You probably heard a lot about it, it’s mysterious, taunting, and fun to explore – it’s the dark web. To access the dark web freely, you need to download a browser like the Tor Browser for free. But, it’s not that easy to find cool stuff as you would browse on Google since there is no ranking or index system. Instead, you need to know what you are looking for and type the exact links to a site to access it.

Is the Dark Web Safe?

You need security software you can trust. Otherwise, someone can steal your personal information or any documents you have stored on your computer. VPN is another crucial thing to use. With it, you can keep your IP safe when accessing different websites. You also need dark web browsers, like Tor, for example, to keep your anonymity. Make sure the browsers are updated.

Is the Dark Web Illegal?

Not everything you find on the dark web is illegal. But there are illegal activities that take place used for terrorists, pedophiles, illegal trades, forums and more. According to a study from 2016, more than 50% of all the domains are legal on the dark web. Based on the same study, 75% and more sites are used for selling stock most fueled by cryptocurrencies.

How to Find Fun Stuff on the Dark Web?

Here is how you can find useful things on the dark web. This is a shortlist of all the safe and interesting dark web sites you can browse that are worth exploring.

  • Secure drop
  • Sci-Hub
  • Candle
  • Not evil
  • Facebook (mirror website)
  • Blockchain
  • Tor metric
  • Hidden Answers
  • DuckDuckGo
  • The Hidden Wiki
  • ProPublica
  • The Hub

 Note: All the links provided can only be accessed via the Tor Browser.

Secure Drop – Perfect for Journalists and Whistleblowers

If you are a journalist or a whistleblower, or you want to know what people are talking about, this is the place to be. They share valuable information here mainly because they can’t be tracked. This information could potentially damage a government or a certain company. If they share this information on the surface, they can be punished for it. This website keeps users anonymous to maintain their privacy. 

Sci-Hub – All the Science You Need

This is where you can find a ton of different scientific studies, databases, research, and papers. It gives access to knowledge the surface won’t want you to know. Like how to end droughts, diseases, hunger – all the data human research has managed to compile over the years.

Candle – the Light in the Tunnel

Candle is the same thing as Google – a search engine you can use only on the dark web. The sites you can access on the dark web are designed to be hidden and complex to find. Even though this search engine can’t help you find all the things you’re looking for, it will help you just a tiny bit to see in the dark. It’s like a tiny candle in a very dark and long hallway, hence the name.

Not Evil – Search Engine with no Restrictions

This is a search engine that contradicts its name since it hosts hidden and illegal services. Here you can find illegal markets, merchandise, or other depraved and disturbing content. You can also browse for safe content that is not that scary. It’s safe to say that plenty of cops, scammers, and hackers use chat services.

Facebook (Mirror Website)

Facebook logo Image

The original Facebook likes to store all your personal data. If you create a Facebook account on the Facebook mirror, you are anonymous. But, best of all, there is no government censorship.

BlockChain – Your Virtual Wallet

blockchain Image

On this site, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Also, you can check out some of the stocks available for purchase.

Tor Metric – the Site to get More Information

This site is designed to give you additional information for the Tor Project. You can also find some statistics and studies you won’t find on a typical browser. You can use this information to make fun projects.

Hidden Answers – Just Like Reddit

You can use this site to post questions free from censorship. It’s the mirror version of Reddit, but on the dark web. Since no one filters the content, you will find comments and posts you can’t unsee. However, it is safer than other subedits with similar content.

DuckDuckGo – Search Engine that Won’t Disappoint

This search engine goes where Google won’t dare. It is available on the surface, but it doesn’t collect personal data or share it with anyone else.

The Hidden Wiki

This site is similar to the surface Wiki, but with more information added by the community. You can find a bunch of different sources, services, and links you can use. You can also find conspiracy theories and interesting guides. Some of them are illegal or scams, so thread with caution.

ProPublica – Mainstream News Agency

ProPublica is a news organization popular on the surface. But they are also the first such organization to launch a dark web website of their surface website. According to the developer, Mike Tigas, the reason they did it was to avoid online censorship, especially from China. If they were to post content in restrictive countries, they would be banned.

ProPublica Image

The Hub – a Forum to Check Out

This is by far, one of the most popular forums for people who visit the dark web. Here, you can interact with others, join in conversations and discussions. You can see the latest crypto news, marketplaces, or any different topics you want to find.

Choosing What to Browse on the Dark Web Is Important

For many people the dark web sounds too scary, for others, it’s fun to see. Nevertheless, it’s not a boring place to browse if you know what you’re looking for. All these sites are just the tip of the iceberg, maybe even less. There are a lot better and worse stuff you can find on the dark web, but it takes a little digging to get to them. If you want to find some more, go ahead and start exploring!

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