300+ This or That Questions Latest Collection 2020

This or that questions is quite an interesting game to play to burn your time. It is a great game to know your gang. This or that questions is an amazing talking game where players choose one out of two items they prefer. The game is somewhat identical to the famous game Would you rather. But this game is more about words where an individual chooses one choice they prefer. You may feel that you know the other person completely but once you start playing this game you might get to know the person more closely. If you are in a relationship and no matter how long you are dating each other, the game will develop a better understanding. Hand a cup of coffee to each other and enjoy asking questions that are full of surprises and mundane.

This or That gaming questions features interesting alternatives and also provides questions by category and different age groups. The game works as an icebreaker or is a party game where one can ask as many questions as desired. It is suitable for all age group size. This game requires no special equipment or advance planning and can be played anywhere and anytime.

How to Play this Game?

To play this fun and frolic game get the group sit in a circle and take turns asking their neighbor a This or That question. The player needs to answer within 5 seconds else they are out. He or she can either pass out pre-prepared slips of papers with questions or have someone call out the questions.

If your group or gang is very large then you can consider dividing the group into pairs or teams of three or four players. In that case, all the members of the group must agree on the option they choose within ten seconds. If the team does not agree then they will lose a turn.

300+ This or That Questions of 2020

Now that you know about the game and the method play its time that we share some of the Best This or that questions. Let us begin with the ocean of questions to have a hand over your relationships and to know someone better.

Some of you might be searching for Funny This or that questions, while some may want to play naughty using hot this or that question. Whether you want to play it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or family we have covered almost every form of top this or that questions that are funny, hot, cute, lovely, new, awesome, funky, sexy and what not !!!

Let’s start the list.

70+ Food and Drink This or That Questions

Use these this or that questions to know someone properly!! You can even use these as conversation starters with your crush.

If you want to invite someone for dinner and want to prepare for their favorite dishes then food and drink questions will plan a perfect dinner for you. Eating and drinking habits of a person reveal a lot about them. So there are several questions dealing with taste, the appearance of food and preferences of food item to ask others.

  1. Coffee or tea?
  2. Wine or beer?
  3. Bacon or sausage?
  4. Tea or soda?
  5. Grill or Bar-b-que?
  6. Dust or vacuum?
  7. Pasta or rice?
  8. Scrambled eggs or over easy eggs?
  9. Wheat bread or white bread?
  10. English muffin or bagel?
  11. Potato salad or pasta salad?
  12. Baked potatoes or mashed potatoes?
  13. Hamburger or hot dog?
  14. Cake or pie?
  15. Ice cream or sherbet?
  16. Electric stove or gas stove?
  17. Oven grilled meat or barbecued meat?
  18. Organic fruits and vegetables or non-organic fruits and vegetables?
  19. GMOs or no GMOs
  20. Black coffee or cream and sugar?
  21. Fast food or sit-down restaurant?
  22. Candy or gum?
  23. Grilled chicken or fried chicken?
  24. Salad or French-fries?
  25. Potato chips or potato salad?
  26. Diet soda or regular soda?
  27. Eat in or dine out?
  28. Salt or pepper?
  29. Chinese food or Japanese food?
  30. Ice cream or sorbet?
  31. Chocolate or vanilla?
  32. Ketchup or mustard?
  33. Pickles or cucumbers?
  34. Chicken or fish?
  35. Beef or pork?
  36. Lobster or crab?
  37. Fried shrimp or boiled shrimp?
  38. Fudge or caramel?
  39. Doritos or Cheetos?
  40. Burger King or McDonald’s?
  41. Apples or bananas?
  42. Mexican food or Italian Food?
  43. Chicken or Beef?
  44. Pepsi or Coke?
  45. Regular or extra crispy?
  46. Low calorie or tastes great?
  47. Mint or cinnamon?
  48. Chocolate or vanilla?
  49. Strawberry shake or peach shake?
  50. Pulp or no pulp?
  51. Sprite or 7up?
  52. Strawberries or blueberries?
  53. Popcorn or candy?
  54. Milkshake or smoothie?
  55. Cake or cupcake?
  56. Jell-O or pudding?
  57. Fruit or vegetables?
  58. Chocolate or hard candy?
  59. Spaghetti or pizza?
  60. Expresso or latte?
  61. Skittles or Starbursts?
  62. Spoon or fork?
  63. Orange or apple?
  64. Cookies or cake?
  65. Nachos or French Fries?
  66. Hot or cold?
  67. Baked or fried?
  68. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?
  69. Ketchup or mustard?
  70. Pancakes or waffles?
  71. Raisins or nuts?
  72. Picnic or a nice restaurant?
  73. Sweet pickles or dill pickles?
  74. Crushed ice or cubed ice?
  75. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  76. Spicy or mild?
  77. Apple juice or cranberry juice?

