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How To Change IMEI Number of Android and iPhone

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We are always ready to provide you some of the learning articles along with the solutions. So here we are again with new topic “how to change IMEI number or IMEI number changer”. So, Do you Want to change IMEI number on your android smartphone? It’s as easy as making some tea.

Lots of people search for methods on how to change IMEI number but I m sure after reading this you all the doubts will be cleared.  Some of the basic solutions of your query are provided along with the many solutions. So sit relax and search for the suitable solution for your convenience.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI is “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. IMEI is the unique identification number of all mobile devices. IMEI is used to trace the mobile while misused. This is unique for all the available devices. Dual SIM Card phone contains separate IMEI numbers to identify them.  To change the IMEI of mobile sometimes mislead crimes. To change IMEI contains its advantages and disadvantages. IMEI is very important for security purpose, this can be used for trace stolen a mobile phone. This code consists of 15-17digits.

How to trace or get IMEI of your Android? 

IMEI number change firstly needs IMEI of your current holding device. To trace IMEI of your mobile phone is only one step method. Let’s go with “how to get IMEI”-

Step 1:- You just need to go to your dial pad.

Step 2:- Type *#06#.

And IMEI is on your display. Or to get IMEI just go through the mobile box. You can also find out your IMEI number on slip below the battery. Or in a fully packed pack there is a slip on the back panel of your mobile which contains IMEI numbers.

To find device ID you just need to do, dial *#*#8255*#*#.

Sounds good, you have your unique identity on your hand now move further the way to change IMEI.

How to change IMEI Number of Android

You can find many ways to change IMEI number of your Android mobile on the internet and also various IMEI Changer apps can be found in Google play store.

We will serve you with best of the solutions all over the source. We will help you in changing the IMEI only you need to go through the procedure to change IMEI given further.

Changing the IMEI number will sometimes void warranty.

Firstly, get your IMEI number and note that down for further reference. IMEI change is only for temporary basis not for permanent because it is kept for trace purpose.

So here are various methods !!


1. Change IMEI Number in Android Without Root

Using this method you can change IMEI number without rooting your device.

Step 1:- Note down your previous IMEI number.

Step 2:- Dial *#7465625# or  *#*#3646633#*#* using your Android/Device.

Step 3:- Move to the Connectivity option or Call Pad.

Step 4:- Now search for CDS information and click on it.

Step 5:- Now select Radio Information Button.

Step 6:- If you are using Dual SIM Card Android phone you will see options-

IMEI_1{SIM01} & IMEI_2{SIM02}

Step 7:- Now you have to select one of the numbers you want to change.

Step 8:- Display will show something like this AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” and

AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2”.

Step 9:- Now change the IMEI_1 or IMEI_2 with your desired value of change IMEI of Android.

Step 10:- Now reboot your Android.

Step 11:- Now again dial *#06# and check your change IMEI.

Step 12:- That’s it. Ohhh! It seems to be easy.

2. Change IMEI Number Using IMEA Changer Apps

There are many free IMEI Changer apps available that you can use for this purpose. We are listing a commonly used app along with the steps to use.

Step 1:- Open play store on your android and download Uncle App to change IMEI.

Download Uncle App from HERE.

Step 2:- Go through the app.

Step 3:- Now, choose Engineer Mood /  Engineer Mode (MTK).

Step 4:- Go to CDS Information.

Step 5:- Choose Radio Information button.

Step 6:- Two IMEI will be displayed, select which you want to change.

Step 7:- You will get AT+

Step 8:- Now enter AT+ <15 digit IMEI >

Step 9:- Now click on Send AT Command.

Step 10:- Restart your device and check IMEI. That’s it. 

3. How to Change IMEI Number of a Rooted Android Device

Requirements For Device to change IMEI

  • Rooted Android device
  • Install Xposed app using play store
  • Download IMEI Changer app using play store
  • And a secure data connectivity

Now change IMEI number of your device

Step 1:- Get IMEI using *#06#

Step 2:- Write it down for further use

Step 3:- Now open Xposed app or download it HERE

Step 4:- Go to the Modules

Step 5:- Select IMEI Changer apk as Module

Step 6:- Now reboot the device

Step 7:- After reboot you get original IMEI number and Current IMEI number as well

Step 8:- Now enter new IMEI number in “New IMEI Number” Box

Step 9:- Now click on apply

Step 10:- Again reboot your device/ Android phone

Step 11:- That’s it check your IMEI again

How to Change IMEI number of iPhone

Well, do you have an iPhone and want to change the IMEA Number of your iPhone??

No issues, we have got solutions for you. Using this method you can change IMEI of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and all other previous versions of the Apple iPhone.


Step 1:- Log on your pc or laptop.

Step 2:- Download and Install the ZiPhone Software. You can find it HERE

Step 3:- Extract the downloaded package.

Step 4:- Now open the command prompt(typing cmd in the run window or direct from the start bar).

Step 5:- Now start the phone in recovery mode. Hold power button along with sleep button till the apple logo is visible then release them.

Step 6:- Now the iTunes logo will display along with cable on your screen.

Step 7:- Connect your iPhone using the cable to change IMEI of iPhone.

Step 8:- In the command prompt type address of the folder where it is located Desktop/ZiPhone.

Step 9:- Then type ZiPhone to display all the uses of software along with activation, jailbreak and unlock.

Step 10:- If it’s a 4.6 BL iPhone then type ziphone -u -i a123456789012345 (type your desired IMEI in place of 123456789012345).

Step 11:- Now the software will start functioning automatically and will find zibri.dat file to process the request.

Step 12:- iPhone will reboot automatically once the process is complete. It usually takes 2-3 minutes.

You can now check the IMEI number of your iPhone by dialing *#06#.

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That’s it, folks, using these methods you can now easily change the IMEI of your Android or iPhone device for free. We do not recommend you to change the IMEI of your devices as it voids the warranty and is also considered illegal. We have shared the method just for knowledge purposes and strictly ask you not to use a phone with a changed IMEI number.

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