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How to uninstall or remove Avast SafeZone Browser?

To protect Windows from getting corrupted antivirus solutions are a must. Sometimes when you install some program on your Windows system, one of the components gets added to the machine. Avast SafeZone Browser is one such component. When you install Avast Free Antivirus, by default Avast Antivirus installer installs Avast SafeZone Browser on your Windows PC. In simple words, Avast SafeZone Browser is a free web browser with built-in privacy and some security functions. Now the main concern is to know is Avast SafeZone Browser safe if gets installed or should be removed. Well, to have a complete guide on what is Avast SafeZone Browser and how to uninstall or remove Avast SafeZone browser that by default gets installed on PC, have a look.

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What is Avast SafeZone Browser?

Technically, Avast SafeZone Browser is one of the components of Windows PC, getting added to the machine on installing any antivirus solution. It comes by default, if you don’t select the customize option in the installer to pick the modules, the installation will begin. Avast SafeZone Browser, based on Chromium browser includes add-ons like Ad Blocker, Passwords, Video Downloader, Online Security, and Safe Price. It is basically to enhance security and privacy features thus making it a decent browser. But, as a matter of fact, the other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera since providing the same add-ons people do not feel like using Avast SafeZone browser for their PC.

Avast users on sites like Reddit, recently complained that Avast SafeZone Browser gets installed on their system that came into the notice with SafeZone Browser icon on the desktop. Since Avast browser setup automatically installs SafeZone browser while installing Antivirus with default settings the searches increased on how to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser. Also, many users reported of Avast SafeZone Browser not working. Avast SafeZone Browser serves no purpose other than taking up storage space on your PC. Therefore, one wants to remove them from the system.

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Is Avast SafeZone browser safe?

When you notice some unusual activity or icon on your desktop, the first thing you do is Google it. Similarly, with the installation of Avast SafeZone Browser, the first question in mind comes Avast SafeZone browser safe? Well, Google Security researcher reveals the certain vulnerability in the SafeZone browser allowing attackers to list and read files stored on your computer by clicking a malicious link.

So to fix the issue of Avast SafeZone not working and how to remove Avast safe zone Browser, here is the solution.

How to Uninstall or Remove Avast SafeZone Browser?

The removal of Avast SafeZone Browser is simple if you find the appropriate option at the right time. The browser does not have a separate uninstall program, and its removing process can take place with the help of Avast antivirus setup instead.

Method 1- This is the first method and is the easiest way to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser.

Step 1- Firstly, open Avast User Interface.

Step 2- On Window, click on Settings. Then click on Components.

Step 3- Under security options, scroll down to look for Avast SafeZone Browser. Double click on it to uninstall it.

Step 4- Now restart your computer for changes to take place.

In this way, you can easily uninstall the extra components installed on PC.

Method 2- Remove Avast SafeZone Browser using Control Panel

In case the web browser is already there on your Windows PC, then the other option is to remove it from Windows. Follow the steps to do so.

Step 1- From Windows; hit the Control Panel to open it.

Step 2- Then select Control panel home. Go to Programs and Features. The screen will open with the option of “Uninstall a Program.”

Or else type Appwiz.cpl in the taskbar or Start window search box. Then hit the Enter key. This will open Programs and Features window.

Step 3- Right click on the Avast free Antivirus and from the context menu select the change option. Or else left click on the Avast entry and then choose change option from the top of the menu.

Step 4- A page will open, again select the Change option. It will be present next to update and repair.

Step 5- Look for SafeZone Browser and uncheck the box next to it. You can do the same for all other components that you do not require.

Step 6- Afterwards click on the change to start with the removal process. A message will appear saying “the product was updated successfully.”

Wait for few minutes so that your requested changes take place. Now to complete the process restart your Windows PC to get rid of Avast SafeZone browser.

Along with this, you can also uncheck the install of unnecessary components that may include Secureline VPN, Avast Passwords, and Cleanup, etc.

Method 3- Delete Avast SafeZone Browser

Even after when you have done uninstallation of Avast SafeZone browser, it sometimes does not delete the files stored on your computer. This allows Avast the installation of the SafeZone browser again by prompting the user with the same message. So there is the need to delete the Avast SafeZone browser folder so as to avoid accidental installation. Follow the steps given below-

Step 1- From the taskbar menu, right-click on Avast icon. Then go to “Avast shield control” and select “Disable Avast for 10 minutes“.

Step 2- Go to C:\Program Files \ Avast Software and look for SafeZone Browser folder.

Step 3- Right click on it and then delete it.

Remove it once and restart your PC.  The uninstallation of Avast SafeZone Browser is successful.

Method 4- How to remove Avast safe zone Browser?

In case you are installing Avast SafeZone Browser but don’t want Avast web browser on your system, then blocking the installation is the must.  So to block the installation of the web browser during installation of Avast Antivirus on Windows PC then do the following steps-

Step 1- The first setup page will appear when you hit the customize option. You can find it below the orange install button on the same page.

Step 2- On the next page, the display of all the additional components that Avast has done installation will appear. Look for the Avast SafeZone Browser entry and uncheck the box.

Step 3- Uncheck any such component that you require no more, for example, SecureLine or Mail Shield.

Well, all the above methods are simple to follow that will help users to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser that is in use no more. Many users get this browser during the Antivirus installation process and are not happy for it is of no use. Therefore it is best to learn the solution for how to remove or uninstall the Avast SafeZone Browser.

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