10 Best Connectify Alternatives for Windows in 2020

Connectify is an excellent Wi-Fi hotspot software. It is not just a well-built software but also offers a lot of features for you to try out in the first try. Of course, you are not going to need all of that features (depends). So, if you want a plain simple Connectify alternative, what would you download? Finding the best Connectify alternatives might be a tough work if you are already comfortable using it. If you are not sure why you should be looking for a Connectify alternative; fret not, we will tell you about the “not so good” things while using Connectify as well.

Do note that the alternatives have been aimed at the people who do not like Connectify or simply want a different WiFi hotspot software with simpler options or advanced options. But, for any reason, if you would want to make a switch, we’ve got some connectify alternatives.

Also, we know that you do not like a paid alternative to a free working software. So here in this article, we are going to list down top Alternatives of connectify to use to create a hotspot on your Pc.

Best Connectify Alternatives

Here we have listed some of the best and popular Connectify alternatives that can be used to make hotspot in a pc:-

  1. Thinix wifi
  2. Ostoto wifi
  3. Lion scripts wifi
  4. Virtual router pc
  5. Winhotspots
  6. Baidu hotspots
  7. Maryfi
  8. Seventh gate
  9. My public wifi
  10. Maxidix wifi

Free Connectify Alternatives for Windows


Thinix WiFi Hotspot is an internet sharing software tool letting you make use of the best features. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 operating system. Two versions of Thinix WiFi Hotspot are available on the internet i.e., a free trial version and a paid version. The users can use the free trial version for about a week. Later, if you find this app as beneficial then, you can go for the paid version of Thinix WiFi Hotspot app. The price for Thinix WiFi Hotspot app starts from $12.95.

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