Top 10 Best Shiny Pokemon List

Shiny Pokemon are the special Pokemon who have a different look from normal Pokemon. The only difference is that the coloring of these Pokemon is much more bright than the normal Pokemon. Shiny Pokémon are very rare. Every time you encounter a Pokémon there is only  1 in 4096 chance that it will be a shiny Pokemon. So let us get introduced to some of those shiny Pokemon. In this article, we are going to present you a list of Top 10 Shiny Pokemon.

All the shiny pokemon appeared on this list are hand-picked shiny pokemon. To be a true Pokemon master, you need to be packed with not only with the toughest of monsters but also with the best looking ones. So let us start with our list of the Best 10 Shiny Pokemon.

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Best Shiny Pokemon

Here are the Best Shiny Pokemon that we are going to describe in this list. The list is not ranked and the Pokemon are listed randomly.

  • Umbreon
  • Rayquaza
  • Trevenant
  • Aegislash 
  • Luxray
  • Mega Metagross
  • Solgaleo
  • Greninja
  • Mega Charizard y
  • Yveltal

Top 10 Shiny Pokemon of All time

Let me write more details about all these shiny pokemon!!!


The dark type evolution of Eevee resembles a black fox. Blue, generally speaking, is the coolest color and when mixed with black, makes Umbreon even more mysterious.

During the night, only its rings appear from the darkness, which is what makes Umbreon a rather cooler Pokemon indeed. Neon blue marking with the yellow eyes makes this creature pretty dangerous. It is a shiny pokemon with Black and Yellow contrast which looks very cool on it.


The coolest shiny of them all is…Rayquaza, the legendary Pokemon Emerald from Generation III. It is a Dragon/Flying type and is the only Pokémon able to Mega Evolve without a mega stone. Shinyness of Rayquaza is the best ever seen in the series. The color combination works really well with the concept and design of the Pokemon itself.

Along with its Green and Yellow body is a cool jet-black color that contrasts perfectly with the brighter markings along the length of it.


Trevenant, A Ghost/Grass dual-type Pokemon. It appears like a ghost possessing a tree. He is able to control trees using its root legs like a nervous system and is the only one capable of learning the move ‘Forest’s Curse’. Trevenant is the protector of the forest. He uses the forest, to trap the intruders and not allow them to leave.

Trevenant’s shiny form contains white bark with red leaves, like a birch tree with autumn leaves. It also has a purple colored eye. This makes Trevenant look much scarier and cooler as he more closely resembles a ghost.


It is a unique Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon that resembles a ‘royal sword with a shield’. Aegislash has a distinctive ability known as ‘Stance change’, which allows it to switch between an offensive and defensive position within battle. It is the only Pokemon capable of learning move ‘King’s shield’. Its head changes from light gold to light silver and its body changes from gold with light silver edges to a steel colored body with red edges.

Aegislash’s cloth-like hands change from purple to gold. It shield turns from a light gold to the same grey as its head; its eyes also change from purple to yellow.


First let make clear you one thing, Luxray needed no help looking exquisite. The lion-looking monster has the black and blue color and it works on it very well. The yellow color along with black looks bright and shiny and that is why Luxray is on our list. It isn’t a bright yellow that would be inviting; it’s more of a mustard-of-death yellow.

Its hairstyle on its head gives it a stunning look.

Mega Metagross:

This monster means business. Not only will this add to your team, but fill your squad with toughness, but, if you are lucky enough to get its shiny version, you will going to strike fear along with admiration.

According to experts, This Pokemon has four brains”. Its simple, yet elegant design makes it the best of all the shiny Pokemon.


A Psychic/Steel dual-type large lion. Solgaleo is one of the only legendary Pokemon that is a part of an evolutionary chain. It has the unique move ‘Sunsteel strike’. It changes from white to red and the parts that are orange, the shards on his mane and the bands on his leg, changes to purple.

We think Solgaleo is one of the coolest shiny Pokémon because of how much more fearsome he looks when he’s red, like an angrier version of itself.


Greninja, an amphibian-like creature is all sorts of slick, with the sweet poses and even the tongue wrapping around like a scarf looking fresh. It has quickly become a fan favorite from the newest batch of starters, even making an appearance in the most recent ‘Super Smash Bros’.

A lot of his popularity is thanked to its design. The variant version of his just takes that cool level over the top, with the same sort of color palette, used on shiny Charizard. But the winged dragon lizard is more intimidating. Greninja, on the other hand, goes full ninja in black.

Mega Charizard

The runner-up for this list is the Mega Evolution of one of the first original Pokemon, Mega Charizard. It is a Fire/Flying type dragon Pokemon that is the mascot of the very first Pokémon game, ‘Pokemon Red’. Charizard is one of the most popular Pokemon chosen by fans, all across the world and is the first Pokemon ever to appear in the Japanese version of the anime. It has the highest special attack stat of all Fire-type Pokemon and non-legendary flying types.


Yveltal, a Dark/Flying type and is the only dark type legendary Pokemon. It is the counterpart to Xerneas and represents ‘destruction’. It has the signature move ‘Oblivion Wing’, which no other Pokemon is capable of knowing.

The color scheme makes it looks like a skinless creature made up of just bones and muscles, which is rather scary.

Well, this was our list of the Top 10 best shiny pokemon. This is not a ranked list and these Pokemon are arranged randomly. Also, it is a handpicked list and doesn’t rank any of the above-mentioned Pokemon or compare them with any other Pokemon not mentioned. Well if you liked this list, tell us in comments.

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Also if you have your favorite shiny Pokemon and is not there or got any other shiny Pokemon, tell us in the comments section below and we will add them to our list.

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