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HappyMod Android MOD AppStore – Download Tutorial

Do you know the HappyMod Android MOD AppStore?  Called HappyMod, it offers thousands of modified and unofficial Android apps and games, all for free.

HappyMod App Features

HappyMod is packed with cool features, including:

  • Modified Apps – with more than 30,000 modified apps and games, all for free and no rooting required
  • Old App Versions – if your Android device doesn’t support the newest version of a game or you prefer an older version, this is the place to find them
  • Trending Apps – download modded version of trending apps, such as Tetris, PuBG, Subway Surfer, and more
  • User-Friendly – a simple user-interface makes navigation easy
  • MOD Parameters – see what mods each app or game has so you know if it’s what you want

Download HappyMod on Android

Downloading HappyMod on Android is pretty simple. All you need to do is install the APK file onto your device:

  1. First, open your Android Settings app and tap on Security
  2. Enable the Unknown Sources option and close Settings
  3. Now download the HappyMod APK file onto your device
  4. Find the file in your Downloads folder and tap it to start the installation
  5. Wait for the HappyMod app icon to load on your screen; the app store is ready for use

The Difference Between HappyMod and the Google Play Store

While both are app stores in their own right, there are some significant differences:

  • HappyMod contains modified or crack apps and games; the Play Store does not
  • HappyMod is completely free to use, and all the apps and games are too; in the Play Store, some apps are free, but many require payment
  • HappyMod apps and games give you unlimited, free access to in-app purchases and features; many apps and games in the Play Store require you to earn or purchase them

How Does HappyMod Work?

HappyMod is an Appstore, and it is similar to Google Play, but it is also. First, everything is free, including premium apps and modified or cracked apps and games too.

  • Unofficial Apps – you can download modified versions of stock apps and games. These have extra features and functionality, and with games, like Clash of Clans, for example, you get unlimited in-app resources – you don’t have to purchase or earn them.
  • Different App Store Versions – unlike the Play Store, HappyMod has several versions, and you can use anyone that you want without having to worry about it not working.
  • Changelogs – each modified app or game comes with a changelog that tells you what the modifications are; there are several versions of some apps and games, each with different mods so you can choose which one you want.


Right about now, we should remind you that HappyMod does contain pirated apps and games, so it is illegal in many places. Please be responsible using this app store.

Can You Update HappyMod?

Yes, you can. All applications need to be updated at some time or another if only to improve performance. HappyMod releases regular updates for this and to add new content and fix bugs. And, even better, all the apps in the store can be updated too. When you get a notification that an update is available, simply tap it and follow the update instructions.

Try HappyMod and see what you think of the latest unofficial app store for Android users.

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