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8 Best GitHub Alternatives For Free With Extra Features

Looking for GitHub alternatives? GitHub is definitely a bliss for all developers and coders. But there are plenty of reasons why you may want to look into GitHub alternatives. In this article, we will be listing some of best alternatives to Github.

You may need Github alternatives for the following reasons,

  • Your team needs the security and privacy of an in-house system
  • You have a large team, and GitHub’s pricing doesn’t fit
  • The VCS you use isn’t supported by GitHub
  • You have an overwhelming aversion to the Octocat

So whatever your reason be, we have covered all your needs on the list of 8 best GitHub alternatives here.

8 Best GitHub Alternatives

GitHub alternatives

  1. Sourceforge
  2. GitLab
  3. Bitbucket
  4. Beanstalk
  5. Allura
  6. GitKraken
  7. CodePlex
  8. Google Cloud Source Repositories


GitHub alternatives

Sourceforge has been around longer than most, and it has the projects to prove it. Lots of open source Linux, Windows and Mac projects are hosted on SF. The project structure of SourceForge is entirely different when compared with GitHub. On SF you can host both static as well as dynamic pages, with the option of integrating a CMS too. Each of your project can have a website at

Sourceforge servers support a number of language.  Some of names to mention are PHP, Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby, and shell scripts.

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GitHub alternatives

GitLab is the leading integrated product for modern software development. It is one of the best GitHub alternatives. This software was mainly written in Ruby. GitLab provide you with various features in its DVCS such as an integrated project wiki and a project website. It’s continuous integration capabilities test and deliver your code automatically, which saves time in the test phase.

With GitLab, you get easy access to all the important aspects of your project through a code viewer, pull requests, and practical conflict resolution.

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GitHub alternatives

Bitbucket is a fan favorite on Quora and Reddit. You can connect up to five users to the platform for free, which is great if you want to try it out before you purchase. As part of the Atlassian software family, Bitbucket lets you integrate your other Atlassian products like Jira, Bamboo, and HipChat, and communicates well with all of these.

Features include pull requests, code branches, and in-line commenting for discussions. Bitbucket deploys in the cloud, on a local server, or your company’s data center, depending on your security needs.

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GitHub alternatives

Beanstalk tends to ideal for app developers who want to commercialize the app they are developing. There is no special treatment for open source developers offered by this tool like GitHub and GitLab do. But, you will probably find some features in Beanstalk that don’t offered by GitHub. Again, understanding your needs is the key before choosing a software development tool.

Beanstalk itself has been around since 2007. This tool is run by Wildbit, Philadelphia based software company.

Apache Allura

GitHub alternatives

Allura is an open source software from Apache and is used for managing source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs, and other online content.

When it comes to issue tracking in Allura, you can use markdown formatting and file attachments as well as issue tickets with so-called milestones. An advanced search syntax is also available, which you can use to store frequent search queries. However, code verification isn’t possible with this system. The platform was developed with Python.

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GitHub alternatives

GitKraken is yet another GitHub alternatives which is best known for its beautiful interface, its focus on speed, and ease of use for Git. This platform saves your time for building and testing. It is availble as both free and paid version.

The free version entertains only those enterprise which have under 20 employees or non-profit/educational shops, but the Pro version offers several exclusive features, including multiple profile support so you can separate your projects. Addition to that it posses an undo button to roll back any mistakes, which can be incredibly handy. GitKraken works on most of the operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

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GitHub alternatives

CodePlex is Microsoft’s free open source code hosting service. It lets you create projects each of which get a domain

Like Sourceforge, this means your Projects need unique titles which have not been used before by another project. CodePlex gives you the option of either Git, Mercurial or Team Foundation Server (TFS) as your Version Control. All CodePlex projects are private for a maximum duration of 30 days, after which they will be removed if not made public before the expiration date. You do not need to pay to use any CodePlex feature and neither does CodePlex set a cap on the number of users contributing to a project.

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Google Cloud Source Repositories

GitHub alternatives

The last one comes by Google itself. It’s name is Google Cloud Source Repositories.  It is a software development tool which is a part of Google Cloud Platform. Git version control is provided to all the applications (including one which runs on Google App Engine or Google Compute Engine). Several features offered by Google Cloud Source Sepositories include Stackdriver Debugger, Source Browser, Reliable Storage and so on.

So friends, here it come to en end. This was the complete list of Best GitHub alternatives. Undoubtedly, our dedicated team had collected the best of all GitHub alternatives but in case you have some other potential name with you do drop it in the comment section.

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