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LightBlue App Review

Looking to find out more about the LightBlue app? Then check out this helpful review!

What is LightBlue App?

LightBlue App is an application that allows you to connect to all of your devices via Bluetooth. If your devices use Bluetooth Low Energy, then you can hook it up the LightBlue app, as well as access a profile for all of your tech! It’s a great way to find lost items like your headphones for your PC. Not to mention, it’s free!

LightBlue Features

The features included in LightBlue are helpful when trying to find, as well as connect to nearby devices.

Here are the features for LightBlue application:

  • Scan and discover Bluetooth devices
  • Read basic device information (UUID as well as RSSI)
  • Browse services
  • Sign up for notifications
  • Read values from characteristics
  • Clone peripheral profiles
  • Log and share BLE events
  • Choose from an array of common, preconfigured peripheral profiles
  • Send data from notifications and indications to AWS IoT or Adafruit IO via our Cloud Connect feature

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All in all, once you have your “Peripherals” set up, you can use the app to see how far away you are from the device. Not to mention the strength of its signal and basic device information!

LightBlue App


How does the LightBlue App Work?

LightBlue is a very simple app to navigate. All in all, there are two different modes within the app. The “Central” and “Peripheral” modes. Furthermore, once you are connected to the Central mode, you can scan for devices and connect to them via Bluetooth.

Once devices are connected, you can easily find the characteristics and details of each device. These will be located on the LightBlue App’s Device Profiles page.

So if you want to find your Bluetooth speakers, then you simply can go to the device name and use the peripheral signals to find them!

Here are the steps to use the Peripheral Mode:

Step 1: On the Home screen, select “Virtual Devices

Step 2: Tap on the “+” icon in order to create a new device

Step 3: Once there is a blue checkmark next to your desired device, it means it is now a BLE peripheral. All in all, you can find it whether or not it is connected directly!

Step 4: Customize services and characteristics of your peripheral profile

Step 5: If you want to clone a device in “Central” mode, then connect to the device and select the “Clone” option on the top right of your app.

Incredibly easy to use application, as well as simple to navigate home screen and user interface.

How To Use LightBlue App to Find My Fitbit?

Losing a device like a Fitbit doesn’t have to mean you throw money down the drain! However, it does mean putting apps like LightBlue to the test.

If you use a device that you’re connected to you can find it using this app, as well as the RSSI. The RSSI, or Received Signal Strength Indicator allows you to see how close, as well as far away, you are from your BLE device!

Simply go to your Peripherals page within the app. There you will see the RSSI bars for all of your connected devices. Overall, if your Fitbit is on, then you can use LightBlue app to measure how close or far away you are using the RSSI!

It will get higher the closer you are to the device, as well as lower if you get further away. Like sonar for your Bluetooth devices!

Is LightBlue App for You?

All things considered, the LightBlue App is helpful in finding lost Bluetooth devices, as well as monitoring the different BLE tech in your home and office. It won’t sync contacts from your iPhone to your computer or anything like that, but it can save you in a pinch! Use the LightBlue app for yourself to track and monitor all of the Bluetooth devices you have. Therefore, you’ll sleep sounder knowing you can find them at anytime!


Is LightBlue App Available On Android?

LightBlue App is now available for Android devices. You can find it on the Google Play store, as well as directly download from the website.

Is Lightblue App Available On iPhone?

LightBlue App was developed for iPhone, as well as always being available on the Apple App Store!

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