Scanguard Review: Is it a Scam Antivirus Software?

Lately, you might have heard about the antivirus program Scanguard on various social networking sites. This software package took the internet by storm in September 2016 offering its customers simple and refreshing user interface. Everyone around the world was searching for an overall Scanguard review on Google thus crashing it with the infinite searches.

Scanguard software is an integration product of quality features and competitive pricing designed to become a market leader. But many sites and reviewers have declared it as a scam. One of the major reason behind such criticism was it being was a new company. So here we are sharing both pros and cons of this anti-malware program. Check out the features, brand value, and reliability in this article and decide for yourself.

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What is Scanguard Antivirus?

Scanguard is the antivirus program with which you can get ultimate protection for your family and yourself on multiple platforms. It aims to protect various devices and enhances their speed as well. Apart from its classic feature of being the Ultimate antivirus, Scanguard also has tuneup features for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Its functionality covers areas from full system scan to real-time scan and background scans.

How to Get Started with Scanguard?

Scanguard doesn’t give you a trial version. And this is another reason that makes us doubts its authenticity. You will neither find any download links on the home page nor any link for the trial version of Scanguard. And so if you want to get Scanguard for your device, you can check out this method to uncover the program and get started with it.

Step 1: You can find the Get Started option on the page. Click on it.

Step 2: soon you will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to enter your credentials and details to sign up.

Step 3: After you sign up with Scanguard, you will have to pay an amount of $49 to avail the service.

If you do not want to pay and are thinking of availing the Scanguard service for free, then you can try to download it from any third party site.

Scanguard Antivirus Review

ScanGuard has a plethora of features to offer. Apart from just giving protection it also enhances a number of devices. It’s not justified to brand ScanGuard as purely antivirus software because this feature is just a part of the software. So basically it is a security suite and an enhancement program in one that features File Protection and Startup Optimization. This brand raises ScanGuard from a standard antivirus to complete PC protection software in the market. Talking about its startup optimization, it is impressive and effective. With no extra cost, you can avail all that is special about this software. So let’s have a look at its other features that review ScanGuard as an Antivirus software.


Another factor that makes ScanGuard stands above the rest is its value that is magnificent.  It is cheap in price when compared to other protection software in the industry. Without the ScanGuard if you want to achieve the same level of protection your bill will run up to nearly $300 per year making it unaffordable. For the same functionality that other antivirus software offers, ScanGuard will cost you only 5 bucks per month, a fifth of what you pay for other protection tools. Since price is of main concern while choosing an antivirus product, this ScanGuard cost makes it a tool worth buying. This makes it come out on top for protecting your PC from malware.

Reliability and Security

Focusing back to the main feature of ScanGuard as an antivirus one can always rely on using it for protection against viruses. It is secured and reliable in use providing the better anti-malware functionality. It includes full system scans, background scans along with real-time scans. The most highly rated companies review it as the device that is effective in protecting your device against all threats. Even the non-technical person can enjoy the features of this software for it is very easy to install that takes your minimal efforts.

Support and Customer Service

Another feather to add in the ScanGuard antivirus program is its special support to its customers.  In case you encounter any issue using the program its chat feature is worth using. With the help of chat feature, you can jump into an instant messaging conversation with an engineer of the company. This will help you resolve your issue in no time or hardly in seconds. The process is very smooth to follow. After when you have mentioned your query wait for few days and you will hear the solution back via email or over a call.

Supporting Devices

Further, reviewing ScanGuard software tells that it can be used on almost all of your devices. Just one account and your all devices are compatible. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS making them virus free. You can get the app of this antivirus on your devices. You may also find the options like duplicate photo finder and some battery monitoring feature.


What Makes Scanguard a Scam?

Scanguard is declared as a scam by many, but this assertion has strong reasons behind it. The bad reputation of Scanguard is owed to the following points.

  • Firstly it is not certified business by For those who are not aware of BBB or Better Business Bureau, it is actually an ethical marketplace where sellers and buyers conduct online business. And so if a business is not found on BBB, then it is hard to mark it as trustworthy.

  • It is not certified by McAfee Secure. Whenever we download any file from a third party site, it is possible that malware and virus end up on your computer causing trouble. And so it is always advised that before you begin downloading, make sure that the website is trusted and certified by McAfee Secure. And unfortunately, Scanguard is marked as un-secure and not certified.

  • Also, the site which promotes itself as free antivirus doesn’t even give a free trial version. The free antivirus software will help you scan the virus on your PC but for removal, you need to buy the license.
  • The initial price of the Scanguard software is quite low, though it charges a high renewal price.

  • Another feature that has impacted on Scanguard’s reputation is the two similar products that it is offering under different names. They are Scanguard and TotalAV. Both these products are from the same company and come with same features.
  • Lastly, Scanguard is not verified by Microsoft. And since it is not a certified gold partner of Microsoft, it is difficult to trust the software in terms of security and quality of features.


ScanGuard software proves to be refreshing antivirus software, hit in its industry. With its competitive pricing and outstanding features at affordable value has made it a leader in the market. It can perform much more than just scanning of malware and safeguards all of your devices. With no extra cost, you get full protection for 3 devices to connect at a time

BUT !!!

Since it has some issues and tags of being a scam product, we cannot recommend you to purchase the product. You can check yourself if you wish. But from our side, at least, not a yes.


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