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How to Delete a Facebook Group?

Trying to figure our how to delete a Facebook Group? Take a look at this easy step by step guide!

It’s pretty simple to delete a Facebook Group you no longer want to be active. There are three main ways to get rid of a Facebook Group on your feed. You can delete your access to the group by leaving it. If you are an admin or creator you also have the option to archive the Facebook group until a later time. 

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the administrator. You can easily get rid of that pesky Facebook group if you follow these steps for desktop, as well as mobile!

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How To Delete A FB Group As an Admin or Creator

If you are an Administrator for a Facebook group, as well as the person who originally created the group, you can delete the group entirely. However, it’s not easy. Let’s see the detailed steps:

Step 1: Select and Manage Your Group

Sign in to Facebook. On the left side of your screen, you will see your basic menu. Click on the Groups Option. Then select the group you want to delete from the Groups You Manage section.

Step 2: Removing Members

In the newest updates, you have to remove each member individually. Click on the Members underneath the name of your group. Then click on the menu icon (…) next to each name, as well as select the Remove Member option. Next, click the confirm option when prompted.

Step 3: Leaving the Group

Once all other members are removed, as well as confirmed, you will need to leave the group as well. Click on the menu option (…) next to your name in the group. Scroll down to Leave Group, as well as click on the Leave Group and Delete option.

All things considered, it may not be a clear cut way to delete a Facebook Group, but it is still quite simple. If you are an administrator, but not the creator, you can remove members and leave the group, but the creator will have to leave the group as well for it to be gone for good. However, if you are having doubts, you can always archive a group instead!


Archiving a group will not Delete a Facebook Group, but instead leave it until you’re ready to access it again.

Step 1: Groups and Manage

From your News Feed, you can go to the left side menu and click on “Groups”. From there you will need to select the group you want to archive from the “Groups You Manage” section.

Step 2: Menu and Archive

Click on the menu icon (…) on the far right side of your group page. Scroll down to the “Archive Group/Pause Group” option and give a reason for the archive. Confirm your selection.

Overall, if you’re having doubts about deleting the group all together, you can always archive the group in a few simple steps!

Deleting a Facebook Group Using Android and iPhone

If you’re using a mobile app, it’s still quite simple to delete a group using the Facebook App.

delete a facebook group smartphone


Step 1: Login and Find Groups

Using your iPhone, or Android phone, log into your Facebook application. Then select the Menu tab in the application. Choose Groups from underneath Friends.

Step 2: See them All

Choose your See All Option next to Your Groups. As well as See All underneath the Groups You Manage choice. Click on the group you want to delete.

Step 3: Removing Members

All things considered, this may be a lengthy process using an app. You will need to tap the name of the group, select See All to see all of the members. Tap on each member’s name individually, and choose Remove Member.

Step 4: Leaving to Delete

All in all, once all the members are removed you simply need to click on your name and choose “Leave Group”. Then, it will prompt a “Leave and Delete Group” confirmation where you can cancel or select “Leave and Delete”. Choose the leave and delete option to delete the group.

Finally, it’s easy to delete a Facebook group on your mobile app no matter the brand of smartphone you have! The steps are the same for both iPhone and Android, as well as if you have the most updated version of the Facebook app. That way, it won’t crash as much, and you’ll still be able to follow these easy steps!

Deleting a Facebook Group For Good!

Whether you choose to leave a group to get it off your News Feed, or simply want to archive it for later, there are lots of ways to delete a Facebook group. Follow these simple steps to clean up your social media in just a few clicks!

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