Disadvantages And Limitations Of Free Website Builders

Finally, you are ready to start creating a website for your needs! There are several web site builders available online that you can use. Like many others, you are probably looking for a better deal, and you seek for people who provide free services. 

You are intrigued! They look easy enough, and they offer quite attractive options. Therefore, the majority of people who are not web-based trade designers might think that’s what it is all about.

However, since there are many free things in life, free does not always mean freedom. So why are they free, and what are the disadvantages and limitations of these web designers?

Complimentary Site Builders Will Never Be Free

Nearly all website builders, in general, provide a free program to be able to get a home business. It is a great online marketing strategy for them. It works and manages millions of registrations. Most likely, who doesn’t want something for free?

The difficulty many free website builders face is that since they are a great starting point, they are usually not enough to build a complete expert website.

More often than not, you join in and spend considerable time and energy to build your site, free to get the advantage of it being inadequate. 

You may need to either upgrade or switch to a new innovative solution and repeat the process. Either way, you have caused yourself a lot of unjustified disappointment.

The truth is that the company can’t offer you a website free of charge. All others require a settlement to provide something above average. Absolute freedom is never free, and here are a few good factors why.

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Restrictions Of Free Web Site Builders


Although every website creator on the Internet may be different, let me tell you about some of the restrictions that are often found in free plans.

Limited Features

Free builders limit the range of amazing features that you can find good use or want. They may consist of SSL certification, the use of an online store (an online store that does e-commerce), website analytics, plugins, add-ons, and domain-based email-reports. 

It may be because, fundamentally, you may not be able to use the fonts you like or get stuck with a website template that you do not want. Either way, it isn’t enjoyable.

However, even the free plans of different parts of the software could vary significantly in the features and capabilities they provide, so that users could benefit even from free tariffs. 

Consider the reviews of Slack vs. Microsoft teams. Both business messenger applications have limited trial versions, where Microsoft Teams already offer proper video conferencing while Slack allows only 1:1 calls. 

Restricted Wide Range Of Pages

The many free sites tend to limit the number of pages that you can produce. For example, they may allow you to publish up to five pages on one site on the Internet. 

Many sites will need more pages plus purchases to increase the number of your articles. Therefore, you will be asked to upgrade to a compensation plan.

No Domain Name

Free plans often do not allow you to use your URL. They assign you a free URL that consists of your company name and their specific URL. 

For example, instead of, you will get stuck with 

Company Branding

More often than not, free web builders need their branding to appear on your web pages, either in your body linked to the web page or in the header or footer. 

For example, free Wix plans include branded badges that aim to direct users from your website to get their design plan.


Another big one. Numerous “free” site creators will need to place ads on the site. So they justify the free offer. You spend absolutely nothing, plus they come to the point that they serve their advertising to your personalities. 

Some may go as far as injecting affiliate links on your web page. You may well be getting something that is free, but it pushes you down a notch or five in the eyes of one possible clientele. 

You may also lose a lot of people on the way who click on these ads and are directed off your website, all because you thought you could save a few dollars.

Restricted Storage Space

Both free and compensated builders will limit your bandwidth allocation and storage space, but with free options, you are offered much less. 

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You will only have a few megabytes of disk space, which can severely limit you when it comes to content, and will not allow you to post good quality photos or other news.

Limited Or No Customer Care

You may also not get any support after all with free web builders (it will be clear – after all, it’s free). Therefore, if your website has any problems, you’ll be left almost alone.

Some Other Disadvantages To Consider


Site designers can be a great way to create a site and its quick and easy work. However, with fewer settings, your business needs more than just tools if it wants to grow. 

Remember that if your site is your official online presence, this is what also represents your brand.

Using website builders, you should recognize that other businesses or organizations have access to the same templates. 

It will result in other companies having a website that is similar to yours. And also, because the creators have advertising and their scripts built-in for the service that you use, it can be not suitable for your brand.

The builders also have limited SEO capabilities that restrict your marketing efforts if you want to advertise your website to a specific audience.

Free Is Still Good

It is good that you consider all the disadvantages and limitations before signing up for any free website. 

Also, remember just because it is free does not mean that it is suitable and beneficial for your business in the long run.

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