10 Best Sites Like WorldStarHipHop (WSHH Alternatives)

Looking for some more sites like WorldStarHipHop? Or some good alternatives to WorldStar? Whatever be the case, you can find some of the best similar sites like World Star Hip Hop. is a website that is infamous for posting videos of violent fights, public acts, public shaming, child shaming, and child abuse. Videos of the sites are viral for many violent events. That is why WorldStarHipHop is classified as a shock site. It is described as “an Internet cesspool that’s cashed in big on senseless fight videos”. is and will always be a phenomenon, and will always be one of the best aggregates of hip-hop content in the web. But the internet is a vast world. Therefore here we present some of the alternatives to WSHH that you should check out. So here we are going to share with you all Top alternatives of So lets Start.


Best Sites Like Worldstarhiphop

We have compiled a list of 10 great sites that are nearly similar to WorldStar. Have a good look at all of these.

Note: We do not promote or endorse any content provided on these sites. We are simply providing you info regarding some Alternatives. was started in 1998 and is described as a valuable resource for hip-hop on the internet. It features daily news, interviews, reviews, multimedia, a fast growing community and other interesting content. Major publications such as CNN, The Source, XXL, Complex, New York Post, New York Daily News and many others utilize The site has working relationships with many offline print magazines, newspapers, television and radio outlets.

From its start, it has been regularly delivering daily news to music industry fans and to its hip-hop lovers phones and email addresses since 1998. is currently partnered with Maven, which is a company based out of Seattle, to manage website’s digital media platform.

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Like AllHipHop, Boobootv also features many videos. Not every day we can see videos featuring hip-hop artists who talk about their routine things or just goofing around. balances itself as both a humor site as well a hip-hop site, and it is doing great, unlike most sites who have descended into distasteful blaxploitation and senseless humor.

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XXL is an American hip hop magazine, founded in 1997.Eminem and XXL teamed up together to release a special issue titled XXL Presents Shade 45 in August 2005, which was designed to give maximum exposure towards Shade 45 as a radio station and also at the same time giving maximum exposure to the Shady Records label as a whole, as well as the radio DJ’s and G-Unit Records’ artists. It is one of the coolest hip-hop websites to visit.

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SOHH (Support Online Hip Hop) is a top hip-hop news website. Rolling Stone magazine writer Mark Binelli called it the “best overall hip-hop site”. Steven Samuel released his first album, F**k All Y’all, in 1992. After leaving the group, Samuel started working as a postal foot messenger in New York. Palmer and Samuel then meet and officially launched the website in 1996.  It is the longest running online hip-hop community. The website averages 1.5 million unique visitors a month.

Click here to Visit features everything hip-hop: fashion, news, sports, etc, but does it with a humorous dose of nasty. Watch prank videos and pics, laugh at Lebron James jokes and celebrity bloopers, and of course, download and listen to some hip-hop.

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EveryoneLovesHipHop is the website for your daily dose of Hip Hop news. ELHH can keep you up to date with the latest Hip Hop news. It brings to you the latest and hottest substance hip-hop music has to offer an abundance of restricted, hot new track and videos are in the making for you on a daily basis. If you haven’t been visiting it on a daily base.

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With Vladtv you can get the latest urban news, interviews, and videos as they break. All the content you can expect including Exclusives, Lists, Music and Breaking News. VladTV is the worldwide leader in exclusive interviews and breaking the urban news.

While having the same feel as other websites in this genre. It offers a great UI and feels which makes it more interesting to enjoy Hip-hop on this website.

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WSHH is a popular website but also competes and goes beyond WSHH’s in everything. There are a lot of funny videos in that features content related to hip-hop artists and lifestyle on the site. Its like a heaven for Hip-hop fans with all the latest news and music at one place.

Click here to Visit was started in 1997 and is a one-stop destination for selected Hip Hop & related music. UGHH was started as a genre DJ sets from which Hip Hop was born. It brings a dynamic perspective to high-quality Hip Hop artistry by transforming the upcoming & the established artists including the trendy & the classic and all of the diversity that defines the global culture of Hip Hop. With deep roots in Boston and beyond, UGHH™ is the home for a vibrant and resilient Hip Hop sub-culture who come together to share and experience this expressive art form.

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It is the No. 1 Source for all Hip Hop News, Interviews, Music and everything you need. It was founded on 19 July 1999. Nobody in the game represents hip hop culture and rap music like HipHopDX. It brings to you the latest hip-hop news, album reviews, interviews and much more.

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With all these sites in your database, you can never be bored if you are a Hip-hop fan. All the sites listed here are directly connected to the niche hip-hop. They all are working at the time of writing this article. If you are encountering any problem in any of the article mentioned.

Please tell us in the comments. If you are a bigger hip-hop fan than we are, share with us your favorite website which is not mentioned above.

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