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Best Bookzz Alternatives to Use

Are you an avid reader and love the easy accessibility of eBooks? A fan of, but now have no clue what to do and how to read your favorite books after the closure of! If these doubts are pestering your mind – then you are at the right place! In this article, you will find out 10 bookzz alternatives that are as good as or maybe slightly better!

What was

What was

Now let me tell you about this very famous website. Long back there was a site that gave access to eBooks to their users for free. Bookzz host a huge database and millions of collected eBooks. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of this site makes it easy for users to download eBooks for free. Simply search for the book on the search bar on the home page and download the eBooks with ta single click of the Download Button.

It was a top-ranked website of its time but now the website has been shut down due to privacy issues.

Features of

Let’s have a look at some of the prominent features of

  • The website contained a huge database of eBooks within every category.
  • It allowed the user for easy access and to download the eBooks.
  • It is was very safe and legal.
  • You could download the eBooks free of cost.

What Happened to Bookzz org?

Now you might wonder that in spite of being such a popular website why did it get shut down.  So this all happened because the owners of the site didn’t follow the piracy guidelines and were involved in DMCA and later the websites were shut down. 

But you need not worry about where you can get more alternatives to Bookzz.

Best Alternative Ebook sites To

Let’s begin with the list of alternatives so that you book lovers do not feel detached from your world of books.

Library Genesis

Library Genesis

You must be very well aware of this website Library Genesis. It is after all one of the most popular and oldest Russian-based websites with a huge database collection of fictional and non-fictional books with around 2 million counts. The easy navigation helps the users to search and filter the books using the fields like extension, tags, MD5, language, ISBN, year, publisher, series, authors, title, and column set default. The search options can also be musk words, results per page, view results, and download type.

Books are available for free of cost, so it saves your time as well to make maximum utilization of the source on a regular basis. The site provides an easy option for people to read and download without affecting the budget.

In my opinion, Library Genesis is like Online Library that lets you download or read eBooks from different categories like Technology, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computers, Geography, Geology, Economy, Education, Jurisprudence, Housekeeping, and much more.

Features of Library Genesis:

  • No Sign-up required and free registration.
  • 3 million books of eBooks are available.
  • Simply search for books by Name of the book, Autor Name, Release Date. 
  • If the website is down anytime, then you can download books from the Mirror links.
  • Get free access to Scientific articles, magazines, and other works.

Open Library

Open Library

Well, honestly, if you are a book researcher and are in search of the old books, Open Library is the best place for you. Here you can find millions of eBooks from different categories like Art, Fantasy, Biographies, Science, Recipes, Romance, Religion, Mystery and Detective Stories, etc. Here you can get different categories of eBooks to even borrow them from the Store thus making it one of the best bookzz alternatives app!

In-store with both old eBooks and new eBooks, this is a cost-effective place for users to find thousands of options to read and download books. This popular site gives effective reviews in order for the reader to understand before choosing the book to buy or to download. You get both free and paid options to download books and its impressive features save both time and money while reading books daily.

This website is similar to Wikipedia where you have a chance to open the editable catalog feature. The best part as per me is that you can search Book with the book name and author name. Although the sign-up is required but registration is free.

You would agree with me on this well-known fact that people from all over the world read books depending on their interests and passions. On one hand, where most readers prefer the traditional form of reading, the technology, on the other hand, offers a whole lot of benefits both in terms of cost and convenience. 

Therefore, this site is designed in a simple manner to navigate from one page to another page quickly. The site is enabled with multiple languages. This website is designed in a user-friendly manner allowing easy navigation of the eBooks from one page to another in an effective way. 

Features of

  • No Sign-up Required and No Registration required.
  • Get eBooks links from the different categories.
  • Watch videos on the website itself.
  • Get the books available with the Infographics.
  • Update when the new books come to the market.


If you are die-hard book lover then you can never get out of options when it comes to reading books with gadgets. The, therefore, is a perfect alternative to because of similar book options. It is the fastest-growing Bookzz alternative website to download the articles and eBooks with ease.

You get thousands of options on the site for regular book readers to make their day for obvious reasons. You can also download numerous adult eBooks from this website, especially for research purposes.

It contains a wide range of eBooks such as Playboy Africa, Purple Candy, purely legal, and many more. It also provides a monthly edition of adult magazines such as max magazine, kama sensation, club, etc. This website impresses the readers by its tons of options.



If I say you can pay to download eBooks, then this website is more than enough to get the books, whatever you want. Bookboon allows users to download textbooks and free eBooks. This website is available in various languages such as Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and English. Within the Bookboon website, Facebook users receive a daily notification about their new free eBook download link on their respective Facebook accounts, ain’t that already a plus one to every other Bookzz Alternative.

This website offers a 30-day free trial account and later charged at $4 per month with various filtering options such as management, finance, marketing, most read, editors picks, and most popular. This website can be accessed with any compatible device and can browse a huge database of eBooks.

