7 Best Keylogger Apps for Android in 2018

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Our mobile phone helps us, connect to the world. It is efficient, fast, quick and robust in fulfilling all our needs and luxury with just a few clicks. We store a lot of important information on our mobile phones. It is important that we keep an eye on them every time. Are you always worried about leaving your phone to your kids? In this article, you will learn about what is a keylogger, its uses and best keylogger apps for Android phone which will protect your device from anything offensive and keep an eye on your child or other’s activities.

What is a keylogger App?

A keylogger is a keystroke logger and a mobile spying tool that monitors each and every activity you do. It is considered as a spyware that observes and records your emails, messages, and any other information which are done on your Android device. Keyloggers are mainly used by cybercriminals, who track user activities and aims to steal your private information and passwords.

Keylogger for Android phones is also used by parents to keep a track on their child’s activities.

 Use of Keylogger App

Along with activity tracking program, Android keyloggers includes some of the features  like:

  • Provides excellent Parental Controls
  • Helps you track your partner’s virtual activities
  • Provides Security

Best Keylogger App Features

  • Access to all text messages
  • Website monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Remote control

Best Keylogger Apps for Android


Mobistealth is an all-in-one Android keylogging app. It sends you information about browsing history, call details and complete SMS details, pictures or videos available on the phone. The app allows you to monitor Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber chat. This is the best Keylogger App for Android.

One of the disadvantages of this app is that it doesn’t offer any free trial. Mobistealth gives a huge support to all Android phones manufactured by Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google, Acer, Asus, Sony and all other manufacturers.

mSpy Keylogger

mSpy is an Android keylogging app that allows you to view complete messages and details from a single account. You can even view the complete keystrokes made on the phone and view activity logs from your mSpy control panel.

mSpy helps you keep a track of all the call history, contact list, browsing history, calendar, notes, tasks, wifi networks, SMS, passwords, login details, emails, GPS location, Internet usage, IM and multimedia files.

The most amazing feature of this Android keylogger app is Geofencing. It is a feature for getting notification via email if the target’s Android phone enters the unwanted area. With this feature, you can set some specific area and monitor your children. To use this app, the target device must be running Android 4+, and it must be connected to the Internet.


SpyEra is a powerful “keylogger for Android” program which is built using the advanced technologies. It performs in-depth analysis of your mobile phone activities and gives you detailed reports on your SpyEra account. The keylogger lets you listen to live calls from the monitored phone and track its location, SMS, emails, multimedia files, and other details.

Call inbuilt feature of the app allows you to go through ongoing calls on Blackberry phone. With ambient recording, It can enable/disable the phone’s microphone and record conversations for offline listening from your SpyEra account. It can easily crack email and app passwords on the targeted Android phone and grab security codes like lock pattern and PIN code.


KidLogger is another best keylogger App for Android tabs and phone which is popular for keeping track on your kids while they use your phone. It keeps a complete track on the mobile phone activities like web browsing logs, time tracking, tracking the most used apps and websites and shows how your kid is working on the phone.

This keylogger tool records all keystrokes and the incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, and emails and can monitor your phone easily. You can upload log files to your Kid Logger account and view all activities and records from there.

With the help of Kidlogger, you can even set a particular time for games for your kid and block all the unwanted app. Kidlogger is one of the best apps to keep your child safe and capture their tracking activities. It allows reading Blackberry Messenger, Facebook chat, and Skype.


iKeyMonitor is another top keylogger for Android that can monitor any activity on your phone. It secretly records everything and details them in your iKeyMonitor account. It is a great app to discover the hidden facts and track GPS location of the device. You can easily access your mobile phone from your iKeyMonitor account and view complete web history and all the stuff that your kid is browsing on your phone.

The best advantage of the app is you get free demo version which includes almost all the features of a full version.

TopSpy App

With TopSpy App, you can easily access to cellphone calls, SMS, and location throughout the day. Viber and WhatsApp data can be easily tracked.  It is easily available for mobile phones and desktops.

For phones, the basic version costs $99.99 per month. And the Premium version which has support to spying social media account and a few other features costs $199.99 a year. The Family Kit, which offers all the features and robust technical assistance, is available at $479.97 a year.

Shadow Kid’s logger

Shadow Kid’s Logger has been specially designed for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s activity on the mobile phone. You can even share your phone with your colleagues if you don’t trust them.

Simply download and install Shadow from Google Play Store.

Shadow can work on almost all Android devices starting from version 2.2 and up and it only requires 1 M of your storage.

List of 7 KeyLoggers for Android

Here is the list of Best Android Keyloggers that we mentioned above.

  • Mobisteath
  • mSpy Keylogger
  • SpyEra
  • Kidlogger
  • iKeyMoniter
  • Top Spy App
  • Shadow Kid’s Logger

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So these were the best keylogger apps for Android. You can test them all and pick the best according to your needs.

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