Top 10 Best Fun to Play Yu-Gi-Oh Decks

In this hectic-hectic world of worries, games play very important role in our life to keep us going. They are one way to keep ourselves crazy and entertained all the times amongst all. Among such games is Yugioh Decks. Ask anyone around you which series of monsters deck they prefer, and it would be a bucket full of different answers. Thousands of types of games exist, with much better-coming every day. Some players look for ease of summoning, others want high Attack, some prefer card advantage, etc. All you need is to be the warrior till the end and be the master above all. So here in this article. we will be talking all about Yugioh and some of the funniest Yugioh Decks.

So, Let’s get started.

Top 10 Yugioh Fun Decks


Yugioh is an awesome game with a different variety of decks, archetypes, and strategies to make a choice from. Only a few of decks are competitively but when the game turns to real adventure play, anything is possible. If you’re the kind of person with few decks that are strong competitively and had planned to sell them when they become useless, then you’re missing out on your favorite and best card game.

Yu-Gi-Oh is an extremely popular manga/anime in the US and in Japan. It has millions of fans and has spawned TV series, books, movies, and lets you have a real-life card game.

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The Yu-Gi-Oh card game depends on the player’s ability to make a deck defeat all other and be a warrior of all time.

So here are the top 10 most fun Yugioh decks to play!



Kuriboh is a little dark colored ball that has been with us for years.Having a deck revolved around Kuriboh and the most of its great substitute structures is incredibly a great fun, you can even make some solid combos which is similar to all level 1 beasts. In addition just like all others either Light or Dull, you can even go for some Nightfall focused cards as well.

Crystal Beast

Crystal Beasts is a fun and an energizing archetype since they were released. Mainly made up by their ace card Crystal Abundance, they’re fun to play along with a nightmare to play against. With all the new support cards bringing archetypes back to life, you may also see Crystal Beasts reign rising again in future.

Elemental HERO

Masked heroes and Elemental Heroes are still very strong, particularly Masked Heroes but this entry mainly focuses on the GX-era cards. Basically, it’s a combination of those fusion monsters and insanely satisfying and the Main heroes themselves are awesome. It’s mostly for nostalgia but both players will enjoy competing with this deck.


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Battle Warrior

Warrior equip decks without any archetypes are really an awesome fun because you can watch your awesome warriors destroying the biggest of all monsters. There are archetypes that take this pace into a competitive level but choosing your own warriors. Even your own equip spells is a different kind of warrior deck.  Each of the warriors is powerful with equip cards so as a result, you don’t need a bossy monster ruling you.Normal Monster.

Normal Monster

There are millions of support cards that allow normal monsters to swarm the field, deal heavy damage and stay on the field though. Having a great collection of your best normal monsters in one deck is just a fun to use. Especially when you actually get to grab them all and use to fight your battle. They can be easily destroyed by any slightly competitive deck but you’ll have the most fun and crazy to grab in.

Umi – Tornado Wall – Water

Who can forget Mako Tsunami’s best cards? One of the most awesome Legendary Ocean that reduces all Water monster’s levels by 1 each, making level 5 monsters become level 4. This basically opens up a whole new world of strategies and combos, which are just a fun to play. Water monsters even swarm quite well so that you can get plenty out on the field to play, then use Tornado Wall to protect your life points. Your opponent might not find this deck so fun, though and that the point where you can be the warrior of the game.

Reverse Burn

One of the crazy fact that your opponent will definitely want to murder you if you ever use this deck. Reverse Burn is the strategy of using cards that can easily reverse any life points gained into life points taken. You can use this with cards such as Gift Card and you’ll have a red-faced rival to fight against. It might be Quite different for the player to use though, but yes they watch their opponent do their irrelevant strategies while using cards like Reckless Greed to fill your hand with the cards you need to bounce back your opponent and win the game.


Mainly used for theme and aesthetics, Volcanic cards are one of the coolest looking archetypes in the entire game. Including plenty of burn options, big monsters, swarming potential and even cheese. This deck is great. It is though slow, however, all you need to make sure that you try to keep the pace low if you decide to use it and win the game.

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Dinosaurs have always been competitively unknown but as a result, they are a  fun to use. With a myriad of boss monsters, there’s no shortage of beaters to battle and ruin you on the field. The main strength lies in Survival Instincts, which allows you to defeat all the dinosaurs from your graveyard and gain life points. Then you have Tyranno Infinity which gains 1000 ATK for each one you play. This combo is very strong pack, more enjoyable and great to pull off!

Character Deck

This one goes down to you personally. Think for a while, who is your most favorite and awesome character of all of the series you must have ever played? Whose decks did you love the most? All you need to go back and build a deck which is as similar as you can and faces someone else who has already done the same.

All you need to make sure that it is the same ‘series’ though as Yusei’s deck which would almost certainly demolish Yugi’s. There’s no awesome feeling than putting all of the nostalgia-stinking cards into a sin a single deck and seeing them come to life on your field.

List of top 10 Fun Yugioh Decks

So we are here with top ten examined amazing Fun Yugioh Decks to play with, but you have hundreds of options to choose from. Feel free to list yours in the comments as well as vote for your favorite of today’s batch and be a warrior!! Stay Connected with such more thrilling articles.

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