Features of

  • Pay $3.99 per month after the first month.
  • Daily 800+ new books added to this website.
  • Textbooks are free whereas business books are premium.
  • Sign up required and registration required.
  • Filter the books based on your interest.

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No matter you are from the older generation or younger generation book lovers, BookYards is a site made for you. Most of the books available on this eBook Store are free to download thus making it one of the best Bookzz Alternatives. You also get safe links when the site is down. The is one such reputed site in the market with almost all eBooks for free.

I am not sure though but I think approximately there are a million eBooks available on this site to differentiate based on the authors and categories. You can simply search the books with the help of the book name or author name.

Features of

  • Signup and registration also required.
  • Almost all books are free to download.
  • More than 1 million books are available.
  • Donate them to help.
  • Quality books with top-rated authors

Internet Archive

Internet Archive

If you ask me, then maybe I can give the number 1 rank to this site. Yes, you heard me right!

Internet Archive is one such non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Although I think this one is the most underrated eBook Store on the web it is highly mistaken for it for most people who don’t know about this Store. 

In my opinion, I always prefer the Internet Archive to Download eBooks online, because most of the eBooks are available here are for free of cost where you need not pay a single penny. You can also have the chance to help the developers of this website by donating them.

Features of Internet Archive:

  • Chance to upload eBooks.
  • Donate them to improve the website.
  • Signup required.
  • More than 230 billion web pages search on the internet.
  • Almost all eBooks are free to download.

Another not so recommended but still, the sober bookzz  alternative is B-ok website. In terms of attracting the user’s attention, this site works the best. It is one of the best eBook download websites accessed by numerous Chinese people due to multiple reasons. It is essential for everyone to prefer the best website to read their favorite articles and eBooks for time pass in an effective way. Most of us will get demotivated or waste their valuable time by reading the bad or boring eBook. website is one of the most attractive sites which attracts the user’s attention with the help of its customer navigation systems. This website allows the users to choose their favorite eBooks based on the author’s selection, genre selection, passion, interests and much more.



Well, I personally like Gutenberg site a lot. It’s been my favorite since long for it has a huge source of ebooks available free of cost. The books are assembled with the help of thousands of volunteers from around the globe. With broad categories of various subjects, the latest uploaded books can be easily found on the top of the homepage itself.

The site has been great and known for a long time because of quality reasons. You get loads of options to choose from. It offers free and premium books to download.

Features of Gutenberg:

  • No registration or login required to access their services. 
  • Provided with a read online option.
  • The user interface is excellent.
  • Huge collection with over 58,000 ebooks available.
  • Get old books whose copyright has expired.
  • No special app required for reading


Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Who in this world is not aware of an Ebook distribution service owned and operated by Google? Well, Google Play Books has got for you both free books and books available upon payment. As this service is officially provided by Google, I don’t think you will have any second thoughts on it. 

Features of Google Play Books:

  • Download Ebooks in different formats.
  • User reviews and ratings make a good choice regarding the selection of Ebooks.
  • Available in different genres like business, traveling, romance, fiction, literature, etc.
  • Availability of user-friendly app to read books within any device you own.

Again one of the most used sites and a well known Bookzz Alternative – Scribd; needs no introduction. It is a digital library, ebook and audiobook subscription service which includes more than one million titles. has been quite a resourceful site that allows people to download books from various sources effectively. 

The site gives plenty of options for people to try and figure out the best books depending on their genre and the reading style. You can pick books from here depending upon your mood set and enjoy every bit of it.

The reading subscription gives you access to 3 books and 1 audiobook each month — plus unlimited access to magazines and documents. It’s available free for 30 days.

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Books SC

Books SC

Do you like to read books based on American and European authors? Well, if yes, then this site has a huge amount of followers due to its exclusive collections making it one of the best Bookzz Alternatives. Well, as a matter of fact, every country brings up a different culture in terms of reading books. Most of the people in America and Europe share the same style, which allows them to look at the same place. 

As there is a lot of options available for people to find books in BookSC site, it is evident that people end up finding the right book without compromising their interest, genre, and mood.

Features of BookSC:

  • Best website for those interested in Science and Technology.
  • Over 50 million articles are helpful for research.
  • Research papers are also available for download.
  • Instead of listing books on the homepage, it has a supportive mega search bar.
  • You can also search category-wise if you’re not sure what to read.

Not heard much about it but is yet another attractive site that offers a lot of books for users to enjoy. As the title suggests, the site has a huge amount of database, vital for users to explore books for a long time without affecting the quality. With tons of books available on the site, users definitely end up finding most of the books under the same roof. 

Here is the list of some more Bookzz alternatives that I would recommend you to try.

  1. Amazon free Kindle books
  2. FreeBookSpot
  3. Getfreebook
  4. Text Book Nova

Wrapping Up – Your Go-To List for Best Bookzz Alternatives!

Books never demand, nor do they complain. And there is something about reading books that makes you forget the existence of several things in the world. was indeed a great website and a heaven for all the online readers. Unfortunately, it got shut down. But don’t be disheartened as the list you just read above for the best Bookzz alternatives will help you find your favorite books

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