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Tinder for PC: Download on Windows 10, 8, 7   

With apps like Tinder finding the right date is no longer tough. Just swipe left or right and choose the person that you would like to go out with. Tinder was originally launched for Android devices but it is no longer just a mobile app. The web version of Tinder has been introduced by the company where you can choose your prospective match using your PC. Tinder for PC is an excellent dating application that helps you meet some perfect strangers with just one click. So if you too are busy working, and don’t have much time to pick up your phone then Tinder for PC app will help you go through some handsome or pretty faces more closely and conveniently.

Today we are going to share how to download Tinder for PC app and install it. Also, we are sharing some software tools with which you can run your Tinder mobile app on your computer screen. So let us begin.

Tinder for PC and Mac

The Tinder for PC or Mac is a free matchmaking software that you can download. The app was developed by IAC for Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. Uniquely designed, the Tinder app is known to be the ultimate all-in-one matchmaking tool. Also, it helps you to find romance locally as it runs on the mutual interest algorithm and advanced location-based technology. And as it’s a dating app, it functions mainly towards its main goal of helping you find someone special. So now with Tinder for PC, you can now be in touch with your selected dates using your desktop.

Features of Tinder for PC/ Mac:

Tinder app is one of the favorite dating apps, and it didn’t get its popularity without a reason. Since it offers the most comprehensive combination of features that can be made available, Tinder is used by many. Here are some features of Tinder that makes your dating life easy and interesting.

Swipe Left or Right

The app’s primary feature is swiping left or right. As you scroll down the list of some potential matches, if you like someone just swipe right. And swipe left if you do not wish to talk to the person. And if people from both ends swipe right, then you can start the conversation.

Swipe Surge

Swipe Surge is the feature where the app posts live notifications usually during festivals. Also during this period, the possibility of matchmaking increases by about 250% as the people are also 115 times more active. As a result of Tinder surge, the number of people gets to meet their potential matches.

Common Connections

The Common Connection feature of Tinder app lets you view the mutual Facebook friends between you and your potential matches. This is an amazing feature that can help you break the ice on your first date.

More Genders

The Tinder and Tinder India app allow you to make searching all sorts of genders easier. While setting the app, you can enter your appropriate gender in the “I am” section. This feature makes this app more accessible as compared to others.

Full Instagram Support

You can also connect your Instagram account with Tinder. The full Instagram support is a unique feature, which also allows you to view the Instagram pages of your chosen dates.

Multiple Language Support

Currently, the app supports over 30 languages and more.

How to Download Tinder for PC?

The process of downloading and installing the Tinder for PC app is easy. You just need to go to the Home Page and follow the given steps.

Step 1- To begin with open the Home page or the official website of the Tinder application. There will be different options available on the top portion of the Home page.

Step 2- From here you can download the app. But before you hit the download button, make sure you have selected the platform for which you want to get the application for.

Step 3- Now select the Tinder download option. Once you get the download button click on the White button.

Step 4- Wait for a few seconds and soon the app will be downloaded on the respective device.

After the download process completes, the app will be installed on your device automatically. Following this you can enjoy the features of Tinder on your PC and start your dating journey.

How to Use Tinder for PC?

By just visiting the Home Page of Tinder’s official website you can download and install the Tinder for PC app. Even though the Android mobile app is similar to the PC application, most of us might want to know the basic process to operate the app. So just follow the following steps to start using Tinder for PC.

Step 1- Complete the download and installation process mentioned above. After the app is installed on the required device, launch it.

Step 2- Now complete the registration process with a unique Id and Passcode. This is important to use the app.

Step 3- Use this registered Id to get into the tinder application.

Step 4- Check the settings of the app and if you wish you can also configure it according to your choice.

That’s it. Now you can check out the various profiles, check out their images and other mutual interests.

Best Alternatives to Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating application that allows you to find a potential match for yourself.  You get to see the image, mutual friends, common interests and all through this app, after which you can swipe right. But there are some great alternatives to Tinder that you can try. Here are some.

Coffee Meets Bagel 

Coffee Meets Bagel is the application that has all potential to replace the Tinder app. You can use the Coffee Meets Bagel app to search for your soul mate using features like mutual interest.


Bumble is another dating application that can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Tinder. Apart from dating, it is also considered as an application to find friends. Using this app you can find friends around you, or in your locality.


Tastebuds is an excellent alternative to Tinder for PC. Use the Tastebuds app to find a match for yourself, with some common interests.


Zoosk is another amazing alternative app for Tinder for PC download. Some users consider Zoosk as one of the best dating and chatting applications that you can download on your system.

Wrapping Up

Tinder is an excellent application for those who are looking for a short-term fling or long-term romance. The app is known for rekindling the romance between people all over the world. But if you do not want to use the Android app, you can download and install Tinder for PC app and enjoy all the features using PC as a medium.

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