How to Make a Fake Virus to Prank Friends

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We all have tried to prank people around us. And at the same time, we have also become a victim of it. Playing pranks is a lot of fun, and the fun doubles when the prank is harmless. Today we are discussing how you can create a fake virus prank on somebody. The fake or prank virus is trending nowadays, as it involves the formation of a simple virus file that causes no harm to your or the person whom you are playing the fake virus prank. Since we are constantly using our desktops and laptops these harmless virus pranks are the best alternative to mock your cousins or friends.

These fake virus pranks may seem malicious but it is definitely harmless, so just sit back and see your friends go crazy with the fake virus.

Create a Fake Virus to Prank Your Friends

Today all our work requires computers and laptops. All the important data is stored in it which we can retrieve anytime we want. And so words like virus and malware scares us of losing our data. And so you can always try to fake a virus prank on your friends or relatives. For this, you just require computer or laptop. Mac, in this case, won’t work. These pranks wither create fake commands on the targeted computer or hibernate it for some time. And so this article is apt for those who are wondering how to create a fake virus.

Method I- Display of Fake Blue Screen of Death

Most of us have been the victim of Blue Screen of death or popularly known as the BSOD error. But if you know someone who has never faced this error, then you can use this method to trick them. This is one of the easiest fake virus pranks that you can play on your friends and confuse them. A fake BSOD will lead to the full crash of the system and the ultimate result will be the blue screen.

To crash Windows with a fake Blue screen of Death, you can use the prepared codes available on the Internet. Try this prank by downloading bsod.txt from here. Rename the file and add the .bat file extension to it.


Method II- EICAR Test File

A person can easily stress out when they are prompted by a virus attack on their device. The EICAR test files do the same for you. Though these files are completely harmless, it triggers most of the antivirus suites. As a result of which the user gets prompts to take some evasive actions. The EICAR test file is actually an antivirus test which is internationally recognized. And so whenever you will download any third party app, it will prompt you about virus attack and will ask you to get some antivirus protection. But in reality, the antivirus acts quickly to remove the threat, playing a fake virus prank with you.


Method III- Create your Own Error Message

The last method is like the boss of all the other methods where you can write a personalized message for your victim. You can make harmless virus using notepad easily. The method involves three parts that you will have to follow to make your prank a success.

Part I- Write Sample Code

Step 1: Open Notepad or Notepad++ on your system to create the message box. We are mentioning the code that will help you in the formation of message box on your Windows device.

X- MsgBox(“Message description,” 0+16, “Title”)

Step 2: After typing this code in Notepad, save the file with a convincing name on your desktop. Save the file with .vbs extension and also change the save as type from txt to all files.


Part II- Understanding the Code

I’m sure that you would be confused after reading the above code. Therefore we are decoding it so that you can produce the box with an error message as a part of the fake virus prank. To begin with, open the notepad file and you will observe a message box like this.

Let us decode the different components of this fake message-

Message description– This is the message that will display in the error message box.

Button– This is the type of button below the error message like Ok, Yes, No or Cancel.

Icon– It is the type of icons like the Info icon or critical icon that you want your error message to have.

Title– It is the title of the message box.

Step 1: In the message box code, you can see the number part. In place of 0 written before the + symbol, you can use any number from 0 to 5. These number signifies the following operations.

0- Ok button

1- Ok or Cancel button

2- Abort or Retry or Ignore button

3- Cancel or Yes or No button

4- Yes or No button

5- Retry or Cancel button

Step 2: In the second part, you can replace the 16 number with either 32 or 48 or 64. Each of these numbers signifies-

64- Information icon

48- Warning icon

32- Help icon

16- Critical icon

Now that you know the meaning of this error code, you can make your own message box with a peculiar and unique error for your friend. You can even try to be humorous or purely professional in your error message. So type the above code with your message and choose the number according to your desired button, icon, and title. Remember that a one line code results in one message box and so if you wish to produce two error message box, then you can write two line message. To understand this better, check out the following example-

X=MsgBox(“Alert! Virus Detected! Delete Virus?”, 4+64, “Computer”)

X=Msgbox(“Your computer is hacked!”, 3+48, “Fooled You”)

After you are convinced with your message, save the notepad file on your desktop as mentioned above. You will observe an icon like this when you save the file.

Part III- Changing the Icon of the File

Now the last part of the prank is to make the icon of this file appealing so that the victim is forced to open the file. You can either change it to the My Computer icon or something that looks original and authentic. Follow the given steps to change the icon of the Notepad file.

Step 1: Copy the file that you created. Paste it to another location like Drive C.

Step 2: Now create a shortcut of the file and send it to Desktop.

Step 3: Next right click on the shortcut present on the desktop and click on properties. Then select the change icon now option, and choose the Computer or any other icon. Press Ok.

That’s it. Now you have a fake error box producing a file on the desktop of the victim. As soon as your friend opens this file, they will observe a message box showing your typed error message. So now you can just chill and have fun as your friend experience your created error terror.

Playing a fake virus prank on your friends or relatives is really fun. But make sure that when you are executing it, you keep an eye on the victim so that your effort and trick doesn’t go waste. Also, you being considerate will come in handy in case your victim undergoes a panic attack. We hope that you guys have a lot of fun with these fake virus pranks and don’t get yourself into trouble. So try these awesome malicious pranks on others and don’t forget to share that crazy moment with us.

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