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Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error in Windows [6 Ways]

Ever faced the DPC watchdog violation error while working? Searching for methods to solve the same? Well, you are at the right place. This is a complete guide to solve your entire problem. DPC Watchdog violation is a blue screen error. DPC stands for the Deferred procedure call. This error relates to the driver problem. It is a bit scary because it is accompanied by a blue screen of death (BSOD). You need not worry; your complete problem will be solved here. This guide provides you how you can fix “DPC Watchdog violation” error.

Step by step follow the methods provided here; if not one then the other one would definitely help you. Just have patience and solve it, we assure you that you will be completely satisfied with this article.

Sometimes when you are working on your computer and a blue screen appears, showing error “DPC Watchdog violation”, your PC or laptop automatically reboot in 5 seconds. What next, you lost the thing which you are working on. This is a very frustrating and a common error. This is common among the users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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Why “DPC Watchdog violation” occur?

The things that cause the error are as follows:-

  • Drivers which are incompatible, outdated, problematic may be the reason for the annoying error.
  • SSD driver must be old. It must be using unsupported and old firmware.
  • Corrupted files may be the reason for the error. Fix error – “DPC Watchdog violation”

To know the reason behind the causing of error, you must use “Windows event viewer” or “analyze minidump” file. Fixing this issue depends on encountering BSOD. After knowing what causes the errors, now let us see methods to solve it.

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Fixing DPC Watchdog Violation error

There are many reasons due to which you are facing this error. So here we have listed few methods to solve it. Since we as well as you don’t know the reason you are facing this error. We recommend you to follow the methods step by step, until any works for you.

So let us start with our first method:-

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Update drivers

By this method, you could get rid of the blue screen error in windows 10. IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers must be updated to fix the error. Update the driver by following the steps mentioned below.

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Step 1:- Press Windows logo key and X at the same time from your keyboard.

Step 2:- Click on Device Manager.

Step 3:- Go to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.

Step 4:- Select SATA ACHI controller.

Step 5:- Then click properties.

Step 6:- Go to Driver tab.

Step 7:- Then click Driver Details.

Step 8:- Check that “iaStorA.sys” is listed as a driver.

Step 9:- Then click OK.

If while following the above step, you are seeing “storachi.sys” instead of “iaStorA.sys”. Then move on to the below method to solve the issue.

Step 1:- Click Driver.

Step 2:- Then click Update Driver.

Step 3:- Then click “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Step 4:- Then click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

Step 5:- Click “Standard SATA ACHI Controller”.

Step 6:- Click NEXT then.

Step 7:- Then finish all the procedure as it is been instructed.

Step 8:- Restart your computer afterwards.

Make sure that whenever you update your system you should do this method to get rid of the error.

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Update available drivers

When you see “storachi.sys” listed in the properties as mentioned in the 1 st method. By following this method you can update your drivers.

Step 1:- Download and Install “Driver Easy”.

Step 2:- Then RUN “Driver Easy”.

Step 3:- Click on “Scan Now”.

Step 4:-  Then click “Update” or “Update All”. It will automatically update the correct version of the driver.

If this doesn’t solve your error, simply move on to the next method.

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Turning off “Fast Startup”

Well, the reason for error can be also due to the enabled Fast Startup option. So let us turn it off and see if it solves our error. To turn off Fast startup on your Windows 10 Pc, follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Press Windows logo key and R at the same time from your keyboard.

Step 2:- Type “powercfg.cpl”.

Step 3:- Then click Enter.

Step 4:- Then click “Choose What the Power Buttons do”.

Step 5:- Then click “Change settings that are currently available”.

Step 6:- Uncheck “Turn on Fast Startup”.

Step 7:- Then click “Save changes”.

Step 8:- Restart your computer afterwards.

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Checking Hardware and Software compatibility

As mentioned earlier that the drivers which are incompatible, outdated and problematic may be a reason for the error. By following the method you can check the hardware and software compatibility.

Check Hardware compatibility

To check Hardware Compatibility follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Disconnect all the plugged in or installed external devices on your PC, such as external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Step 2:- Then restart your computer.

If you get the error again then follow the next method

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Check software compatibility

If you received the error very recently, check if you have recently made some changes to your PC like installed a new application or upgraded some programs. If you are not sure about the changes are done on your PC, kindly do a “system restore” to go back to the previous stage of your PC.

Repair corrupted hardware

As you followed the previous step to check hardware compatibility, there you got the error again. Here is the solution for the same.

Step 1:- Press Windows logo key from your keyboard.

Step 2:- Type – “cmd”.

Step 3:- Right click command prompt and then go to “Run as administrator”.

Step 4:-  Click Yes to continue.

Step 5:- Type – “chkdsk/f/r”.

Step 6:- Press Enter on your keyboard.

Step 7:- Press Y from your keyboard.

Step 8:- Press Enter from your keyboard and restart your PC.

Boot into Safe mode

By booting into safe mode and making some changes is our last resort to solve this error. To do so follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Press Windows logo key and R at the same time from your keyboard.

Step 2:- Type – “msconfig” and press enter.

Step 3:- Go to boot tab.

Step 4:- Check “Safe mode” and mark “Networking”.

Step 5:- Click OK.

Step 6:- Restart your PC afterwards.

Step 7:- Update all drivers as mentioned above, uninstall the recently installed software.

Step 8:- Again go to the boot tab and uncheck all boxes to bring it into normal mode.

Step 9:- Error will be solved.

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So Finally, you have resolved this error on your Pc. You will no longer face this error in your Pc again. But if after any new update you still see it. Follow the steps again and solve it. If you still have any doubts or confusion regarding any method or any query while following any step. Feel free to tell us in the comments section below. We are always ready to help you.

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