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7 Ways to Make uTorrent Download Faster

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Finding the right Torrent to download movies or TV series is difficult. But what is more frustrating is when you finally get that healthy Torrent, but the download speeds are slow and thus taking hours or even days to finish downloading. And so the Torrent users would agree with me that half of their time goes into finding the right torrent and the other half to get the media content downloaded at maximum speed. To put an end to all your Torrent problems here we are sharing some tips on how to make uTorrent download faster that are easy to follow.

After having knowledge about finding Torrent files, how to download them and load them, it’s time to move to another important aspect.

How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

You can make the uTorrent download faster by keeping a check on some things. Wi-Fi interference, seeder number, and your current version are some of the essentials that you must look into. And so keep reading to know more about it.

Make uTorrent Download Faster by Adding more Seeders and Peers

Seeders are those who have previously downloaded the torrent and now allow others to download it as well while peers are in the process of downloading the torrent. They too can share the file but only the part which they have downloaded. And so to max out uTorrent download speed, you should download the concerned file from a tracker with maximum seeder and peers. The more the number of seeders and peers, the download will be faster. The following steps will help you speed up the uTorrent download.

Step 1: Open Torrent with uTorrent and begin the process of downloading. This would help you to check the download seed under “Down Speed” tab.

Step 2: Now right click on the name of the file you are downloading and select “Properties.”

Step 3: Locate “Trackers” and here paste any of the available trackers.

Step 4: Press Ok.

The additional seeders and peers associated with your file will show up. As soon as this happens, your uTorrent download will become faster.

Make uTorrent faster by changing Additional Bandwidth Settings

This is another method for those who are wondering how to make uTorrent download faster. Sometimes when you try to download more than one file at maximum download speed, then it might take a long time to finish. As we know uTorrent takes up a part of your Wi-Fibandwidth while you download any file. So follow the given steps to download uTorrent faster on Windows 10, 8 or even Windows 7.

Step 1: Begin the process by opening uTorrent and then click on “Options.”

Step 2: Next click on Preferences. On the left side locate Bandwidth and make the following changes in the parameters.

  • Change the maximum upload rate to 14.
  • Change the maximum download rate to 1800.
  • Change the maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 257.
  • Change the global maximum number of connections to 2329
  • Change the number of upload slots per Torrent to 14.

This was another solution to speed up, But definitely, this is not the last one check out some more ways to download uTorrent faster.

Speed Up uTorrent Download by Allocating Bandwidth to uTorrent

You can prioritize your download by giving more bandwidth to the torrent file that you need to download faster. This will speed up the download process and finish the process faster. To allocate more bandwidth to the Torrent file that you need to download at a fast rate, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Right click on the required file.

Step 2: Now on the selection option, hover over your mouse pointer. “Bandwidth Allocation” is the option that you should select.

Step 3: Now look for the “high” option in the side menu. Select it.

Step 4: And follow the same process to set other files to low or high speed as you require.

This is another way by which you can make uTorrent download faster. Either speed up the important files or set the not so important ones to the low option.

Update your Version for improving uTorrent Download Speeds

For faster uTorrent download, keep a check on all the regular updates. Try to keep uTorrent updates. To check the updates regularly, click on Help and then select- “Check for Updates.” Or you can even try to upgrade your Internet speed by switching providers.

This might cost you some money, but upgrading the speed of the Internet service is a good deal. Lastly try to add more trackers, as it increases the number of seeders and in turn, the uTorrent download will be faster.


Increase uTorrent Download Speed by Adding Firewall Exceptions

Adding an exception to uTorrent in your Windows Firewall is the first thing that you should do when your install uTorrent. And so when you are installing uTorrent, hit “Yes” to a question like this. But in case you hit “No,” then also you will have to let uTorrent through your Windows firewall. Follow these steps when using Windows Firewall-

Step 1: Open the uTorrent. Now select Preferences.

Step 2: Navigate to the Connections option. Select the check box against “Add Windows Firewall Exceptions.”

Step 3: Now you are ready to open the firewall software. Now you can allow the traffic of uTorrent to pass through easily.

You might be tempted while torrenting to turn off or disable your Firewall. But be aware as your system might open to the virus or malware or other kinds of threats. On the other hand, if you are using the router along with firewall, then you will need to configure it as well.


Set Up the Right Queueing for Faster Downloading Speeds

To maximize throughput, you can set up the right queueing. By queueing you set the various torrents to download successfully. Just set this right, and this small but effective tweak will make faster uTorrent download.

Step 1: Open uTorrent. Click on Options.

Step 2: Now navigate to Preferences.And then click on Queueing.

Step 3: Set the Maximum Number of Active Torrents to the value 10.

Step 4: Set the Maximum Number of Active Downloads to the value 10.

Step 5: Lastly set the Seeding Global Minimum ratio to 0.

Change the Download Speed for Faster uTorrent Download

The last method that will help you for faster uTorrent download is changing the speed of download for different torrent files. Have a look at this brief process.

Step 1: Double click on the file that you need to download.

Step 2: A pop-up menu will open. You will observe the “maximum download speed” option in this new menu.

Step 3: Change the number in this new menu. Change the value to zero, which corresponds to unlimited speed.

Step 4: Now click on OK.

In a little, while your download speed will raise up to 500kbps.and with this your uTorrent download speed will increase. And so now you will be able to enjoy faster uTorrent download.

These were some methods that you can apply for increasing uTorrent Download Speeds. We hope that you will make use of these for faster uTorrent download. Get enough quality seeds and peers tagged along with your torrent file. All your torrent files will fly down to you with these methods. Happy Torrenting guys.

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