Top 10 Best Kodi Builds: Must Install in 2018

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Looking for some Kodi fun? Anyone who once starts using Kodi, then I’m sure that they want to customize it now. If you once understand the working of Kodi, then its time you change the default skin of your Kodi with the help of best Kodi Builds. Choosing the right Kodi add-on might be annoying and so one should try the best and the top Kodi builds.

So it’s time we get to the latest top 10 Kodi Builds and have a WOW experience. The Kodi builds are far easier to install than the Kodi add-ons as they come preinstalled with the latter. The pre-set up are the best Kodi builds and there are many Kodi builds available from which you can choose.


Best Kodi Builds

And so here we are with a list of the top 10 best Kodi Builds of 2018 that you can make your favorite as the hardware of the user’s device differs with different Kodi builds.

Apollo Kodi Build 2018

If you don’t want to get into any kind of complexity, then Apollo is the best Kodi build. It is a comprehensive build with 4K/3D dedicated category on its home screen providing the users a great content. The Apollo build is one of the best Kodi builds with an image on each menu page fitting the theme. The fonts of the build are large and one can read it easily. The main menu of this amazing Kodi build large and diverse. There are about 24 menu pages, and 8 submenus including Wizard, Addon Installer, Ares Wizard, Fresh Start, Raw Maint, Settings, Clear Cache and Maintenance. The 52 comprehensive bundle of movie add-ons is overwhelming but you can also try experimenting and exploring some latest Kodi add-ons. Also the Apollo’s comedy section is also worth mentioning, thus getting it the first place in our list of best Kodi Builds.

Dimitrology Boom Shakalaka Kodi Build

The Dimitrology Boom Shakalaka build comes loaded with ample number of add-ons and runs smoothly and quickly. The Boom Shakalaka Kodi build also includes an Internet speed tester driven by the Ookla’s The packages involved with this amazing Kodi builds cleans up automatically after each startup and so does the caches gets cleaned up making this build one of the best Kodi builds, so that it remains small and fast.

There is easy accommodation of the build updates. And so you can escape the entire installation process by just accessing the feature of “Update Build” from the System displayed on the home screen of Boom Shakalaka. You can notice the following categories on the home screen- Live TV, Movies, Sports, Music, TV Shows, Kids, Streaming, Docs, VOD, Apps and System. It is no doubt the best Kodi builds and so if you want the most out of your build, then go with Dimitrology Boom Shakalaka.

Megaminds Wookie Build

The Megaminds Wookie build is ideal for those who have an experience using Kodi. Megaminds Wookie build is a complete package as it offers almost every favorite add-on in each category. But still it is not as accessible as Dad Life. Also you get all the add-ons set in gorgeous stylize user interface. You can find almost everything here like from classics to live sports and cartoons. So guys if you love everything to be organized, then Megaminds Wookie is the best of all the Kodi builds for you.

Evolution Custom Kodi Build

With a wide variety to add-ons like Live TV and sports, if you want to add a refreshing look to your Kodi build, then Evolution is the right Kodi build for you. Evolution gives you an edge over your average looking regular Kodi builds. This Kodi build has all the general add-ons present in any other best Kodi builds with special attention of bringing the family together with its special focus on family entertainment. Enjoy the various categories like football, movie hub and separate 1080P HD and 3D films section with one of the best Kodi builds for family.

Fire TV Build for Kodi

If you are looking for the best Kodi builds for your Amazon Fire sticks then this aptly named Fire TV build is worth checking out. Developed for Amazon dongle, this Kodi build is light on its resources but high in its features and speed. And fire Build is one of the best Kodi builds for women as it has a category on its home screen called Her Place which contains great content for women. So if there is women majority in the house, you should opt for the Fire TV build.

Nemesis Kodi Build

If you are looking for a stylish Kodi which is neat and simple, then go with Nemesis Kodi build. The Nemesis build functions on a clean and functional interface which runs on almost anything. Its interface is well organized with design cues. And it does not let you get distracted while you are browsing any categories. With lightweight and simple build, Nemesis is one of the best Kodi builds 2017. Contents for kids, TV shows, movies, and sports are available with this stable Kodi build.

Wookie Build 2018

The Wookie build’s flagship comes in three forms- Retro, New and Lite Wookie. Though there are a lot of features common in all the three Wookie build, you can consider some different features. Also the Wookie build allows you to switch from the Retro Wookie to New Look. You can do it by just logging into the Profile. The menu meshes well with the background images in red and black. It gives easy access to the Phoenix, Joker TV, Exodus, UK Turk. The 4 top Kodi add-ons from the main menu. It also features an extensive Kids menu along with Pandora’s Box and enjoy 3D movies. You can opt any of the three versions from this large and active Wookie community.

Shanks’s Build

The Shank’s Build is not only the best Kodi build but also one of the best family builds. It is the only build known that gives built-in parental control with no ads and is also completely free. Many of the builds are so-called kids’-builds, but the Shank build offers not only shiny kid interface and does not allow easy access to the mature content.

Beast Encore Build

The Beast Encore is the best of the different Kodi builds version of the Beast. While the Beast Kids was not up to the mark, Beast Encore on the other hand works really fast. It is the most complete version updated with latest goodies. The Beast Encore is also the best Kodi build for you if you are using the Amazon firestick. It is light, responsive and works well with it and with the Amazon Fire TV. The content you will find on Beast Encore is well organized. It is easy to find and geared for everyone in your house. Get Live TV content to entertainment for kids, by getting the Beast Encore build right now.

No Limits Magic Build 

The No Limits Magic Build is also a decent build that you can try. Its nice layout with background pictures and neat interface has made it enter the list of top 10 best Kodi builds. It has different sections for everyone. And with special Kodi add-ons you get a quick and straight access to TV shows and movies. This might be the last in our list but it is definitely the most powerful. The complete build has a lot of features to like. With add-ons like Phoenix, Exodus, Specto and IPTV Live TV you can totally trust the No-Limits Magic build.

Top 10 Kodi Builds 2018

  • Apollo
  • Dimitrology Boom Shakalaka
  • Megaminds Wookie
  • Evolution
  • Fire Tv Build
  • Wookie Build
  • Nemesis
  • Shank’s Kodi Build
  • The Beast Encore
  • No Limits Magic Build

What is Kodi Build Exactly?

As we know about Kodi, a great software that lets you stream TV shows, movies and boxsets from the local storage or your Internet to almost any device you want. The software is not only open source but completely free and so is very easy to customize. To configure Kodi accordingly you must download Kodi builds which makes the process easier and quicker. Kodi Builds are the versions of Kodi that comes pre-baked that is they are stocked and preinstalled with the Kodi add-ons. The Kodi builds thus add new features instantly and also saves you from the manual labor of adding the Kodi add-ons separately. So after installing the best Kodi Builds you don’t have to worry about changing anything and you can start enjoying television straightaway.

Hope you enjoyed the list.

So guys if you want to discover some different Kodi builds for your sets, try the Kodi builds mentioned above. Also be sure that you are using a good VPN for your safety and privacy. This article included the top 10 best Kodi builds in 2018 but feel free to enter your query. If you get stuck with anything about Kodi builds or the Kodi add-ons, comment below.

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