($55/month) to get an even mix of live channels and popular on-demand original programming add up to $69.98! That’s almost as much as satellite and even more than a lot of cable companies.

If your main motivation to compare streaming versus satellite and cable TV services is cost, it’s important to keep revisiting your active streaming subscriptions. It’s easy to pay for services you don’t use or have forgotten about and they do add up quickly.

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All Types Of TV Services Benefit From High Speed Internet Service

To stream you need high speed internet service. However, cable and satellite TV benefit from having high speed internet at home too. For example: you unlock cooler features with DISH Network when your Hopper is connected to Wi-Fi.

This enables you to be able to watch your recorded shows on the go, add or remove past and future recordings, and their exclusive soccer app called Futbol 360. There’s plenty of opportunities to really enhance your TV viewing experience.

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Comparing Top 10 Satellite, Cable, and Streaming Services

Here’s our handpicked top 10 satellite, cable and streaming services available on the market today. From only on-demand content to live channels; one of these providers may be right for your family.

Here’s a general overview of what you can get with each provider:

Breaking Down Satellite, Cable, and Streaming Options

Provider Provider Tech Type Prices Content Details
Netflix Streaming $6.99-$22.99/month
  • 5,000+ on-demand titles
  • With ads or without ads plans
  • Includes original programming
Sling TV Streaming $40-$55/month
  • 40+ live channels
  • Live sports
  • Spanish language channels available
DISH Network Satellite $84.99-$114.99/month
  • 290+ live channels
  • Stream live and recorded content on the go
  • On-demand content
  • Live sports
Hulu Streaming $7.99-$81.99/month
  • On-demand, live or both plans available
  • 2500+ on-demand titles
  • Includes original programming
Spectrum TV Cable $59.99/month
  • 150+ live channels
  • Spanish language channels available
  • Live sports
Verizon Fios TV Fiber $75-$119/month
  • 425+ live channels
  • Unlimited streaming on your devices
  • Live sports
DirecTV Satellite $69.99-$159.99/month
  • 150+ live channels
  • Includes premium movie channels
  • Live sports
Xfinity TV Cable $20-$80/month
  • 125+ channels
  • Live sports
Disney Plus Streaming $7.99-$13.99/month
  • Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Nat Geo
  • Exclusive original programming
Max Streaming $9.99-$19.99/month
  • HBO Max original programming
  • 3,000+ on-demand titles
  • Some live sports


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