Haha, well, now you must be knowing what menu your crush or other half prefers !! Amazing isn’t it??

50+This or That questions to get to know someone

If you want to learn more about the physical appearance of your friends then questions related to the dressing sense will help you. Even these questions will sort your queries about gifting someone surprise on their birthdays or anniversaries. So guess the looks of someone and like them more.

  1. Dress up or dress down?
  2. Coat or jacket?
  3. Shoulder bag or clutch?
  4. Sweatshirt or sweater?
  5. Yellow or orange?
  6. Buttons or snaps?
  7. Sweater or jacket?
  8. Dress or pants?
  9. Pierced or clip-on?
  10. Name brand or discount?
  11. Brunette or blonde?
  12. Mini or maxi?
  13. Pink or blue?
  14. Toothpaste or deodorant?
  15. Perfect teeth or perfect hair?
  16. Shorts or pants?
  17. Flats or high heels?
  18. Bare feet or shoes?
  19. Long sleeved or short?
  20. Facial hair or clean shaven?
  21. Bracelet or necklace?
  22. Purple or green?
  23. Freckles or dimples?
  24. Black or red?
  25. Tall or short?
  26. Natural or dyed hair?
  27. Sneakers or flip-flops?
  28. Matching or mismatched socks?
  29. Curly or straight?
  30. Boxers or briefs?
  31. Neutral or bright colors?
  32. T-Shirt or button-up?
  33. Boots or sandals?
  34. Nightgown or pajamas?
  35. Washcloth or luffa?
  36. Short nails or long?
  37. Heels or flats?
  38. Tie or no tie?
  39. Plaid or polka dot?
  40. Blue eyes or green?
  41. Wallet or purse?
  42. Bikini or one piece?
  43. Beard or mustache?
  44. Long hair or short hair?
  45. Checks or stripes?
  46. Hair dryer or air dry?
  47. Dresses or skirts?
  48. Piercings or tattoos?
  49. Glasses or contact lenses
  50. T-shirt or Button Up

I guess now you know how to dress up on that perfect date you dreamt of !! Right??

Cool and Funny This or That Questions

The sense of humor is important while playing the game to keep the environment light. Plus when you are playing this game one must come up with funny and cool questions to tickle the funny bones. So if you want to have a goofy time and great fun then refer these suggestions.

  1. Fat or thin?
  2. Underwater or up in the air?
  3. Student or teacher?
  4. Doctor or patient?
  5. Trash or treasure?
  6. Fast or slow?
  7. Trees or flowers?
  8. Cloth or paper?
  9. Carnivore or herbivore?
  10. Lost or found?
  11. Trash or treasure?
  12. Find or lose?
  13. Prince or frog?
  14. Big ears or the big nose?
  15. Small eyes or smallmouth?
  16. Cold or flu?
  17. Inside out or right side out?
  18. Rugs or Hardwood floors?
  19. Snore or Burp?

Ahh, so is she funny? or is she boring?? have you figured it out?

This or That Questions to Ask a Girl or a Guy

Looking for this or that questions to ask a girl? or a Crush?? Hahaha, this section is for you…

Well while talking to your girl, the boy needs to be very specific about what they ask. There are certain rules of gaming questions to ask a girl. If married or dating, the top and crushingly new questions for adults or couples here will disclose some surprising trait of your soul mate personality. Think before you make a choice for they may include double meaning.

  1. Roses or Lilies?
  2. Blondes or brunettes?
  3. Boobs or butts?
  4. Smile or game face?
  5. Smoke or drink?
  6. Hugs or kisses?
  7. Washing dishes or doing laundry?
  8. Early bird or night owl?
  9. Hang out with friends or stay at home?
  10. Diamonds or rubies?
  11. Roses or wildflowers?
  12. Inside or outside?
  13. Abs or chest?
  14. Calling or texting?
  15. Smile or eyes?
  16. Serious or funny?
  17. Town or country?
  18. Plastic or glass?
  19. A dog or a baby?
  20. Write or call?
  21. Lust or love?
  22. Male or female?
  23. Introvert or extrovert?
  24. Real or fake?
  25. Classic or modern?
  26. Off or on?
  27. Charging or pay with cash?
  28. Gold or silver?
  29. Fix it yourself or call a professional?
  30. He or she?
  31. Letter or postcard?
  32. Sunrise or sunset?
  33. Bath or shower?
  34. Fat or thin?
  35. Underwater or up in the air?
  36. Student or teacher?
  37. Doctor or patient?
  38. Trash or treasure?
  39. Fast or slow?
  40. Trees or flowers?

