6 Best FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon Go

Are you found of searching things like a treasure hunt? Surely that’s one of the amazing things. To let you experience the real treasure we have the Best FastPokeMap alternatives. It hardly matters if you experience with Pokémon Go in catching a Pidgey or if you don’t have any actual track record of making this work. So, let’s go!!

Pokemon GO is a Pokemon tracker game for Pokemon lovers which allows users to trace the exact location of the Pokemon that you need to catch. The best feature is that it shows the duration after which the Pokemon will disappear from that location.

Now, to help you guys Pokemon trainers have found rare and legendary Pokemon. They have found some of the best FastPokeMap alternatives for Pokemon GO. All of them works awesome and will help you find and track Pokemon around your area.

What Is FastPokeMap?

FastPokeMap is a third party Pokémon Tracker service created by the Pokémon Go enthusiasts to help the Pokémon Go users. As a result, you can easily find all the Pokémon hiding nearby, without roaming here and there. The best part is that with just a simple click on the map, the FPM trackers will start a scan around the selected area and then reveal the exact position of all the Pokémon found within the highlighted radius.

The best interesting part about the FastPokeMap tracker is that it will not only show you the Pokémon position, along with information about Pokémon’s name,  looks, and the estimated expiration time. FastPokeMap will tell exactly where you will find a Pokémon, the Pokémon you are going to catch, and for how long it will be going to stay there. It helps you save your precious time, efforts, and energy that you might have wasted roaming here and there.

Isn’t that feature amazing?

Gamers are stuck trying to find and catch Pokémon the old fashioned way: actually walking around. But chill guys, there are best alternatives out there.

 Best FastPokeMap Alternatives

There are a number of FastPokeMap alternatives, but here we have listed the best alternative for your Poke Map.


PokeFetch is the best alternative that lets you track Pokemon using a real-time Pokemon GO map. All the Pokemon spawn data shown on the map are outsourced from other third-party reputable scanner and tracker channels. It lets you with the free scanning service for popular areas.

PokeFetch lets you have a paid premium scanner that enables you to perform on-demand scans for any time at a very low cost.

Download Link.


PokeAlert, as the name signify, it gives you an automatic notification whenever the app discovers Pokemon around you. The app keeps on scanning in the background. As a result, this will let you catch Pokemon as fast as possible without rescanning or searching your nearby areas.

PokeAlert APK is an app designed for Android phones and tablet devices to scan the Pokemon whenever and wherever you require.

Download Link:

You can free download and learn how to use the PokeAlert app for Android: Download PokeAlert.


PokeWhere is a radar app for Android that shows and scan all the Pokemon that are nearby you, at the actual time. One of the best parts of the app is that once the app is installed on your Android device, you can discover rare Pokemon and catch them, irrespective of wherever you are.

Download Link:

You can download the PokeWhere APK app for Android from this link

Poke Huntr

PokeHuntr is an online Pokemon scanner service that functions almost similar to the FastPokeMap. It allows you to find, discover, and track & hunt Pokemon in any part of the world, in real-time.



PokiiMap is another great and working Pokemap Alternative. It is actually an app by which you can catch for Pokemon that are available nearby you. You can even know about all the Pokemon along with their locations without moving.

PokiiMap has more exciting features by which you can catch & complete your Pokedex. It also supports the latest Gen II Pokemon series too. So, PokiiMap is a featureful Scanner and is available for Android.

It shows you the Pokemon present in a specific area with its full stats like Name, IVs, Level, and abilities so, you can know about the Pokemon that you want to catch and all about its abilities and other stats.

PokiiMap APK is available for download.


Poke find is the best Pokémon Go mapping alternative. It lets you find the Pokémon you want to snare and then shows you its current locations on a familiar Google Maps-based layout.


One of the best features is that it tells you where Charmander was seen in the morning, afternoon and evening, thereby allowing you to more effectively fit Pokéhunting into your daily routine. That sounds awesome!!

List of FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon GO

Here’s a list of all trackers we mentioned above.

  • Pokefetch
  • Pokealert
  • Pokewhere
  • Pokehunter
  • Pokemap
  • Pokefind

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How To Use FastPokeMap To Scan and Track Pokemon?

Now, you can easily use FastPokeMap to find, track, and catch Pokemon monsters without wasting your precious time and energy.

It is very easy and simple to use FPM tracker to track and find Pokemon in real-time and in any part of the world.

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

NOTE: You can use any device to use the FastPokeMap tracker, including laptop, Android, iOS device, BlackBerry or any other phone with a web browser and an active Internet connection.

Step 1 – On your device, open the web browser and go to the FPM tracker website.

Step 2 – Once the site has been loaded, you will have two possible navigation options i.e.:

  1. Use the search option to manually find and navigate to any location (city or country), or
  2. Use the GPS location tracking option (if your device has the GPS capability).

Step 3 – We are using the ‘find location’ option in this guide for manual navigation. Click on ‘find location’ button, and enter the city and country name into the search box.

And click on the search button.

Step 4 – Within seconds, FastPokeMap will navigate you to the searched location.

You are now free to move around, Zoom-in or zoom-out on the map.


Step 5 – Once you are at the right location, tap on the map to drop a location marker. This will show you a predefined scan radius where it will begin a thorough Pokemon scanning.


It will take around 10-30 seconds (depending upon the server load) to complete the scanning process.

Step 6 – When the scanning has been completed successfully, the scan button will notify you by changing its color into the green for a couple of seconds. And our search found around 11 Pokemon monsters.


You can now see all the Pokemon found by the FastPokeMap tracker within the scan radius.

Step 7 – Tapping on the bar located at the top-right corner will reveal a list of Pokemon found within our scan area along with their pictures.

Step 8 – Open Pokemon Go app on your phone, go to the location shown in the FastPokeMap and catch the Pokemon.


Go and catch your favorite Pokemon and be a winner!

If you have any queries related to the FastPokeMap alternatives for Pokémon Go? Please feel free to leave a comment below and stay tuned for many more articles. 🙂


What Is FastPokeMap?

FastPokeMap is an app that allows you to find Pokemon that have already been discovered by other players. It also tells you how long the Pokemon will last.

Is FastPokeMap Safe?

Yes. FastPokeMap is very secure. It is also always updating new safety measures.

Is FastPokeMap Legal?

The app was initially banned by many servers. Because some people saw it as cheating. However, after a few tweaks to get rid of features that were considered cheating, Pokemon Go developers are rumored to be working WITH the app.

Are FastPokeMap Alternatives Free?

Most FastPokeMap alternatives are free. However, some may have in-app purchasing.

Will Pokemon Go Ban Me If I Use These Tools in Finding Pokemons?

If you are using a bot to alter the Pokemon Go game, as well as using unlicensed third-party apps, you may suffer the consequences. This could be anything from a warning, to a lifetime ban.

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