What Is CQAtest App?

Wondering what a CQATest app is? Then you’ve come to the right place.

What Is The CQATest App for?

CQA stands for Certified Quality Auditor. CQATest is a quality control app that check the performance of Motorola devices and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the system. The CQAtest app does not have access to your personal information.

Unlike having to trust an app on the iPhone, this app should run quietly on your device and not cause issues!

All in all, this CQATest app that may suddenly appear on your device is there to check your system’s performance. It looks at the strengths, weaknesses, as well as evaluating techniques to identify problems.


There are many hidden apps on your phone, check here how to find them.

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How did the CQATest app get onto my device?

The CQATest application is a hidden item that is found on some models of smartphones. If your device is running correctly, you will not be able to find it under your general apps, or in your app drawer. However, you can find it under your app list in the “System” menu.



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What does the CQATest app do?

All things considered, having the CQATest app running on your phone means that the phone creator is able to access device information. This does NOT include personal information. However, Motorola, Android, or whatever device you are using, does receive data on how your system is operating. Not only that, but they also simply get data on how all of the device applications are functioning, as well as other information.

This makes certain that all products are up to Android’s standards. When you start up a new Android device, you will see this information in your Terms and Services agreement.

All in all, it is there to run as a hidden application. Much like if you were to be hidden by spoofing your location! If your CQATest is running in your app gallery, then you should attempt a system reboot.

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In this section a few of the most frequently asked questions will be answered! Questions regarding regularity, factory resets, as well as safety and more will be answered. Continue reading to see the FAQ’s answered!

How often does the CQATest app pop up?

The CQATest app will run in the background of your Android device. However, every once in a while there may be an issue and it appears in your app gallery.

Do I have to do a full factory reset?

There are a lot of different ways to remove the CQATest app from your device. You can attempt to disable the app, or uninstall the application, you can clear cache from your phone, as well as attempt a hard reset. Not to mention, a full factory reset. Please be certain to save all of your photos, data, etc. before you do a full factory reset on your device!

Is the CQA Test app harmful?

CQATest app is not a harmful application. However, it is meant to be a background app. If it is in your app gallery, there may be something wrong with your device.

Can I stop a CQA test?

You can stop a CQA test by going to your “Settings”. Then click on “Apps”, “Clear Cache”, and then reboot your phone.

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