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Xfinity Home App Tutorial

Looking for a complete tutorial on the Xfinity Home app? Then you’ve come to the right place!

What is the Xfinity Home App?

The Xfinity Home app is a great way to take control of your Xfinity Home System. Not only can you manage your different devices, but also Xfinity is a great way to keep a look out for your home and your loved ones. Even when you’re away from home.

The Xfinity Home App is a way to arm and disarm your Xfinity system, create automated rules, as well as access videos and turn off lights. Not only that, but you can also adjust your thermostat. You can choose to use this as your home security and internet, as well as your business internet provider and security.

What do I need to run Xfinity?

Xfinity Home App Home Screen


In order to run the application, you will need an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android Phone, or Android device. You will need Apple iOS 11+ on the Apple products, as well as Android OS 6+ for your Android devices.

You will also need access to your Xfinity account. This includes your ID, as well as your password.

Xfinity Home App Features

There are a lot of amazing features that come with the Xfinity Home app. Here are some of them at a glance:

  • Arm your system
  • Disarm your system
  • View live streams from your cameras
  • Record videos
  • Use voice commands to control lights
  • Use voice commands to change thermostat settings
  • Voice commands to lock the doors of your home
  • View event, as well as motion detection, history
  • Access Voice Remote to manage your Settings.
  • Manage users and passwords.
  • Add cameras to your system
  • Reboot cameras
  • And so much more!

There are also displays in other languages.

How to use the Xfinity App

Here are a few tips on how to use the Xfinity Home on your device. Not only will you be able to access your home security system, but you’ll also be able to control connected devices within your house! It’s as easy as using the Wyze security app, but with a lot more smart devices connected!

First, you’ll need to sign up and download the Xfinity app from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store. Once you install the application and sign in, you’ll be able to start connecting your devices.

Second, on the home screen for the application, choose the “More” icon. Here you can “Add a Device”. This includes your IP cameras, Xfinity devices, door sensors, window sensors, as well as smart thermostats and more.

Once you have all of your devices connected, you can start to use the Xfinity Home App to manage your home!

Managing Xfinity Home

From your home screen, you will be able to access and quickly navigate your Xfinity Home app. At the top of your screen, you will see an “Alerts” icon, that will tell you if there is anything that appears out of the ordinary. The main screen will include the following:

  • To allow you to quickly see the state of your Xfinity system.
  • To see your recent system activity.
  • This lets you add and manage your Xfinity Home rules.
  • Here you can change app settings, add more devices, as well as adjust your personal settings and sign in and out of the app.

All in all, using the home screen will allow you to easily make your Xfinity system run smoothly. Not to mention making your phone an important factor of your life, and your home security!

Your Xfinity Home app will allow you to see the status of all of your door and window sensors under the “Security Sensors” page within the app. You can also use the “Device Settings” page to manage each and every device connected to your system. You will see battery levels, signal strength, as well as whether it is on or off, and where the sensor is located.

Under the “Overview” section you can manage your cameras by simply clicking on each individual camera’s thumbnail. Once you click on the individual camera, you can also choose to download, record, as well as share videos.

Rules and Scenes

The Xfinity Home app also lets you manage your home’s “Rules”. This is a useful feature that applies automation to the running of your system. Meaning you can choose when the Front Door stays unlocked when to notify you if the windows are opened, as well as when anyone accesses your home and managing your various “Scenes”

Xfinity Rules


“Scenes” is a command you can make that will allow your Xfinity Home System to perform several things at once. For instance, if you set a “Good Morning” scene, it will run your thermostat, disarm your security, as well as turn on the kitchen lights and more! You simply create a Scene, select devices, and set times and functions!

Xfinity Home App Pros

  • Access to your home as long as you have internet
  • Many possible devices to connect
  • Setting personal “Scenes”
  • Managing various rules, as well as settings
  • Cable, internet, as well as home security in one package

Xfinity Home App Cons

  • Can be overwhelming with the number of functions and features
  • Notifications, as well as messages, can be too frequent
  • Limited amount of compatible devices
  • Bad customer service

Xfinity Home App Alternatives

Here are a few Xfinity Home App alternatives to connect to your smart home devices:

Using the Xfinity app, as well as other alternatives, doesn’t have to be difficult. With this simple to follow tutorial, you’ll be managing your smart home in no time!


What are the benefits of the Xfinity Home app?

You can connect multiple devices, as well as manage your home wherever you have an internet connection. Not to mention the feeling of safety and security.

Is Xfinity Home App free?

Yes. The app is free to download. However, your Xfinity subscription is a paid service, and you will need it to run devices from the app.

What are the “Rules” and how do I Manage them?

The “Rules” Are a set of preferences you can set within your Xfinity Home app. A custom command like notifying you if someone opens the front door, etc. You can manage a Rule by a series of settings. Go to “Overview”, select “Automation”, and you can set a Rule from there. Choose the device, when the notification is to occur, how often the Rule happens, as well as what Action will happen (I.E. you get a notification, or the alarm goes off).

Can more than one user access my Xfinity home app?

Yes. You can create up to six profiles for different users within your Xfinity account. As well as setting primary and secondary users.

Why is my Xfinity Home app not working?

This could be for many reasons. Check your Xfinity ID login, try restarting your phone or smart device, or troubleshoot each individual device connected to your Xfinity Home app. Contact customer support if you are having issues after trying to restart your phone or device.

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