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How to Download Documents & eBooks from Scribd for Free

Are you a book lover and keep looking for books online? Does reading books relax you? Then I’m sure that you would be browsing different websites for documents, eBooks and pdfs. Several sites provide online material for reading, and one of them is Scribd. If you are not a huge paperback fan and like to stick to downloading the pdf of books and then reading it, then Scribd is the right platform for you. Many of you might be aware of this fantastic site that is an extensive digital library accessible from every part of the world. Here you can dig into the extensive collection of documents and pdfs. But no matter how impressive this site may seem, you might be wondering about the ways of downloading documents from Scribd. So let us take a peep into the world of books through Scribd and find out methods to download documents from Scribd.

What is Scribd?

With more than 17 million viewers, Scribd has become the largest community where authors publish their work and sell it to the large users that visit the web pages searching documents and books. Though Scribd is a paid service, you can download any documents from Scribd free. Apart from this you can even download paid documents from Scribd free. Here you can quickly browse through the various pages of a particular author and even share your stuff on Scribd.

Scribd is a paradise for the readers where you can enjoy your favorite genres like fiction, biographies, business or non-fiction. There is certainly a lot of benefits that you should consider of downloading documents from Scribd 2017.

  • You can pick up the new discoveries.
  • It offers free access to the documents and sheet music stored in the library.
  • You also get to auto-renew or even cancel the membership at any point in time.
  • It allows you to save the titles for an offline read so that you can read it at any time.
  • Scribd is preferred when it comes to downloading or uploading documents for free.


Download Files, PDFs, and Documents from Scribd

Usually, we do not want to pay for the online download of books and PDF files, and so you can download documents from Scribd without premium account. You have access to only a limited number of documents on Scribd with free membership, but you can actually download unlimited files for free from Scribd. So for those looking for tutorials to download documents off Scribd, follow this post.

1. Direct Download from Scribd via GreaseMonkey Script

You can download documents on Scribd for free with Mozilla extension called GreaseMonkey. In this approach to download documents off Scribd, you do not need to login to any account and just require the Mozilla Firefox as the web browser. So just follow the given steps-

Step 1: Firstly if Mozilla Firefox is not present on your computer, then you will have to download the web browser. If you have, then follow the given step.

Step 2: Now download and install the GreaseMonkey extension. As you will click on Download, this Mozilla add-on will automatically add on your browser.


Step 3: Next you need to download the User Script that you will find there. It is helpful in downloading the documents from Scribd. The GreaseMonkey add-on will run with the Script automatically.


Step 4: Now visit the document or pdf file that you want to download and click on the download option. Now you can download documents from Scribd for free as the subscription page, and the payment page will bypass automatically.

It is the direct method to download documents off Scribd for free and without even logging in your account. By this way, you can even download protected documents from Scribd. If you appreciate a little complication, then try to download paid documents from Scribd by the following method.


2. Download Using the Scribd Downloader

Another site discovered to download any documents from Scribd free is through Scribd Downloader. This alternate method to download protected documents from Scribd is simple and not big to follow. So follow the steps to download paid documents from Scribd free.

Step 1: Visit the official site of Scribd Downloader and log in. You can use your Facebook account to log in.


Step 2: Now open the required document that you need to download off from Scribd as PDF in the reading mode.

Step 3: Next you need to copy the URL of the document and paste it in the Address bar of the Scribd Downloader site. Now click on the Download Now option present at the end of the URL.

Step 4: Hit Enter tab and then select from the pop up whether you want to save it in PDF or text format.


3. Download Scribd Documents by Uploading Method

It is the last way to download the protected documents from Scribd that you will find at every other site. It is the standard process which helps you to download documents from Scribd without premium account. Yes, you do not have to subscribe to any paid plans or create a separate account. So let’s do it.

Step 1: Firstly, navigate to the original website of Scribd- Click here to sign in. You can use either use your Google account or your Facebook account. And when asked to opt for a subscription pack, skip it.


Step 2: Now search the document or book that you want to read and just copy its URL.

Step 3: Next locate the Upload option at the top right corner of the screen and click on it. Then follow all the instructions and complete the formalities like giving the required title and description to the uploaded content. Now click on Continue.



Step 4: Now in this step, you will need to paste the URL copied in the previous step and paste it. Next click on the Download option.


That’s it. It is the easiest method which allows you to download the document from Scribd as PDF or text by just uploading it.


Get a Month’s Free Scribd Subscription Here

And apart from the methods mentioned above to download documents on Scribd for free, you can even try the one-month trial subscription of Scribd. And after you opt for a month’s free trial version, you can switch to the three-month membership. Also, you must have a Paypal account to download documents in Scribd by this method.

Step 1: Visit the Scribd’s official website. And log in with your Facebook or Google account. Scribd Log-in.

Step 2: Next, claim the one month trial of Scribd and fill in your details of either your credit card or Paypal account. The web page will redirect in a few minutes.

Step 3: Lastly browse the documents or PDF file that you want to read. And if the text files have the permission from the author, then you can easily download documents from Scribd for free, if not then opt any of the above methods.

We hope this guide of how to download documents from Scribd was helpful to you guys. Also, I’m sure that those who are looking for ways on how to download e-books from Scribd for free have got a few ways to download their required documents like a pro. So guys, now that you know about some simple and free methods to download documents on Scribd, start your work now. Get all the documents and PDF files that you want to read from a long time, today. And if you face any problems, then feel free to share with us and get is fixed.

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