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Fix Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Error [5 Ways]

If you are using an NVIDIA graphics card then you may come across this error often that says Unable to Connect to NVIDIA, Try again later.

This issue is common with Windows users and at times becomes frustrating.

What Is Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Error?

Sometimes, you might encounter Unable to Connect to NVIDIA or Unable to update drivers error when GeForce is attempting to download some latest drivers. This error can appear at any moment and for any time length. The error will not make the system unusable but some games will become unplayable.

Causes of Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Error

There are no specific reasons or causes for this error as the errors may vary from one Pc to another. However, there are some general causes that can be considered as-

  • Your internet connection may be turned off.
  • NVIDIA service is unable to start.
  • There might be some glitch with the current version of Nvidia GeForce Experience that can be resolved in the next version itself.
  • Missing or corrupt files of the operating system

How to Fix Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Error

The most common solutions to fix the unable to connect to Nvidia Error are:

  • Upgrade GeForce Experience
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the GeForce Experience
  • Disable NVIDIA Services
  • Automatic Driver Update Utility
  • Manual Driver Update

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1. Upgrade GeForce Experience

Upgrading to the latest version of the NVIDIA Graphics can help you fix the problem. You can download the latest version of it from the NVIDIA support official website. Once you have downloaded it then run the installation process. So just check out to confirm whether you are not stuck with its older version that is hindering your gameplay.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall the GeForce Experience to Fix unable to Connect to NVIDIA Error

One of the easiest methods that you can give a try is doing it the old school way. You have to simply uninstall the GeForce program, re-download and re-install it. To do so follow the steps-

Step 1- Hold the Windows key and press R simultaneously.

Step 2- Type appwiz.cpl. Hit Enter

Step 3- Navigate and locate the GeForce Experience program. Select it and then click the option mentioned as Follow any additional on-screen instructions.

Step 4- Visit here to download the GeForce Experience program. Install the program.

It is most likely to solve your problem but if this too doesn’t work then try the other methods mentioned here.

3. Disable NVIDIA Services

The cause of this error can be associated with the NVIDIA Network Service that is stuck in Starting status. This would prompt trouble in connectivity in the network. This makes it impossible for you downloading anything using GeForce Experience. So to fix it you can navigate through following steps-

Step 1- Using your keyboard press the Windows logo and R simultaneously. Then type the command as services.msc. Now finally press Enter.

Step 2- Now press the N key using keyboard. This will help you locate NVIDIA Network Service faster. But before this you need to make sure that the status of this service says Starting.

Step 3- Go to C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\. From here you need to delete NSManagedTasks.xml. Just have a look that it should be an XML Document type file.

Step 4- Now again hit the Windows logo key and X at the same time. Now tap on Task Manager.

Step 5- Look for the details tab and NVNetworkService.exe. Click on it. Then click End Task.

Step 6- Again go back to Services windows. Now right-click on NVIDIA Network Service. And start it.

Well with just these few easy steps your NVIDIA service will start working properly.

4.Automatic Driver Update Utility

As one of the reasons of NVIDIA graphics not connecting is the inability of auto-updating the driver. So if you will update the driver your issue may get resolved. So let us now look for the steps that will let you do so-

Step 1– Go to the site

Step 2– Now download Automatic Driver Updates. Then install the software.

Step 3– Open “Automatic Driver Updates”. Once it gets opened it will check for the latest version. Then it will automatically update. And will download and install latest GeForce driver.

Now check for the error it will get resolved.

To automatically update the NVIDIA you can also go for a program or app as Driver Easy.  Driver Easy is a program that automatically recognizes your system and then finds the correct drivers for it. You can update your drivers automatically either with the free or the Pro version of Driver Easy. So if you want to follow this method then you can go through these steps-

Step 1– Firstly Download and install the Driver Easy.

Step 2– Run Driver Easy and then click on the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will start scanning your computer and will detect if there are any problematic drivers.

Step 3– Click on the Update button. It will be present next to the flagged NVIDIA graphics driver. With this you can automatically download and install the correct version of the driver.

Step 4– You can also click on Update All to automatically download and install the required version of the drivers that are missing or have become out of date on your system.

5. Manual Driver Update to Solve Cannot Connect to Nvidia Error

Above we discussed downloading of drivers automatically but now here are the steps using which you can download the drivers manually.

Step 1– Go to GeForce official website Now head over to “Manual Driver Search” option available there.

Step 2– Search for the appropriate driver. Now click the one that you wish to download.

Step 3– “Click on the green button that reads “AGREE & DOWNLOAD”.

Step 4– Now press Win + R and type the command “devmgmt.msc”. Hit enter. This will open the Device manager.

Step 5– Now go to the Display driver and then click on Graphics card.

Step 6– Right-click on the graphics card. Select “Update driver software” option.

Step 7– Browse & locate the driver that you have downloaded. Follow the on-screen instructions for updating the driver.

This will resolve the problem and you will no longer be interrupted with the same message.

Well, these were some of the methods that you can apply to fix the issue that says Unable to Connect to NVIDIA. All the methods are trusted and safe to try for your system. So apply them and do write us in case you get stuck at some point.


Why can’t I open my Nvidia control panel?

Usually, you cannot open Nvidia control panel because antivirus is causing interference. All in all, it is easy to fix. Simply check your antivirus settings to see if it is blocking Nvidia.

Can I use Nvidia GeForce experience without logging in?

You will need to log in before using GeForce.

Do I need an account for GeForce experience?

With the newest upgrades, as well as the newest versions, you will definitely need a Geforce account.

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