7 Best Sites to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2020

Birthdays and Festivals come all year round, and so does the need of unique gifts for our loved ones. But picking up gifts is always a little confusing, and at this time the gift cards come to our rescue. As we all are aware of the Amazon’s huge product range, earning free Amazon gift card is like a bumper prize. If you are wondering how to earn a free Amazon gift card and is it possible, then yes. There are a lot of sites that offer you Amazon codes, which are of not great use, but there are some excellent places like GPT or survey companies from which you can earn Amazon gift cards free. So take out some time from your day, and earn free Amazon gift cards from these best seven sites.

What is Amazon Gift Cards? How to Use them?

Before we move on to the various sites through which you can earn Free Amazon Gift cards, let us know something more about them especially for those who are trying to give away Amazon free gift cards for the first time. QwikCilver Solutions Private Limited issues these gift cards, and you are under their terms and conditions whether you use the gift card or but Amazon gift cards. So let’s just have a glance on the important points:

  • They can only redeem towards the purchase of Amazon’s eligible products.
  • It expires within a year from the date of issue.
  • The denomination of these Amazon free gift cards ranges from Rs.10 to 20, 000.
  • You cannot use the gift card to purchase another gift card.


How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards?

So now you might be wondering how to get Free Amazon gift cards and yes there are some legitimate methods by which you can get the Amazon gift cards for free. You might find some Amazon gift code generators, but let me tell you that these gift codes are of no use. Also, the sites mentioned below will not get you free Amazon gift cards but will get you close to them. For it, you will have to complete some surveys and give some time from your schedule and even sign up for their programs. So let’s begin to grab the best of opportunities of earning free Amazon gift cards.

MECHANICAL TURK – Get Free Gifts Card No survey

Amazon Mechanical Turk is the crowdsourcing marketplace that coordinate human intelligence by enabling the individuals and businesses to perform different tasks. It is the property by Amazon and is one of its services. Thus you can trust on it. And so to earn Amazon free gift card, sign up with Mechanical Turk and complete some easy tasks like transcribing data. Your earnings will get deposited either in a US bank account or as you require it will convert into an Amazon gift card. So sort out the HITs (jobs) and get going. Earn a few bucks and get free Amazon gift cards.

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SWAGBUCKS – Start Earning Gift Cards

Guys, the next site just don’t have swag in its name, but it does have swag, and it just got a lot more amazing. Now with just Swagbucks 2200 points, you can earn Amazon free gift card every month worth 25$. With this new introduction of the scheme, now you can save more and get to choose from a lot of outlets, brands, and stores. Lastly, the redemption process with the introduction of this new 3$ Amazon gift card got 33% faster.

To earn the Swagbucks points, just complete the three tasks given below-

  • By completing the NOSO each day you can earn up to 60 points.
  • Watch the Swagbucks TV App gives daily 1080 Swagbucks points.
  • Watch two more of the Swagbucks app in addition to the TV app 36
  1. TV App 18- 540 Swagbucks points daily
  2. EntertainNow App 18- 540 Swagbucks points daily
  3. Liestylz App 18- 540 Swagbucks points daily

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By clubbing any of the above 3 activities, you can earn 2200 points which are enough to earn free Amazon gift card worth 25$ every month. You will receive the gift card free Amazon within ten business days.



Another fantastic feature by Amazon is the trade in, a process that it offers. You would be surprised to know the Amazon itself is interested in buying your fresh and old stuff. The process of exchanging your old stuff for a free gift card from Amazon is the best offer that you will get. Moreover, the best part of this deal is that Amazon even covers for your shipping charges, which indicates pure profit on your side. Amazon Trade in primarily trades your electronic devices and electronic media. It looks for your music player, cell phones, movies and other sorts of electronic items. Also, your textbooks will be of great help here. Search the potential of the things that you are trading and start earning free Amazon gift cards.

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VALUED OPINIONS – Earn Amazon Gift Card by Completing Simple Surveys

Valued Opinions is one of the leading communities online that values our opinion. Yes, by completing surveys on Valued Opinions you can earn reward points. By investing your valuable time opinions, Value Opinions reward you with points that you can cash in for gift vouchers from leading brands that include Amazon and Flipkart. Couldn’t get an easier way to earn free Amazon gift cards for sure. It is a well-known survey site, and a lot of people are enjoying its service. So just sign into Valued Opinions and activate your account, take a few surveys and watch your balance grow.

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PRIZE REBEL – Complete Various Tasks to get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Prize Rebel is a great GPT site that offers you points as you complete their tasks. Without spending a buck from your pocket, you can work and earn on these websites and get rewarded with Amazon gift cards. Prize Rebel also allows you to make points quickly. You can either enter the unique promo codes or watch videos or do both and earn your reward points. Prize Rebel has some unique features like it offers small cashouts at 200 points for an Amazon gift cards worth 2$. Also, it is hassle free as you can escape the part of converting and exchanging your points into Amazon gift cards as you can even order directly from Amazon.

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BING – Earn Gift Cards by Surfing Internet

Moving on another easiest way to earn the Amazon free gift cards and gift rewards is through Bing. So to get Amazon gift cards free from Bing, you just have to register with Bing Rewards, and then every time you will search on Bing, points will get rewarded to your account.

Complete a certain amount of searched each day and be ready to reap the award. Get your Amazon gifts cards free with Bing by signing in with it.



This last method is for those who spend a lot of money using the credit card; then you should check out amazon.

With this fantastic service by Amazon again, you can earn 2$ for every dollar that you spend at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores. 3 points for every single dollar spent and 1$ for every dollar that you spend somewhere else. And with just 2500 Amazon gift card points, you can get Amazon gift cards free worth 25$.

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Working Methods to Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Free

So here’s a list of all the sites that we mentioned above. You can use these sites to earn amazon gifts cards of $10, $20, $50 and eveAmazon amazon gift cards:

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Amazon Trade-In
  4. Valued Opinions
  5. PrizeRebels
  6. Bing
  7. Credit Card Rewards

We hope that these sites would answer all your questions like how to earn Amazon free gift cards. These are the best sites from where you can earn gift cards. From the survey filling websites to trade-ins, you couldn’t get anything better than these. We hope that this article would help you get the Amazon gift cards in 2018. Just give in some of your time and earn the Amazon codes and get free Amazon gift cards now.

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