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How To Check Who Stalks My Instagram Profile?

Trying to figure out a way to see who stalks my Instagram profile? Then read on to find out more!

Can I See Who Stalks My Instagram Profile?

Instagram is one of the largest, as well as most popular, social media platforms. Not to mention millions upon millions of people use it everyday. Because there are millions of people logging on to see what their friends and family are up to, nearly anyone can see your profile. All in all, sometimes there are people who reach across the internet and cross some boundaries.

There is a lot of tech you should be taking advantage of during this chaotic time. However, if you’re experiencing someone trolling your page, as well as commenting on all your posts, or trying to slide into your DM’s, then you may have an Insta Stalker.

But is there a way to track who stalks me on Instagram?

Long story short, there isn’t really a way you can instantly see who is checking your profile. But there are LOTS of ways to control and manage who can see what on your profile. Not to mention check in and see for yourself who your Insta stalkers are!

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who stalks my instagram?


Can Apps Tell Me Who Stalks My Instagram?

There are lots of apps out there who claim that they will let users see who is looking at their profile and stories. However, ALL OF THESE APPS ARE BOGUS.

There isn’t a single app out there that can actually give you the real traffic to your profile. However, here is what these third-party apps actually do:

  • Show you random accounts that “instastalk” your profile
  • Take your money for in-app purchases
  • Make money off of showing you adds
  • Collect your data
  • Show you who unfollowed you on Instagram

That’s all they can do! Besides blocking someone on Instagram yourself, they can’t do anything to help you see “who stalks my instagram”! Not only that, but these sneaky apps can be found on ALL app buying platforms.

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Is There Any Way To Find Insta Stalkers?

There is one way to get a small glimpse of who stalks my Instagram, and that’s to see who is looking at the stories. When you post a story to instagram, you are able to see who is looking at each individual story post.

Once you publish your Insta Story, you can then see whether or not your Insta Stalker has viewed it as soon as they see it. You can look in the bottom left corner of your Instagram story to see who has seen the post and what Instagram comment replies you got on the story.

Click on the icons of your friends’ faces in the bottom left of your Insta Story. You can then see the entire list of people who have viewed your post.

Keep track of who is looking through your stories regularly, as well as who is commenting on your pictures. They may also be harassing you in your DM’s. These will typically line up if you have an Instagram Story Stalker!

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Can Non-Followers See My Instagram Story?

If you have your profile set to Public, then anyone who comes across your Instagram can see your profile. Not only that, but follow you, as well as see your stories. If you need to know “who stalks my Instagram” then you need to set your profile to Private in your account settings.

Can You See How Many Times Someone Views Your Insta Story?

Right now, there isn’t a place on the Instagram App where you can see how many times someone views your Insta Story. Not to mention you can’t see WHEN they viewed it.

Unless you are constantly looking at who is viewing your stories, there is really no way to know when, as well as how many times someone has seen your Insta Story.

Seeing Who Stalks My Instagram and Controlling My Profile!

All things considered, despite there being no real way of seeing who looks at your profile, there are ways to avoid Insta Stalkers altogether! If you need to report someone you think is stalking your Instagram, as well as constantly commenting or sending DM’s then message the Instagram team directly. Or delete the profile!

When it comes to seeing who stalks my Instagram profile and stories, there are a few ways you can keep tabs on who can see your posts. All in all, see who stalks your Instagram stories by looking at the full list of people who viewed it. Making your account private so only the people you allow to see your posts is a great way to avoid Instagram stalkers!

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