10 Sites to Get Virtual Credit Card (VCC) For Free in 2020

Looking for a Virtual credit card for free? Keep reading and find out where to get one

Getting a credit card from a bank can be a tedious and lengthy process. Therefore many people prefer to obtain a virtual credit card for free which is a comparatively easy and not-so-long process. This article will guide you through every aspect of getting a virtual credit card with information like how it can be helpful and which sites you can rely on to get a virtual credit card.

What is a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)?

Virtual Credit Cards are that Credit cards which you can have on any online platform. These cards do not have a physical existence. It is a service provided by various online credit card sites that issue these with utmost security. Like any physical credit card, you can check on the information of its expiry, validity and more on the site itself. You need not make the extra effort. This Virtual Credit Card makes e-commerce easy and handy. You can make payments through an online platform and need not be physically present for its operations.

What are the features of Virtual Credit Card?

1. The virtual credit card does not have any physical existence thus it is easy to use anytime as you wish.
2. You have an option to set any kind of limitation on your Virtual credit card.
3. This Virtual Credit Card can be used in many advertising platforms such as Google Ads, FB Ads etc.
4. It becomes really trouble-free to use VCC on International platforms. You can make payments through your Virtual Credit Card as you please.
5. For International payments, they have a fixed rate of exchange.
6. As a virtual credit card is a non-physical entity it is safe from the online frauds and cons.
7. Other payment sites such as Paytm, Paypal, Mobiwik, allow us specific terms and conditions with added benefits on the usage of Virtual Credit Cards.

The best sites to obtain a Virtual Credit Card (VCC):

Here you can find the top 10 best sites to get a Virtual Credit card (VCC):


As per the latest record, Entropay is the most suitable site for a VCC. The security provided by Entropay is commendable. They enable quick cash transfer and easy payments between 3 different currencies. If we see about transferring money between the same units, it is totally charge-less. You have a chance to set your pay limits according to your need. You can also take a control of your VCC like deleting, changing and altering and blocking. The VCC is easily disposable as it is virtual.

To visit Entropay click on the given link.

2. ICICI Bank Pocket App

As the name suggests it is issued by ICICI Bank itself. Even if you are not an account holder in the bank you can still avail the VCC issued by ICICI Bank Pocket App. If you already have an account you can be benefited by some offers and discounts. It enables to pay all the bills and recharges and functions same as Paytm. You can easily make payments using BHIM, NFC or Bharat QR code. If you have installed the app you can get a VCC right away and if you wish to have a physical credit Card you can easily obtain it for some charges.

To get the app click on the link.

3. Udio wallet

Udio wallet is a fresh entry which gives Virtual Credit Cards which can also be used as debit cards to make payments. Using this VCCs can be used to recharge our wallets and make a transfer for prepaid sim cards and even our electricity bills. A distinct quality of using this VCC is that you can the benefit of dividing the bill amongst your partners or friends. Unlike any physical card, you can use it to shop on the online platform.


To get this app visit the Link.

4. Union Bank DigiPurse

It is very similar to that of ICICI bank VCCs. But the drawback is the payments can take up to 24 hours of waiting time before execution. However, it does provide immediate transfer of money to different accounts whether it is to be received or sent. The maximum limit to use the VCC by Union Bank DigiPurse is 2 lacs.

To visit, click Link.

5. Yes Bank Free Charge GO Mastercard

We all know that Freecharge allows us to make our transactions easy and possible at a fast rate. But added to this they also provide VCCs which you can avail offline also. It also allows making payments using BHIM UPI and Bharat QR code.


To get this click on the Link.

6. HDFC PayZapp Visa Card

With being free to use, it is a special feature by HDFC bank. It is rated as one of the most suitable Virtual Credit card. Also free to use and you can avail the benefits even if you don’t hold any HDFC accounts. It gives an option to have prepaid VCCs as well. Making International payments is relatively easy.

To get this click on the Link.

7. IDBI PayApt

IDBI PayApt is also a platform to avail Virtual Credit Cards with triple secured checks on transactions. You can get your other cards linked to the app as well. Also, you can make any kind of payment including bills and recharges.


To get this click on the Link.

8. SlonKit

It is featured by DCB Bank. It has a very useful characteristic in that it helps the parents to teach their children how to manage their money. Also, it gives a benefit of both VCCs and physical Debit Cards. It is undoubtedly secure and easy to manage.

To get this click on the Link.

9. DigiBank

Like SlonKit it is also featured by DCB Bank. You can make payments related to recharges and bill amounts, mutual funds. There is an option to create e-wallet for the ease of customers on top of getting a VCC. You can even connect your Aadhar card to ensure security.

To get this click on the Link.

10. Oxigen wallet

To shop and make payments Oxigen wallet helps you to get a Visa card which is easy to operate. Other than this you can send gifts and transfer the money easily.

To get this click.

In conclusion, we see that there is a rapid increase n doing commerce online, therefore, having a virtual credit card is a must for operating on online platforms. You can visit any of these top 10 virtual credit cards sites and get one for you. It is rather safe and not tedious to obtain a VCC using these sites. It is guaranteed and hassle free when you want a virtual credit card.

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