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Smart Technologies to Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

When it comes to making your car better for you there are a lot of things you can do! You’ll always want to look for ways to improve the performance of your car, just like you want to improve to performance of your Macbook! But what are the best smart technologies to reduce your car’s fuel consumption?

Finding the Right Tech to Reduce Fuel Consumption

The energy efficiency of your vehicle can be increased in a lot of ways. There are smart car options like self-driving vehicles, electric cars, and hybrid vehicles. There are also technologies that will increase the power of your vehicle without using as much fuel that are currently being implemented. Such as cylinder deactivation, automated warning systems, collision detection, continuously variable transmissions, start-stop systems, and more.

All things considered, if you’re looking for a way to reduce your car’s fuel consumption to help save the planet, AND save a few bucks, then you should know your options. There are also choices to make daily like using fuel cards to help you save money. Not to mention using public transportation and car pools.

However, when it comes to technologies in your car, there is so much being produced. Take a closer look at some of the most popular ways to keep your fuel consumption to a minimum!

Hybrid, Electric, and GPS Technology

Some of the best tech for fuel economy include using a hybrid car, as well as choosing electric and start-stop tech options. Here are more details about these three ways to reduce your car’s fuel consumption:

  • Start-Stop Tech – start-stop systems mean that the engine will turn itself off when it comes to a complete stop. When you want the car to continue moving, it will automatically restart. Overall, this reduces fuel waste while your car is idling.
  • Hybrid Tech – Hybrid cars use start-stop tech, as well as regenerative breaking and electric motors. Regenerative breaking means that the brake system allows the car to recover and reuse energy lost when you press on your breaks!
  • Electric Car Tech – When it comes to using less fossil fuels, Electric motors are the way to go. Instead of the typical internal combustion engine, EV’s use traction battery packs to power the motor through a charging system.
  • On-Board GPS Systems – When it comes to modern cars, nothing quite beats the newest GPS systems. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and have instant access to internet radio services, your complete contacts list, as well as efficient GPS guidance. Not to mention satellite radio!
GPS Tech

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Finding new and exciting technology to reduce your car’s fuel consumption is easy. Especially when you see what is currently out there. However, it’s the tech of the future that will really keep your car running efficiently!

Automation to Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

No, automation in your car doesn’t necessarily mean it is a self-driving car! Automation can mean a wide variety of things. Altogether, the amount of automation being put into modern vehicles is actually incredibly high. Not to mention helpful.

Just as you can avoid Facebook crashing, or your computer shutting down on you, there are lots of tech automations that help you drive safer! Here is a list of automation technology that is in newer vehicles RIGHT NOW:

  • Lane departure warnings
  • Blind Spot detection
  • Collision detections
  • Speed Limit warnings
  • Traffic warnings
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Cooperative adaptive cruise control
  • Collision detection braking
  • Parking aid, as well as parking cameras
  • Dynamic route guidance

Not only do these features affect fuel consumption, but they were also created to keep your car, as well as you, safe! More and more technology put into cars will not only help park your car, but also reduce your car’s fuel consumption by a LOT.

Look to the Future Technologies to Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption!

Avoidance of breaking constantly in traffic, on board GPS to help with fuel efficient routes, as well as help making smarter choices will all make driving safer, and cleaner. By looking to the future of technology, you can not only find ways to reduce your car’s fuel consumption, but also drive safer and smarter!


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