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Innovative Tech Tools that Change HR in 2022 and Beyond

Looking for new and innovative tech tools that change HR in 2022? Here are our selections!

If we are to discuss the impact of technology on the Human Resources (HR) sector, there’s much to say, from how individuals have come to adopt it in the workplace to what gadgets and tools prove to bring the best results. HR tech has significantly changed how workers interact with each other and the screen and smoothed the recruitment process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool in monitoring operations that, until now, have been such a burden for HR representatives. AI-driven systems have gained ground lately, with thousands of businesses all around the globe replacing time-consuming manual programs with more accurate and intelligent systems for everything from weather to shopping.

Without further ado, here are some of the most awaited tech tools in 2022 that every HR department should consider:

Hourly Worker Hiring Tools

The increasing number of remote, part-time, and gig workers has led to an avid need for employment management and hiring solutions. This is even more urgent since these employers have another recruitment flow, kind of contract, and schedule, thus requiring a different approach. HR departments may face problems tracking these workers, as they also need to keep close tabs on the permanent ones, so what’s to be done?

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The answer is to implement hourly worker hiring and tech tools that change HR. These tools are designed with maximum effectiveness in mind, so if you need shift-based or hourly employers, consider platforms like Yello, iCIMS, Jobble for Business, or Workstream. Jobble for Business, for example, keeps track of hourly workers’ jobs, coming with team management, communication, and payment features that recruits will find nothing but helpful.

HR Compliance Management Tools

One of HR departments’ most important obligations is to comply with labour-related laws specific to each state. HR and recruiters must ensure that anything part of the recruitment process (employee treatment, workplace rules, hiring processes) conforms to the applicable regulations, laws, and policies. Given that these regulations are often upgraded or changed, HR specialists find it challenging to manage this compliance landscape.

Besides, these updates can involve changes in areas like paid leave policies, background checks, and insurance; that’s why it’s imperative to be one step ahead. Nevertheless, it’s not always possible to do so, mainly if you don’t rely on technology.

The intricacy of HR compliance has taught businesses that it would be better to use compliance management software. Such tools can proactively detect any updates or changes and react accordingly. Thanks to smart technology, compliance management software can automatically run tasks in the HR programs to reflect precise rules. Meaning these tech tools that change HR are for the best.

Some popular HR compliance solutions include tools like EMP Trust HR, Compli, OnBlick HR Compliance, and HR 360 Compliance Library. These platforms are cloud-based, meaning you benefit from automatic software updates, backup, high data security, scalability, and incommensurable storage capacity.

Applicant Tracking Systems

These systems relate to hiring and recruitment tools that HR representatives can use to recruit top talent. Applicant tracking systems are nothing new under the sun, especially for those companies that have already embraced digital HR.

Are you wondering how such systems work?

They gather and store everything from candidates’ CVs and resumes in a database so that people responsible for recruitment can further access and examine them. HR reps can also sort through the CVs or resumes in multiple ways: automatic ranking, viewing applications, keyword searching, and so on.

Employing gifted people is now possible with such automated software, but recruitment agencies can also help in this regard. You can count on agencies like Legal Recruitment Agency UK to find the best candidates for your business needs.

Payroll Automation Software

Payroll is one of the essential parts of any company, denoting the process of remunerating employees for their work or based on factors like PTO (paid time off) and performance. However, all these factors can make paying a burden for the HR team in charge of this duty.

If only a system could monitor all those worked hours and run all the above-mentioned factors! But wait, it really is – payroll management software is the latest innovation in terms of payroll. And the good news? It involves no paper.

Such a tool can deliver salaries straight to the worker’s bank account without HR representatives being forced to analyse each employee’s worked hours before completing the transaction. Besides, it automatically calculates the proper amount your workers should be reimbursed, leaving no room for mistakes.

We all know what errors can result in the business environment, so it would be better to take the automation route. Some popular tools are BambooHR and QuickBooks, but you’re going to find much more out there.

People Analytics Tools

Such tools will take the relationship between managers and employees to the next level, thanks to the AI technology they’re based on. Believe it or not, one of the leading causes of low employee retention rates is the discrepancy between the enterprise’s objectives and those of the workers.

More often than not, companies fail to provide gifted employees with development and growth or focus on the wrong areas. Technology has come to managers and HR representatives’ aid and delivers viable solutions: one implies people analytics tools.

Such tools collect and analyse HR information with the help of AI and data science. Thus, the HR team will be able to gather pertinent employee data and identify patterns from it. HR management stages like training, employability, and engagement will be significantly facilitated with analytics tools, so make sure you choose something that aligns with your business needs.

Some of the most popular HR analytics tools that will shape 2022 and the coming years are ChartHop, OrgVue, Lattice, and Nakisa, but there are various tools that do just the same thing. So, take time to do proper research and decide on what best complement your organisation.

Tech Tools that Change HR for the Better!

Due to the latest technological advancements, HR departments can now benefit from innovative tools based on AI and data science so that the recruitment process is no longer a nightmare.

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