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6 Best YouTube to WAV Converter for Windows and Mac

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When one thinks of online video the first site that comes to mind is YouTube. YouTube trumps every other video platform. With no surprise, YouTube is considered as the number one online video streaming app. It works free of cost in terms of both viewing and uploading. Every person who is in the video content creation finds YouTube a huge platform for showcasing their talent over the world. YouTube as of now acknowledges video content in the various audio format as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, and WebM. But one question that pokes in the mind is that YouTube does not support audio format WAV. This means you cannot download YouTube video in WAV format. In that case, you need to rely on the YouTube to WAV converters that let you download YouTube to WAV audio format.

Why should WAV be preferred?

Well, it is better to listen to your favorite songs in the WAV format for WAV is has its own advantages. WAV basically is a Microsoft document arrange augmentation format that is a standard for all frameworks, CD quality sound, and diversion sounds. WAV format delivers some loops that are you hear small audio files of around 10-30 seconds. If YouTube videos are converted to WAV format then it becomes conceivable to play them on any sound players that may include PCs and other MP3 players. Apart from this, the other reasons for which you would want to prefer WAV file for your YouTube videos may include-

  • WAV can be played on all sound and video content player, unlike other YouTube platform.
  • Converting videos to WAV does not decrease the nature of the first record that includes HD sound and video content.
  • WAV sound substance has clear stable that will enhance your entertainment experience.

You get many such YouTube to WAV file conversion sites or software that get your job done in few seconds. But above all it is the quality that matters hence it is recommended that one must go for the best available YouTube converters to WAV.

So here is the complete guide on how to convert YouTube videos into WAV format and some of the best converters available. You will get here both online and offline converters.

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How to Convert YouTube Video to WAV?

With the tools available for the conversion of YouTube videos in the required format there are few common steps that one must follow to get the conversion done successfully.

Step 1- Open the YouTube and then search for the desired video that you wish to convert. Now copy and paste the URL of that video in the URL box provided. You can now choose the resolution, file size, codec and format of the video. Click on “Download Now” and your YouTube video download process will be done automatically.

Step 2- Head to “to Music” and choose “WAV” as output format from the drop-down window. After when you go for the conversion you can set or choose the resolution, bit rate, frame rate and etc. to accommodate a large number of files with limited storage. You can also go for editing the unwanted part using its edit feature.

Step 3- Now select an output folder where you wish to save the output WAV audio file. You can do this by hitting the “Browse” button.

Step 4- Finally click on the “RUN” Button. Once you click it will then start to rip WAV audio file from YouTube videos.

Now sit back and relax for the conversion will now be done speedily and successfully.

Best YouTube to Wav Converters

Let us now have a look at some of the best Free Youtube to Wav converters. This will solve all your queries of Youtube convert to Wav.

Office Converter

Office Converter is the first free online file converter for converting YouTube videos to WAV format. It has a clean interface and supports ease of use with impressive features. You need not install the program or register for using this software. It allows you to batch convert video files whether you are casual user or subscriber.

To download and convert YouTube video to WAV, you simply have to choose “YouTube to WAV” mode then copy and paste YouTube video URL. If you are registered users then only you are allowed for batch compression and batch download the YouTube video converted to WAV audio format. But the converted videos are stored here only for 24 hours and 30 days for the subscribed users.

XY Downloader – Youtube to Wav Windows Converter

XY Downloader is another great converter that not only helps you convert recordings into WAV design but also additionally convert videos in MP4, MOV, MVK and other formats. It is remarkably easy to use as with a single click it lets you download recordings from YouTube and from other video sharing sites.

The main feature of this site is the ability to convert to other formats than WAV also. Using this tool you can not only convert YouTube videos to WAV but also download videos online for free.

iTube Studio – Youtube to WAV Mac

With iTube Studio for Mac or iTube Studio for Windows, you can download YouTube files and later change over to WAV. This YouTube videos to WAV downloader powers you the 3X speedier download of any YouTube recordings. In addition, 4K HD YouTube recordings can also be converted to WAV document.

You can plan for bunch downloading that is accessible as you can leave the program to do the download work for you. Its change feature enables you to change the downloaded YouTube recordings to WAV and support other formats as well. You can download converted videos on Mac (Mac OS Sierra and EL Capitan upheld) or Windows PC.

The downloading is quick and offers fast changing the process. It is available for free of cost. You can also use this tool to extract your sound files from already uploaded videos. Additionally, it allows conversion of eBooks and documents.

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is an amazing online service for getting WAV formatted files. It allows you to extract not only videos from YouTube but also converts it into audio formats that include WAV format. You can download your converted videos in real time. All you have to do is insert the video link, and select your preferred format. You can choose from video or audio and it will convert giving you the download link. It is fully compatible with all the available latest browsers.

This allows superfast conversions and no registration is required. It supports the links from almost all the video sharing websites. The tool offers no limitations on conversions and downloading of the videos. In addition, the best part is that you need not have any software to download or install for using this tool.

Bender Converter

This conversion tool supports WAV format along with all the other common formats. It can completely convert your desired uploaded files in a simple manner. The other formats this tool supports are, MPEG, JPEG, GIF, AVI etc.

You can play your converted files on other gadgets that are well-matched with WAV, like iPod, Mac, iPad and other devices. It is user-friendly. This one is a highly portable tool for it is compatible with both mobile phones and tablets. It is super-fast functioning.

Files Conversion

The last tool or converter that you can try is File Conversions. It provides you with a wide range of options to convert your YouTube video files to WAV. You can even select your video size and quality as you desire.

It also supports other formats other than WAV that include WMV, MOV, MVK, MP3, AVI, ASX, AMV etc. This is a very user-friendly tool to use and is flexible as well. It is very easy to achieve your converted videos but is not available for free. Plus this tool requires installation as well.

Well, this was all about the steps and the tools available that are a good choice for conversion of YouTube videos in WAV format. Without making any sacrifice with the quality all your videos will get converted to the desired format. Do try them you will enjoy.

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