9 Best PokeZZ Alternatives for Android

Looking for Pokezz Alternatives or app likes Pokezz? Well, you are on the right page then.

“Pikachu” the word itself is enough to remind us the game Pokemon in the series. Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. Enter the world of amazing Pokezz and capture them all.


Pokezz is a Pokemon tracker website for Pokemon Go users which allows users to trace the exact location of the Pokemon that you need to catch. The best feature of pokezz is that it also shows the duration after which the Pokemon will disappear from that location.

This website comprises of the never-ending list that is updated after each minute or so and is verified list along with Pokemon found at that location. If you are up for sniping techniques and want to learn So, for sniping users, PokeZZ makes it easier and gives the exact location of the Pokemon that players need to catch but what if it won’t work for you so, in that case, we have gathered a list of best PokeZZ Alternatives. I am sure that you will like all of them.

Best PokeZZ Alternatives

So, let’s get started with PokeZZ Alternatives.


PokeSpawns, built by PokeHuntr is a Pokmon location and a spawn tracker. It is actually a website and it will help you to trace all the rarest and legendary Pokemon around your field. As you can see that Porygon is one of the rarest Pokemon and is very hard to catch but with the help of PokeSpawns, you will know about the exact location where you can track and catch it easily.

As this website only shows about the rare and legendary Pokemon which are hard to catch and hard to find. So, the list will be updated but after a while but it does work perfectly.

You can try this tool from this link.


Pokedex is one of the best PokeZZ Alternatives as it gives you very accurately, précised as well as verified information for any Pokemon you want. All it makes us easier to catch the Pokemon that you want by just simply separating Pokemon into categories. So, you can look for the one PokeZZ you need to catch.

You can try this tool from this link.


PokeSniper is one of the best alternatives which allows you to quickly track, sniper, and catch the Pokemon with very high IV Level. It is the best website and it allows you to do so. It lets you track the location of the Pokemon with IV Level 90+ so, you can only catch very high-level Pokemon and makes it easier by sending you automatic notifications so, you don’t have to check every time. If there is Pokemon with IV Level 90+ available then it will send you a push notification.

It also has a premium service which let you know about the Pokemon with IV Level 100% but for that, you need to buy the premium features.

You can try this tool from this link: Download.


PokeGoSnipers is another cool and awesome PokeZZ Alternatives.  It is a website which gives you real-time sniper feeds for Pokémon as well as its coordinates for its location. It only shows  Rare and Legendary Pokemon which is, quite good.One demerit is that this only works on Mobile(Android/iOS) so, it won’t show anything on PC but on Android/iOS, it works perfectly perfect.
You can try this tool from the link: Download.


PokiiMap is another great and working PokeZZ Alternative. It is actually an app by which you can catch for Pokemon that are available nearby you. You can even know about all the Pokemon along with their locations without moving.

PokiiMap has more exciting features by which you can catch & complete your Pokedex. It also supports the latest Gen II Pokemon series too. So, PokiiMap is a featureful Scanner and is available for Android. It shows you the Pokemon present in a specific area with its full stats like Name, IVs, Level, and abilities so, you can know about the Pokemon that you want to catch and all about its abilities and other stats.

PokiiMap APK is available for download from here.


PokeSensor is a great, free and fully customizable Scanner for Pokemon. It has a lot of great features and everything can be adjusted manually. You can easily maintain the distance for a scan speed.

The interface of PokeSensor app is user-friendly and the app is easy to use. After a scan, it shows about all the Pokemon(hidden ones too) along with their IVs which is helpful while distinguishing between some of the Pokemon. The Scanner, PokeSensor can scan about the radius of 2KM(2000-meters) and it shows the exact location of all the Pokemon. It also has a Background running and Notification features all along.

PokeSensor APK is available to download from here


An exceptional global Pokémon scanner is PokeHunter. It allows you to select any area around the globe and it will scan and show the results about the Pokemon found in that area.

The Pokehunter is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the website and enter your location Find Your Location box and then press enter. On the left, you can search for a specific region that you need to output and after that tap on the guide. A small popup will appear with an alternative of Scan here. Tap on it and you’ll see the output. After the process is completed, it will appear the Pokemon found around there.

You can use this tool from here: Download. 


PokeTrack is another incredible and 100% Working, Pokemon Tracker application and is accessible for all Android-Gadget. It filters for all the Pokemon and shows about their name, IV Rate Level, Moves and different highlights and all features of each Pokemon recorded on the Guide.

The PokeTrack application, in addition, has amazing highlight which enables you to sift through particular Pokemon that you want.The app gives the choice by which it informs you about the Pokemon when it is discovered close-by and when you can set a custom notification sound. It also has the ability to share the location of the Pokemon with your friends.

You can download PokeTrack app for Android from here.


PokeWhere is actually a scanner app which once installed, scans and shows all the Pokemon around you in real time entity. After installing it, you need to run it and then only you will be able to discover all the Pokemon around you and catch them.


List of Top Pokezz Alternatives

  • Pokespawns
  • Pokedexs
  • Pokesniper
  • Pokegosniper
  • Pokiimaps
  • Pokesensor
  • Poketrack
  • Pokewhere

These were the Working PokeZZ Alternatives. If you have any questions about PokeZZ Alternatives then leave them in comments below. Stay Tuned for more such articles.

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