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How to Bypass & Unblock Websites at School or College

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The instincts of naughty children at school keep looking for how to unblock school Internet filter. And this article is a result of those instincts only. Almost all the schools, today offer Computer programs to its students. And so they get access to the Internet, but with certain restrictions. Apart from the social networking sites, sometimes locking of useful sites also take place. But you can bypass a website at school. Since you cannot ask for your school or college authority for help, this article will help you unblock and bypass a website at school without coding.

Let me guess, you are on this web page maybe because;

  • Do you want to access Facebook on your college wifi?
  • You want to watch youtube videos on your college or school internet
  • Or maybe you want to bypass other blocked websites.

Here are some easy and safe methods that you can use to unblock a website at school or college.  Check out these methods and learn how to access all locked websites at College, School 2018.

How to Unblock Websites at School or College Internet

We have got many methods by which you can access blocked sites on your school or college internet or wifi connection.

1. Bypass sites using Proxy Servers

The method of using the proxy servers is one of the methods that you should try first if you want to know how to bypass school Internet filter. By this method, any unidentified user can unblock a website. You can surf different websites without being under the surveillance of a server. This is due to the fact that the IP address of the proxy server would differ from your original address.

Step 1: Open the Internet browser that you use on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Type the address of the proxy server in the address bar.

Step 3:  If the proxy address happens to be correct, then you will be redirected to the main page of the proxy server.

Step 4: Now in the address bar of the proxy server, type the URL or the name of the website that you want to open.

That’s it. You have successfully unblocked a website at college or school. You can find the name of a lot of proxy servers on Google.

2. Shorten the URL to bypass blocked websites

There are URL Shortening services that help you to shorten the URL of the blocked website. You can take help of these URL shortening services to unblock a website at school. There are a lot of URL shortening services available. Here in this section, we are referring to the Tiny URL service.

Step 1: Navigate to the official website of a URL shortening service. If you want to use the Tiny URL service click here.

Step 2: Type the website address or the name of the website that you want to unblock. After that hit the Make Tiny URL button so that you obtain a shortened URL of the same website.

Step 3:  Now copy the shortened URL and paste it into the address bar of your browser so as to open the blocked website.

Or you can use google shortener (

You can try any other URL shortening service as well. And to be on the safe side try to switch the URL shortening service now and then unblock a website at school or college wifi.

3. Find and Use the IP Address of Website

By finding the IP address of the blocked website, you can unblock them. Follow the given steps and know how to bypass school Internet filter.

Step 1: Open the Run command by clicking on the Windows icon key+ R. Enter the command “cmd” in the bar and press Enter.

Step 2: Now in the black command prompt, enter ping, if you want to unblock Facebook at school.

Step 3: Press Enter and an IP address will be displayed in a bracket.

Step 4: Copy the IP address and paste it into the address bar of your Internet browser.

Now you will be able to surf the sites blocked by your school authorities. Also, you bypass cyberroam, but there is another method if you do not want to open the command prompt window.

4. Use ProXPN VPN to Unblock a Website at School

You can use a proxy application called, ProXPN VPN. Whether you are working on a Mac, Windows or mobile you can use the ProXPN VPN application to unblock websites at school or college. Though the working algorithm of the app is simple, you will have to create an account with them to use it.

After creating the account, follow the instructions on the screen to install the ProXPN VPN app. As you install ProXPN VPN, login to the app using your credentials. And so after the connection with your device, a tunnel will create with your device which will be a secret tunnel. This will share information keeping your physical location hidden.

You can also use other VPN Extensions like Hola, Zenmate, etc.

5. Use Web2Mail to bypass locked Websites at school

You might find this method simplest of all mentioned above. By using Web2mail, you can surf different blocked websites through your email account. You first give the website address to Web2mail and then they send the site to your email. And then from your inbox, you can open the site through the link they send to your requested website.

Step 1: Use your current Email Id and sign in with Web2mail.

Step 2: Now visit Web2mail and then enter the site you want to bypass in the address bar.

Step 3: Press Enter and then open your Email account to find the email from Web2mail.

The Web2mail will send you the link to the requested URL. You can open the link by clicking on it and enjoy.

6. Using Google Web Light to access blocked websites

In the shadow of Google, you can visit the blocked sites at our school. Google Web Light removes the CSS styling and all javascript. The user gets the text and images the only type of web page. And since you the content display through server page of Google, your school or college authority will always feel that you are visiting Google only. But actually, you have unblocked the blocked website and enjoying it.

And so visit the Google web Light official home page and access any website at school or college easily.

These are the best methods by which you can bypass a blocked a website at school. All of these are simple and you can use them to unblock a website at school without coding and bypass cyber roam. So now since you know how to unblock a website at school or college, get going. Unblock all the restricted websites and enjoy them, without even letting the authorities know about it.

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