Oh god !!! She might be a gold digger!! Right?? Anyways hope these questions help you find more about your partner.

Entertainment and Leisure Either or Questions

One spends a great deal of time entertaining themselves in leisure. Be it Vacations, sports, and other leisure activities they are perfect for your free time. These questions are new favorites of all. So to find out the people with the same interests this is the perfect way to ask someone to hang out with.

  1. Aerobic exercise or yoga?
  2. Arctic or the tropics?
  3. Art festivals or music festivals?
  4. Football or baseball?
  5. Baseball or basketball?
  6. Play sports or watch sports?
  7. Bowling or skating?
  8. Skiing or sledding?
  9. Golf or putt-putt?
  10. Car or truck?
  11. Van or sedan?
  12. Circus or carnival?
  13. Cruise or rail?
  14. Disney World or the beach?
  15. Drawing or painting?
  16. Canoeing or kayaking?
  17. Forest or beach?
  18. Piano or guitar?
  19. Drums or tuba?
  20. Hot tub or hot spring?
  21. Hot weather or cold weather?
  22. In your own country or abroad?
  23. Arcade or movie theater?
  24. Ocean or mountains?
  25. Running or walking?
  26. Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  27. Spring or fall?
  28. Summer or winter?
  29. Thunderstorms or sunshine?
  30. Theme park or water park?
  31. Bus or train?
  32. Cars or buses?
  33. Trains or planes?
  34. Cycle or walk?
  35. Vacation away or stay at home?
  36. Video games or board games?
  37. Aquarium or zoo?
  38. Africa or Asia?
  39. Comedy or horror?
  40. Facts or fiction?
  41. Book or movie?
  42. Rap or rock?
  43. Hip Hop or R&B?
  44. Books or magazines?
  45. Driving or riding?
  46. Flying or driving?
  47. Motel or hotel?
  48. Reality or drama?
  49. Romance or horror?
  50. Sports or reading?
  51. Facebook or Twitter?
  52. Drums or guitars?
  53. Skateboard or rollerblade?
  54. Ferris wheel or roller coaster?
  55. Jazz or rock?
  56. Bicycle or motorcycle?
  57. Hunting or fishing?
  58. Dancing or singing?
  59. Sci-Fi or fantasy?
  60. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  61. Grammys or Oscars?
  62. Detailed or abstract?
  63. Antique or brand new?

50+ Either or Questions

Here are some Either or Questions that you can ask to anyone!!

Fitness is an important part of life. Thus when you have a common interest in sports then gym sessions become more interesting. Therefore to explore better with your gym partner lets peep into some interesting questions.

  1. Football or baseball?
  2. Soccer or hockey?
  3. Golf or basketball?
  4. Racing or polo?
  5. Soccer or football?
  6. Field hockey or ice hockey?
  7. Polo or horse racing?
  8. Nascar or drag racing?
  9. College or pro?
  10. Touch or tackle football when you play?
  11. Short stop or third base?
  12. First base or outfielder?
  13. Catcher or pitcher?
  14. Winger or defenseman?
  15. Goalie or defenseman?
  16. Hunting or fishing?
  17. Deer or bear?
  18. Elk or moose?
  19. Bass or tuna?
  20. Ocean or lake?
  21. Lake or river?
  22. Skiing or surfing?
  23. Xbox or PS?
  24. Multiplayer or single player?
  25. Sports or shooter?
  26. Strategy or puzzle?
  27. Pacman or Tetris?
  28. Foosball or Ping-Pong?
  29. Computer or game consoles?
  30. Fantasy leagues or playing with your buds?
  31. Live action role-playing or online gaming?
  32. Wrestling or mix martial arts?
  33. Bowling or tennis?
  34. Poker or chess?
  35. Volleyball or skateboarding?
  36. Cardio or weightlifting?
  37. Go to the gym or home exercise?
  38. Boats or 4 wheelers?
  39. Walking or jogging?
  40. Weightlifting or pilates?
  41. Off-road or race track?
  42. Skiing or snowboarding?
  43. Sweating to the oldies or playing handball?
  44. Working out three times a week or every day?
  45. Eating whatever you want or eating healthy to stay in shape?
  46. Workout alone or with a partner?
  47. Swimming or reading?
  48. Paintball or motocross?
  49. BMX racing or hang-gliding?
  50. Skateboarding or swimming?
  51. Triathlon or marathon running?
  52. A personal trainer or work out alone?
  53. A nutritionist or make your own meal plan?
  54. Skeet shoot or archery?

So these were some of the best This or That Questions to ask each other that will help you know people better. You can know someone’s personal choices that otherwise would be very difficult to know. Bring a twist in the normal conversation with these fun-filled questions.

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