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How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSU [Simple Way]

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Rooting an Android device gains limitless access to the otherwise locked internal features of a phone. Root features are vastly amazing when it comes to an Android device. Most of the users use Kingroot to root their device. However, Kingroot does have a number of limitations and drawbacks. One great replacement for Kingroot is Supersu or Superuser. Therefore, it is a nice decision to use Supersu instead of Kingroot. In this post, I will explain to you How to Replace Kingroot with Supersu via a Step-wise Guide.

Why REPLACE Kingroot with Supersu?

Let’s begin with a quick introduction to both Kingroot and Supersu. Afterwards, I will explain the pros and cons of using either of them.


Kingroot is an amazing Android application to root any android device (from 2.2 until now). This app allows you to root a device in a single click and in a very easy manner. It uses the internet to find out the best rooting strategy for any android device. Kingroot has a rooting solution for more than 100,000+ devices. One added benefit of Kingroot include the better management and optimization of the device by Kingroot and Purify app. It is tough to argue that Kingroot isn’t one of the best (if not the best) rooting application available for Android. However, Kingroot does have some setbacks that we will discuss in the later sections.



Supersu is another great option for the rooting process and after-root management of an Android device. It is also compatible with all the android versions like Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc. It has a great user-friendly interface. Supersu is known as the best superuser access management tool available. The major advantages of Supersu is that it lets you earn complete control over the device, very easy to root and even unroot. Supersu has an edge over Kingroot in a number of ways. We will discuss about them in the next sections.

Kingroot vs Supersu

These are the main reasons why one should (or must) replace Kingroot with Supersu in their rooted android device. Let’s have a brief look at them:

  • Kingroot is incompatible with some apps, while Superuser proved to be compatible with almost all of them.
  • Kingroot doesn’t perform well while granting root access to some apps but this doesn’t happen with Supersu.
  • The popular app Kingroot may be the easiest to root an android device but it isn’t that simple to unroot it. However, Supersu is very simple for both rooting and unrooting.
  • Supersu is more reliable and safe as compared to Kingroot as Kingroot takes over the system while Supersu only grants access to the system.
  • Kingroot unknowingly monitors the personal data but Supersu does not.

How to Replace Kingroot with Supersu

Now that I have convinced you to replace Kingroot with Supersu or you had already decided to do so, let’s move forward to the methods. I’m providing you the best and safe methods available coupled with a step-wise guide to replace Kingroot with Supersu without complicating things. You can try any method you like. Just follow the steps with close attention.

Before moving further with the methods, there are some REQUIREMENTS you must complete. Take a look at them:

  1. Working internet connection, battery percentage above 50% and storage space on the device.
  2. Zip or Rar file extractor app (Download any from Play Store if it isn’t inbuilt).
  3. Terminal Emulator app ( Download and install it).
  4. Download the Replace Kinguser with SuperSU Zip File.

1. Replace Kingroot with Supersu : The Simple Way

This method requires no special skills. We will install Supersu and uninstall Kingroot. Simple. Just follow these easy steps:

Step-1: Go to the Play Store and download and install SuperSu (Make sure you download the official app).

Step-2: Grant permission to SuperSu as a Super User.

Step-3: Go to Kingroot and uninstall it.

Step-4: Come back to Supersu and update the Super User Binary (App will automatically ask you to do so or you can go through Settings-> Apps-> SuperSu and look at the version number).

Step-5: Restart your phone.

Done.This way you have successfully Kingroot with SuperSu. You can now use Super User in whatever way you wish to. However if this method failed for you, try the next method which has the most accurate rate for success.

2. Replace Kingroot with Supersu : Using Terminal

This method may test your skills if you are a noobie with Advanced Root Management. You will have to use the Terminal Emulator app which I told you to download first. Follow these steps in order to complete the procedure:

Step-1: Download the Terminal Emulator app and Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU Zip file if you haven’t downloaded them yet. If you have downloaded them already, skip to the next step.

Step-2: After you have installed the Terminal app, extract the Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSu file. Then transfer the extracted folder (Extracted Folder–MRW) to the outermost directory of the internal storage.

Step-3: Launch Terminal app. Type the following command: su . After doing this, you will be prompted with a message box asking to Deny/Grant functions. Click on Grant/Yes. This will help you to remove Kinguser from your device.

Step-4: After granting permission, type the following command: sh /sdcard/mrw/ . Doing this might show you an error message but you have to ignore it. Afterwards, it will automatically launch SuperSu. In case if it doesn’t, start it manually.

Step-5: Restart your android device.


If you are still unable to Replace Kingroot with Supersu, you should try installing an app which can show the location or the path, where the root is installed. For example, If the root is installed on /system/xbin/, then you should navigate to the location with the help of following commands: cd/system/xbin/ and then follow the steps that are listed under Method 2.

Also, Some users have also just renamed the name “Supersu.apk” to “supersu.apk, ” and it helped them in resolving their Replace Kingroot with Supersu issue.

Done. After doing all this, you have successfully completed the procedure to replace Kingroot with Supersu. You can now freely use and utilize Supersu or Super User to explore the Advanced Root Management of your android smartphone.


These were the two best and simple methods to replace Kingroot with Supersu coupled with their step-wise guides. If either of them worked out properly, you are now using Supersu on your Android device. Both of these didn’t require a computer and you can complete them using only your smartphone. Hope I helped you for what you arrived here.

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